Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Year of Flowers Card set in a Bucket Handbag or Purse Box (new template)

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Here's where the beaded sunflower from Melanie's beautiful A Year of Flowers stamp set ended up. I wanted to turn it into a note card gift set. I love how the sunflower stamp looks natural but still so perfectly round that you can make a round tag from it. To see how to make the sunflower please see this tutorial.

About the Box Template:

There are 5 templates altogether

3 Box templates that you can
click to download here are for:

A) Three templates for a box that's a bucket styled purse or handbag.
Finished, the box measures almost 4 1/2 inches high, 3" wide at the bottom 4 2/8" wide at the top and 1 1/2" deep.

Two templates for accessories that you can

click to download here...

They are intended to save papers, so you can make the box from cardstock, but use more expensive (and thinner) designer papers to create a decorative front panel piece with donut-like circles for handles. (Or stamped pieces of course)

The templates are generally designed to work with any hole punch that is 1 1/4 inch or bigger (but you can use any means to cut the holes for the handles, even scissors, and there is a template with no holes linked up too.)

I was inspired by Jody's gorgeous work to try this microbeaded finish. I wanted to try it with a template & make a tutorial for that, since I don't have the die cut & I know many of you don't either. :O) I was also inspired by Lauren's great tutorial, and I wanted to make a template similar to it that you could just print out. :O)


Step 1)
Create decorative panels for the front & back of the purse.

Two ways to approach it:
A) Print template, cut it to create a pattern & trace it onto patterned or stamped paper
B) Print directly onto designer paper & cut the decorative pieces (I've used Basic Grey's Ambrosia paper)

If you'd like info about making the clear template guide, pictured above, to use with this, please see this post.

Step 2)
Stick the pattern to the sticky paper
(Take a sticky piece of paper (double-sided) The stuff I used is called "Peel & Stick" by Therm O Web; I just got it at my local craft store. To use it this way, peel off one side part way, enough to stick the decorative pieces of paper good side down on the sticky paper)

Step 3) Replace the protective backing sheet
(press it down around the edges of the patterned paper)

Step 4)
Trim away excess sticky paper
(having the protective backing sheet stuck back down makes it easier to trim)

Step 5)
Print, cut & score the box template

Step 6) Peel off the protective backing sheet
& Stick the patterned paper onto the template

Step 7) Pour microbeads or glitter onto a flat surface
(a dinner plate works nicely. You'll want enough beads or glitter in the plate to ensure that the sticky paper doesn't stick to the plate. These are microbeads from Stampin' Up!)

Step 8) Peel the 2nd protective sheet off of box
(it's very sticky and wee bits will stick like mad to it)

Step 9) Place it on the microbeads (or glitter)
(I found a circular motion worked well to get the beads stuck on)

Step 10)
Press all of the different areas into the beads

Step 11)
Get your whole hand in there to press the beads on :O)

Step 12) Press the beads firmly in place
(if there are any holes in the beading you can add a pinch at a time and press them into place)

The microbeads are heavy together so I like to do the front & back. If you'd like to, you can enlarge the template by photocopying & then you can get different sizes.

To make the rim around the handle (in black on here):
  1. Punch a circle from cardstock slightly smaller than your handle (I had a 1 1/4" circle for this handle, so I punched a 1 inch circle for the black piece.
  2. Use a circle punch larger than your handle hole; I used a 1 3/8 inch circle punch to punch around the 1" circle.
  3. Mount it behind the handle. I used Tombow Monomulti Adhesive

To create the tag:
  1. Create the sunflower (tutorial here)
  2. Adhere it to a metal edged tag
  3. Pierce a hole for the ribbon
  4. Thread a ribbon into a glass bead
  5. Tie a couple of knots
  6. Tie onto the handle of the box
You can check out a stunning card by Melanie with this sunflower here & and loveliness by Theresa here & here

Happy Stamping you Lovely Lovely People! :O)

P.S. I wish someone would invent a Stamper/Scrappers printer-scanner-photocopier with a 12x12 scanner bed and printer. Ok, can have the idea to run with. Just send me a free one, LOL. :O)


Elena said...

This purse is gorgeous! Love your idea with microbeads! So beautiful! Thank you for wonderful tutorial!

Anonymous said...

DANG Mel! This is awesome! The microbeads are awesome on this! You ROCK!

Paula's ponderings said...

