Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Stunning RAK by Kimmy

Wish I could take credit for this gorgeous card! It sure put a smile on my face when I got it in the mail today. It's from my amazing BF Kim (who is not only the best friend a girl could ask for but also my creative muse on so many levels.) Thank you Kinkers! You're an angel!!!

& here's a wee sneak peak of the project & tutorial I've been makin'
... Looks weird, huh? Any guesses what it is? :O)

Click on this pic of another gorgeous card made by Kim
to go see what she's been up to on her blog:

Kim's Kards

Happy Wednesday to You! :O)


Paula's ponderings said...

That certainly is a super gorgeous card, lucky you Mel and well done Kim. hmmm now your ghosty housy thingies...hmmmm not sure...lots of embossing? dunno Ill have to go have another look. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

No Guesses, this has me baffled? Likes sort of like the paper from your Halloween series but I'm definitely liking the dog house there!
By the way, I'm liking your new digs. The colours/ colouring are lovely!!
Thanks for Sharing
Beth Greco

Tiff said...

Do I get a prize for guessing correctly ;)'s the Stampin Up wheel Our Neighborhood or something like that! It looks like you used a heat embossing resist technique? hmmm...could be talking out my arse! But, that's just my guess!

Elena said...

Very beautiful card you've got in your mail! Love the design and the colors! Very excited your new tutorial!!!

Erum Tasneem said...

yeah you are right, she is one talented lady and the card she sent you is just super!

Jessica Diedrich said...

BEAUTIFUL RAK and love the new background girl!

Deb Neerman said...

Aw, that's easy!

It's obvious you're building a huge paper village, including a post office, church, library, Starbucks, and gin mill.

And THEN you're gonna add lots o' l'il paper people, paper pets, and paper cars and trucks.

And THEN you're gonna add lots o' paper vegetation and paper wild critters.


Too easy.

Kristen said...

Very pretty card by your friend! I love the haunted house. It sort looks like you did some embossing and then used glossy accents or crackle accents all over. Looks so fun! Can't wait to see your tutorial.

Kim Etherington said...

You're too sweet for doing that and saying all that. Thanks hon!!! I had a good time making my last few cards!


Kim Etherington said...

It's that new house stamp you got, you've stamped it in blk, and coloured it in with blk stickles or some kind of glass colouring product? On acrylic or vellum with the blue painted on from the back??? Hand made clouds?!

Tonniece said...

Great card you recieved. don't ya just luv surprises.

I'm guessin, humm, Santa's village

Deb Neerman said...

Oh. PS: I forgot to mention that the Christmas village and all of it's inhabitants are going to stage a holiday musical featuring more l'il paper people.

On a paper stage; with paper curtains that really open and close. Oh. And a paper audience to ... they'll be clapping a lot with their l'il paper hands, so you'll have to rig up some kind of string-thing to make all of their l'il paper hands clap.

And then, when the musical is over, you'll have to have the l'il paper people give the l'il paper actors a standing ovation. Prolly with more string; better buy more string, Mel-a-Licious.

Did I win?

Cheryl said...

What a beautiful card by your friend. Surprises are so much fun to get in the mail.

SusanBluerobot said...

that is one great card love it

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards!!!!

I know it's the Stampin' Up house wheel, but I'm not sure what you did to color/embellish it.

Looking forward to the tutorial!!

Elaine said...

LUVS your RAK, and am dying to know what your peeky poo is for!

Elaine said...

Deb Nerman's comment above is way too funny!

Risa said...

Your RAK is very beautiful Mel! Thank you for sharing this beautiful card with us today:)
As for your question, I think you are working on fabric...a tee shirt maybe?

Shirley said...

Just came form Kim's blog and her beautiful cards. Can't wait to see what new you are up to!!!