Friday, November 28, 2008

Curvy Bracket-Shaped Template Tut

The shape for this card was inspired by this stunning card by the amazingly talented Peet. Here's how I made the curvy bracket-shaped template (and the card) in case you'd like to make your own shape...

(sorry for the sucky photos...)

Step 1) Take a piece of copy or scrap paper & fold it in 4

Step 2) Cut a curve until you have a shape you'd like. (You can draw it on first if you like) You're aiming to draw or cut 1/2 of the finished line that you'd like...

Step 3) Once you have a shape you're happy with, create a template by sticking it down onto cardstock with repositionable adhesive (this is Dotto)

Step 4) Trace the shape onto your template cardstock
Step 5) Cut the cardstock out & label it if you like
Step 6) Trace onto good paper for your project & cut it out.

To make this card...

1) Cut a piece of cardstock to measure 6 inches by 9 inches
2) Score the card at 6 inches to create the fold
3) Trace the curvy shape at the end of the small flap created by scoring
4) Adhere the patterned paper shape to this card
5 Use the template again or just cut freehand with the curvy patterned paper as a guide

Here's a jpg template of the curve I used here:

to use it just right click, select view image (or just click the picture whichenlarges it) then save file as...print on cardstock, cut & trace. :O)

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Bucket handbag template here
Flower deets in yesterday's post

Tomorrow, the other card details & the template for the tall skinny box that's just peeking in at the side of that photo up there...

Thanks for stoppin' in!

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Libby Dyson said...

This looks great Mel. I definitely need to try this. Thanks for sharing

Erum Tasneem said...

ooh the flower! :P
I can see the skinny box! I gotta enlarge the pic to see the details!

Janine said...

Hi Mel!! Thanks for this... Hope you have a great weekend.

Katherine said...

Thank you for sharing the template for your bracket. I can't seem to get my line to curve the way I want it to. Love your blog!!

Elena said...

Thank you Mel for this great idea and template!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Wow what a great project!

Maria said...

That curvy look is such a great idea! You come up with the neatest things!! The left side of your brain must be really large to come up with such great ideas! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

I'm french, and i often came and see your work, it's so beautiful, thank you:)