This is amazing Mel!! Just love it, love it, LOVE IT!! So nice to chat with you yesterday, you're as lovely in voice as you are in text...LOL (you know what I mean!)

Crafting Queen said...

Wow, fantastic box and I just love how you added the beads.
Love your work.

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Wow! Mel, this one is stunning! Fabulous work with the beads!

Annapurna said...

Off to get clear micro beads with my 50% off coupon :-) Genius.

I need a pop up window for comments, so I can read and see pictures while commenting.

Joani McDonald said...

How cool is that! Now I can pull out those beads that are collecting dust Ü Thanks Mel!!

Shirley said...

Darling purse, Mel. I just love visiting your blog. You are such an inspiration, and your instructions are easy to follow. You are one creative lady.
Shirley Lee
Roseville, CA

katemade designs said...

You so ROCK! thanks for all you do

Barb said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for a great tutorial :)

Catherine said...

I am at a total loss for words, except, "WOW!" Holy smokes, Mel!
You really do rock my word, rattle my imagination, and inspire my creativity!

Erum Tasneem said...

Oh my! The paper was so gorgeous before you put beads.... after the bead it got even more beautiful! How does it look IRL? cuz it looks awesome in pics!
Im droolin!

Jami said...

I can hardly keep up with you... how do you create so many amazing things day in and day out!?! This is magnificent. I was so lucky to win a GinaK set from her WCMD challenge - and I picked this one!! I had to have it after seeing your beaded blossom tut!!
hugs, Jami

Anonymous said...

Oh you make it look so easy! This is gorgeous as always! Enjoy your day off!

Shirley said...

What a gorgeous gift for someone! I love the colors and the tutorial is just great!

Suzanne C said...

Love the beads on that. Had to go back and see how you got them to stick! Great instructions, tutorial and project!

Melanie said...

ooooooooo sparkly!! I wondered what you were doing with that flower! I love it!!!

Carla said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! This is SO coll! The project is beautiful! The colors, the stamps, the micro beads, it's all just spectacular! Your tutorial is concise and easy to follow! Your blog is wonderful!!

Annapurna said...

I am bored :-(
Okay, if I have to I will go to scrapbook lounge to watch the video :-)
Thanks for making the comments a popup.
You are the best.

Unknown said...

Ya did it again ...another awesome tutorial. Well done!

Theresa Momber said...

Mel, this is stunning!!! I love the drama of that flower on the purse box! You ROCK!!!

Libby Dyson said...

I love this creation Mel. I may snag your idea and make one too. Thanks for sharing

Libby Dyson said...

I love this creation Mel. I may snag your idea and make one too. Thanks for sharing

retiredheather said...

What a great way to present some cards to someone in a very special way. Great idea with great directions. Thanks

AnnMarie said...

Great project!! Turned out beautifully! :) I think it would make a wonderful Christmas gift!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful tutorial...very inspiring :D

Maria said...

Gosh, Mel.'s been over a week since I've been able to blurf and visit other people's sites. . .including yours.

Oh, I love this purse box. This project would be a great project to run through my Xyron machine. Thanks for the great beading idea. Now I actually have another project that can be used with my machine. LOL!

As always. .you did such a beautiful job and again, thank you for the tutorial!


Risa said...

Wow...your purse is super fantastic Mel! I zoomed in and talk about beautiful!!!!!! TFS this awesome tutorial also...very cool!!!

Free Spirit said...

I have discovered a gold mine. Your blog is fantastic. I tried this purse out and i love it. Thank you for sharing. What size cards did you out in the bag. I am going to make a batch of these for gifts. Thanks for the idea. Please let me know the card size as soon as you can. I will make these when I hear from you.

Bentov Anat said...

Thank you again for your wonderful tutorial!!!
Here is my version to this

Alex said...

WOW: What a great bag! Impressive - thanks for sharing :)

Alex from England x

Clinen said...

The links doesn´t work =( I would like to download them. What a bummer! /Clinen

Karen Bowers said...

thanks for the inspiration!

Karen Bowers said...

oh, it just got even nicer! my purse with your template is being featured on this blog! and using a free translator, i found out they raved about your template as well as how mine turned out!

Lalia Harris said...

Love it. I'm looking for a purse that will go with the paper I bought that has huge flowers on it. I think this may work!

Nancy Jensen said...

LOVE the bag! Thanks for the tutorial and templates!

"printer-scanner-photocopier with a 12x12 scanner bed and printer" I've been saying that for about 6 years now! When are they going to listen? LOL