Tuesday, November 11, 2008

50+ Gift bag Templates

This is that Bucket Handbag template in a different pattern. I love text so I scanned some old book pages from a book called The Creative Process that I got at a garage sale when I was a tween. It's a great book sad to see it go spineless, but it makes snifty paper if you like that look. you can print the text jpg at the bottom of this post if you wanna (or just let me know if you'd like a different/better format) :O)

The beads on here are sewn on to add a cheap fast bit o' bling...

A) Print, cut, & score the handbag
B) Pierce a circle around the handle (you can trace something round like a shot glass if you'd like to draw on a guide for piercing)
C) Stitch & add beads to the stitches & assemble the bag

Some bag templates & tutorials:

1) Bucket Handbag
2) Paula's gift bag tutorial
3) Small handled bag by Belle
4) Tall gift bag by Belle
5) Small flap Top Bag by Belle
6) Blank favour bag template from About.com
7) Bakery style gift bag by Bunny
8) Michelle's gift bag tutorial
9) Jen's gift bag tutorial
10) Mary's tall gift bag & the layout
11) Gift Bag post by Leslie with great links
12) Laura's gift bag tutorial
13) Particraft's gift bag video
14) Leslie's clear gift bag tutorial
15) CHF's Mini gift bag tutorial by Lisa
16) Box in a bag tutorial by Diana Gibbs on SCS
17) Smalls gift bag tutorial by Katharina
18) Jenn's two pocket bag tutorial
19) Double Pouch gift bag by Roxy
20) Jak's gift card bag tutorial
21) Makeesha's bag tutorial
22)Favor bags by Martha
23) Gift bag templates see the project here (print, cut, trace to make plain stampable ones)
24) Easy Box tutorial by Paula (a handle would make this into a sweet bag)
25) Another of Paula's great gift bag tutorials
26) One of my faves on SCS the 2-5-7-10 box (which can be a bag)
27) Karen's mini gift bag (video)
28) Gift bag template by Donovan
29) Gift bag template from Paper Craft inspiration Magazine
30) Mini Back Pack video Tutorial by Tonya
31) Gift bag template from creatingkeepsakes.com
32) Wall Street Journal gift bags
33) Gift bag template by Kate
34) Large Gift bag template by Andrea
35) The Toy Maker's gorgeous gift bags (She even has a plain stampable one!!!) :O)
36) Debi's cookie gift bags
37) Stampington & company gift bag template
38) Art 4 crafts gift bag template by Helena
39) Baby gift bag template from Paper Craft inspiration Magazine
40) Gift bag template (from this project at the crafty PC but adaptable)
41) Small gift bag template from Gem's Cottage
42) Gift bag template and tutorial from Craftbits
43) Create a gift bag tutorial
44) Elizabeth's favourite (wee nugget) bag tutorial
45) Watercolour paper gift bag tutorial
46) Treat bag template from Paper Source
47) Small shopping bag by Donovan
48) Luminaria (slash-bag) template from the crafty PC
49) Die Cut Vellum Bag by Darya
50) Genie Bag by Jen on SCS
51) My fave, a bag-like popcorn box that I've shown you before but I could never tire of looking at, & the template is shared there by Becky
52) Jan's perfect bags
53) Robbie's stunning bag (purse box)
54) Paper craft Inspiration's bag template (3 part template)
55) Carrier bag tutorial by Rachel (and her vellum example here)
Treat Bag by Tammy (great for a little gift)

FABRIC ones:
  1. Melissa's tutorial on sewing a gift bag
  2. Happy Things simple Drawstring gift bag found thanks to clockworkpink
  3. The Purl Bees good luck gift bags
  4. Reusable shopping bag by Elizabeth

Some nifty things about using printed-out scans are that they are manipulatable (75cent word, lol)
& You can recolour or resize or crop them anyway you like. You can print 'em on any weight of cardstock or vellum or printable twill/fabric like cardstock & they are acid free. Of course you can always use them again and again...

& Here's a post with another text page you might like to use

Happy Craftiness!


retiredheather said...

Wow Mel thanks for doing all the work searching. Love knowing a can find a bag/box that will work for anything, Thanks so much.

Etha said...

"manipulatable" LOL, great word!
love the beads around the hande!!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and the awesome amount of work you put into giving us links to all those tutorials! I visit here all the time, but don't think I've ever left a comment -- my bad! Your work is wonderful, your willingness to share is admirable, and I just think everyone who has benefitted from your blog should let you know! So, thank you, Mel.

mudmaven said...

You really and truly are an endless source of inspiration and knowledge - and you share so willingly to boot! Thanks so much for all that you share with us! ~chris

Elena said...

Love your bag! So cute! Very wonderful idea with the beads around the handle!
THANK you very much for the links!!!
Thank you for sharing the pages from the book!

Janine said...

Mel thankyou thankyou thankyou.
The anniversary party was fun.. Today I Christmas shop!!!

Sara Henton said...

Beautiful as always. I need to make a few of these to keep in my gift closet.

Joani McDonald said...

Thanks Mel. I don't have a Big Shot to have the die for the bags so this is a blessing for me!

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH, Mel, for all the work you do... finding the templates and tutorials and giving us great ideas for using them. It is VERY much appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amber said...

Love it! Thanks for all of the links!

You have a great blog!

Annapurna said...

Awww... You forgot to add my bag in the links.

Wait... I never made one. Off to go make one, so I can be on your links :-))

Thanks for sharing your wealth of information chica!

Jami said...

How cool to use the scanned pages! My head is swimming with ideas... And hand sewn beads?!? Way cool!
hugs, Jami

Donna Baker said...

how unique! love the old look of the printed book - you're a genius!

Linsey R said...

Mel, these are great!!! Super fab, I totally luv it! So, your thrifty days as as teen paid off for sure!! What a tremendous way to use the script from your old book!!! rockin it! tfs and inspiring constantly!! xoxo

Risa said...

Thanks for sharing all of these links Mel! You are too kind:)

Melisa Waldorf said...

Holy Smokes women!! TFS! Love these templates. Thanks for taking the time to organize a list for us!

Anonymous said...

I think this one post will be my inspiration for the next YEAR!!! I could never make all of these! Fabulous and thanks for sharing.

Carol P said...

Check out this Christmas tree made from (I think) old book pages. Neat!


Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

Shirley said...

How cute! It's perfect for that remembrance gift! Love the bling too!

Anonymous said...

Great compilation ! What would make it even better would be if the finished size of each bag was listed too.

Ritesh said...

Why not begin a new and original family tradition for giving anniversary gifts year that is guaranteed to delight and satisfy men and women alike

Charleegirl said...

this blog is fantastic, thanks for sharing your research.. certainly gives us more time to actually DO these things instead of looking for templates etc... will be back and hope you add some more stuff!!!! Alicia

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel thank you!! it helps a lot, especially like me hu really loves to collect paper bags....

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel thank you!! it helps a lot, especially like me hu really loves to collect paper bags....-Cyrilla

Unknown said...

Wow! This is amazing :) Thanks for sharing all these templates. I love crafting my own boxes.