Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winter Wonderland Vellum Window Stickers

These vellum stickers are easy and they really glow. (Can't seem to capture that in photographs, but they do glow when you stick 'em in the window, honest!)

This seems like it'd be a good kid's craft. They could do the stamping & cutting or just the colouring depending on their ages/abilities. Though the vellum is delicate when peeling so they might need help sticking them on the windows. :O)

Stamps from the Winter Wonderland Kit ) by Eat Cake Graphics:

Wyatt Builds a Snowman & Sarah Pulls Nicky and Otto & Snowballs stocked and Ready

Other stamps from Paper Garden Projects
that you might like for this project:
Winter Neighborhood (the house scene used here)
Not used here, but cute:
Winter Windows
Letters to Santa
Other Winter stamps

Paper & ink:
Adhesive vellum (from an office supply store) I've used the Generations brand
Waterproof ink (or emboss images)
Copic markers/ your favourite colouring medium

How to:

Step 1) Stamp the image: Stamp & cover images with embossing powder (I used Stazon & silver embossing powder)

(Please note: You could also just use a waterproof ink & no embossing. That'd be a good option for kids who may dislodge embossing with heavy colouring.)

If using heat embossing, heat the vellum very gently--pulling the heat gun away often. The vellum may bubble a little, but it will settle back down if it hasn't been too overheated. (You can place the cooled image under a stack of books to flatten)

Step 2) Colour the image: Markers behave wonderfully on the vellum. Copics are great & require no drying time. (You may need to allow extra drying time depending on what kind of colouring medium you use.) Bright colours seem to give the most bang when you put them up since the sunlight washes through and lightens whatever shades you use.

Step 3) Cut out the images & peel & stick to the window (or give as a gift.) Kids may need help peeling them & they seemed to leave no residue on the window, but like any adhesive product they may leave some residue with long term use.

and that's it...:O)

Migraine Mel signing off...


Tonniece said...

Still sick!!!!!!!!!!! Oh My, not a good thing. I am sending the get well fairy right now.

I don't believe you, not feeling up to par and the creative juices are still flowing.
Great for kids and adults alike.
Wow, thanks Mel.

Love you new pic too.

Elena said...

Wow! Mel! You are so creative! Love your new idea!
And I love your new picture!!!

Curt in Indy said...

I'm so sorry Mel that you aren't feeling well! Your window clings are adorable and I so love these images. You just need to get better! I too love the new pic of you! You look like you are 12! You are adorable! Best, Curt

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well; however, your "MOJO" is till flowing. Love your blog and your projects.

Kim Etherington said...

OMG... these are incredible. You are just too damn creative and brilliant. The girls would love these Auntie Mel. hee hee. Feel better Creative Genius.

Libby Dyson said...

These look like so much fun. You come up with some amazing creations Mel

Erum Tasneem said...

This is great Mel. Cant think of using stickers tho, theres too much dirt here! LOL

Cynde said...

Great Idea!! Thanks for the inspiration....I'm getting so many ideas, I either have to postpone Christmas or start now getting ready for next year! LOL...
Feel Better,

Suzanne C said...

Great idea! Love the images... Get some rest and feel better.

Shirley said...

A rally great project to do with kids too! Hope you are feeling better!