Saturday, November 1, 2008

Snowman-Shaped treat/gift Boxes to Welcome the Winter Wonderland Kit!

I am so delighted that I get to share the new release
of Paper Garden Projects Winter Wonderland Kit with you!

It has all kinds of crazy fun in it:
  • Stamps: three adorable Eat Cake Graphics stamps (with all the greatness of rubber but registered on EZmount so you can see exactly where you're stamping--i Lurve that too much! They come in a CD case.)
  • Papers: Shimmery Bo Bunny paper, Bazzill textured cardstock (the brown & dark cream colours are Blingy!) Creamy Wedding white cardstock
  • Goodies: May Arts ribbon, Holographic Glitter, 3D snowflakes & assorted embellishments.
...and are you ready for this?...
even a puffy pen (YA Baby!)

click this pic to go to Paper Garden Projects:

Here's the supply list, template, & tutorial for these snowmen treat boxes.

When finished, they measure: just over 4" tall, 3 3/4" wide, & 1 1/2" deep.

I loves me the white cardstock that comes in the kit, 'cause it's sturdy enough to make these with. :O) The template will fit on one standard 8.5 x 11" sheet of it & you can use the left-over bits for stamping the images.


These all come in the Winter Wonderland Kit:

Wyatt Builds a Snowman & Sarah Pulls Nicky and Otto & Snowballs stocked and Ready

For the Box: One 8.5”x11” sheet of Wedding White Cardstock
For the images: (remaining pieces of white cardstock from making the box)
For the sentiment: A 1/2" x 4 inch piece of
sheets of Bazzill Icy Blue Cardstock & a 5/8" x 4" piece of Bazzill Bling Sugar Daddy

Holographic glitter

From your stash or from Paper Garden Projects:

Tombow Monomulti Adhesive
Oh so Sticky tape
Black Versafine or other waterproof ink
Copic markers or other colouring medium
White thread, paper piercer, & needle
Silver seed beads

Snow Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder
Swiss Dots Cuttlebug embossing folder

You can download the
Template for Snowman Box here.

Or click this pic & save as to get the JPG:

or here:
The sentiments are made from a cute stamp set that Paper Garden Projects carries: Fall & Winter Border (Clear set.)

Colouring the Images:

1) Stamp the images in Black Versafine (or other waterproof ink)

2) Colour the images: I like that these characters just need a hit of colour to come to life. I've used a combination of watercolour pencil crayons with Copic markers to deepen the colours in the shadows. I added a quick doodle with a pen to give Nicky curly hair.

3) Colour the snow & glitter it: Shade the snow with two copic colours:

4) Cut them out: No need to cut too closely since the white edges will be against the white of the snowman box. I made the snowman template to fit all three of these images, so you can just use your favourite image or you can mix & match.

Click the images if you'd like to see the details up close:

Left to right:
Snowballs Stocked and Ready, Sarah Pulls Nicky and Otto, & Wyatt Builds a Snowman

Building the Snowman Box:

Step 1) Print the template onto Wedding White cardstock

Step 2) Cut out around the outline:
Some Cutting Tips:

A) If you cut a rough outline first (a little ways away from the template line) then it's easier to get into the curves and make nice clean cuts)

B) Turning the paper and approaching from different angles can make cutting easier. If you cut inside of the black template line, then you won't see any black on the inside of your snowman.

Step 3) Score the fold lines:

Score where the dotted-lines of the template indicate (some may not print depending on your printer settings.) The dotted-lines in red in the photo on the right indicate where to score.

Step 4)
Fold the box & then cuttlebug it to emboss it (if desired):

A) Place one side of the snowman box in the cuttlebug folder so that the flaps of the box are outsid of the folder & folded in on top of the outside of the folder

B) Run the folder through your Cuttlebug machine so that the longest part of the folder is horizontal (no gaps on either side.) This gives the most embossing coverage

C) Repeat for the snowman shape on the other side

Step 5) Embellish the face if you'd like to. (I left mine blank so the images would pop.)

Step 6) Adhere the box by using Oh so Sticky tape on the four flaps and tucking them so that they are evenly spaced (about 1/8 of an inch) behind the edge of the sides of the snowman shape.

To make a snowman box that holds cards (a little over 3 inches), just assemble the sides so they create a box like shape with 90 degree corners instead of an angled shape like the ones here. You can enlarge (or reduce) the shape by manipulating the template with your printer settings or photocopying it.

Adding the sentiment & images:

The sentiments on these snowmen boxes are made from a super cute stamp set that Paper Garden Projects also carries: Fall & Winter Border (Clear set.)

To make a sentiment like the one on this box:

1) Cut a piece of
of Bazzill Icy Blue Cardstock (1/2" x 4 inch)
2) Stamp/emboss the phrase on it (stamping on the back will get a clearer impression.)
3) Cut a piece of Bazzill Bling Sugar Daddy (5/8" x 4")
4) Stick the blue piece on top of the brown one
5) Trim the edges of the sentiment to line up with the snowman shape by: A) Placing it on the snowman box (but not adhered) B) marking the edge C) trimming it
6) Then, pierce holes along the top & bottom
7) Stitch & add a silver seed bead to every other stitch

To adhere the image & sentiment:

1) Tear a strip of Wedding white cardstock
2) Glitter the torn strip with the holograhic glitter that comes in the kit (I like Tombow Monomulti Adhesive for glittering)
3) Adhere it over the bottom of the image with Oh so Sticky tape
4) Stick the image onto the snowman box
5) Trim any excess of white cardstock off
6) Adhere the sentiment over the image

Thank you so much for checkin' these out.
Here's hoping your Crafting is blissful!

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Oh that is soooooooooo CUTE!!!! You always come up with wonderful ideas.

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You are amazing!!

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Mel! You are amazing!!! Love your new project! So cute!!! Love your idea with the snowman shaped box! Adore your coloring! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial!

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Adorable! Now if I could just purchase those stamps without them being in a kit!

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What a cool project. I love how you embossed the sides of the box and the front all at once!! I learn so much from you!! This is really super adorable!!
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Great post Mel! You always do an awesome job!

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Oh my heavens these are super duper sweet! You are just awesome!

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These images are so cute!
Is there any way to get the images without purchasing teh kit? I have tons of paper, etc, but really like the cute stamp set. Marilyn

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You are my FAV enabler, Mel! I'm LOVIN' your lists of links and tutorials ... keep 'em coming, and TFS!

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I love snowmen!! :) These are adorable and you're coloring for those cute images is awesome!

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Very cute!
I like how you embossed them - to give such a lovely texture to the little men!

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Adorable snowman treat boxes! I like how you cuttlebug'd them =-)

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Those little cutouts would be perfect for pop up cards :)

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

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Those are so cute... and look easy, too. Thanks, Mel, you're super!


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Sheesh, time has flown so quickly. You've been busy, girl and oh, so many cool stuff going on here!

I love your snowman shaped treat box. . .what a great idea to run it through the cuttlebug! The images are so pretty! They go so well with the snowman shape. Thanks for the template and tutorial!


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Looks like a great kit, and you knocked my socks off with this box.
Too cute mel.
Love all your ideas and enjoy you thought processes and tutorials.
Thanks for taking us on the ride with you.

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These are so cute. Thanks for your generosity and sharing all your templates with all of us for free.

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