Friday, January 23, 2009

Sweet New LPS Set! (and Wax Paper Fresco Patina-[New(?) Cuttlebug/Big Shot Technique]

I'm all hopped up & not just on coffee! LOL. There are new LPS sets out!!!?!!
The bad news? I've been too sick to spill the beans to you about 'em (ynuk ynuk bad coffee pun, hehehe) The good news? You can get your hands on 'em right away (here) and you can see lots of gorgeous things made with them (here.) The set I used for this card is designed by our very own Elyssa!!!

This Brand New Stamp Set "Make Your Own Mug"
...has detail & quality that took my breath away! The first impression turned out flawlessly with delicate lines on the coffee bag (& with Chocolate Chip Craft ink to boot! Sometimes acrylics are finicky about the ol' craft inks, but these go with 'em like coffee and cream! Somebody stop me! heehee) I even stamped the sentiment off of the back of a punch of all things! (my blocks are in boxes somewhere) & it worked perfectly the first try! I was mightily impressed (& mighty happy that I didn't have to unpack 20 boxes to find a block!)

Inspiration Challenge: This card plays along with the LPS bloggers (and hopefully you too!) 'cause "a challenge is a brewin'!" (to use this colour scheme as your inspiration: Chocolate chip & Cream & Olive.) I got as close as I could & had a blast with it. Do you wanna play too??? You can join in here.

The technique (Wax Paper Fresco Patina) that I used here was experimental & weird-ish but I was happy with the results. It gives you a paper that looks "ancient" (as Charles put it) & you end up with a texture like burnished fresco wall finish. It has a nice bit of sheen to it too.

One line technique summary: Stick wax paper onto cardstock with Matte Mod Podge & dry it to the touch; then cuttlebug it, sand it, ink it, wipe it... (in whatever order you like); repeat sanding & inking for a nifty patina.

This was so fun! That's real coffee on there. Smells yummy! (I just stuck it onto some Crystal Lacquer.) And isn't wax paper just loverly? It's just so and malleable (and so very retro).


Mod Podge Matte
Brush (or foam brush)
Wax Paper
Cardstock (I used Cream announcement cardstock)

Cuttlebug or another embossing machine (or dry emboss by hand) :O)
Embossing Folder (Birds & Swirls folder)
Sanding Paper or Block
Paper towel/rag
Books (to flatten it dry)


Step 1) CUT: Trim wax paper & cardstock to size (or just slap them together & trim off all of the edges later later)

Step 2) TEXTURIZE: crumple and flattern and/or fold the wax paper to create texture. An accordian fold after crumpling creates a look that is sort of graphic & natural all at once:

Step 3) ADHERE: stick wax paper to cardstock with Matte Mod Podge (Brush the Mod Podge on quickly & stick quickly for nice results.) No worries if it dries before you stick the wax paper on, just apply a second coat of Mod Podge; the texture will be even funkier.

Step 4) FLATTEN: smooth it down with your hand

Step 5) TOPCOAT: Apply a second coat of Mod Podge over top of the wax paper

Optional: collage bits into it...

first, make sure the Mod Podge topcoat is good & wet...

then just stick things on it & add another topcoat of Mod Podge over the bits

(The stuff I added here? Bits of an old book & more torn pieces of wax paper over that to give it a vellum-y look) You could also add anything else that you'd collage...

6) DRY IT to the touch (it dries surprisingly quickly)

Step 7) Cuttlebug it using an embossing folder (or Big Shot emboss it)

I used the Birds & Swirls folder. The Mod Podge & wax paper holds the embossing in such a lovely way and gives deep impressions that hold up to distressing really nicely.

Step 8) Use it as is or COLOUR it: Sand it & Apply ink (or paints or marker or whatever) however you like best (direct to paper inking is my fave, but you could also use sponges, daubers, foam brush, brayer, a paint brush and watercolours would be snifty!
Here's how I coloured this one:

A) Sand it well to give it some tooth for the ink to stick to (Even Matte Mod Podge is rather waterproof) (Don't be ascared to use a course grit sand paper here; it gets a nice fabric like texture.) Rule of thumb for gauging your colour results: the more you sand off now, the darker those areas will be when you colour it later in this next step...

B) After sanding, apply first ink colour (Sahara Sand)

C) Wipe off excess ink (or remove it from areas that you don't want it. A little water on a paper towel will take it all off of the unsanded areas but if you want it lighter on the sanded areas, just sand again to remove colour.)

D) Sand more (lightly this time so as not to remove all of the ink)

E) Apply a second colour of ink (Creamy Caramel)

F) wipe, sand, ink, wipe ...

(and I kept inking and wiping until I liked it... LOL)

So, to sum up:
crumplin' wax paper+ mod podgin' to cardstock + dryin' +cuttlbuggin' + sandin'+ inkin' + repeatin' =funky texture.

(Click the pic to see close up)


If your paper curls after it's dry, you can stick it
under a big ol' book (or a stack) and it'll flatten out nicely.

You can also sand the edges to remove any excess Mod Podge. And if your collaging ends up wonky like mine did (the text band across it was crooked), you can trim the edges to make it straight. Just eyeball the first cut, and then line use that first cut edge to line up the other 3 cuts with the grid on your paper cutter. :O)

for this kind of paper in your work:
  • Use as a background paper (no duh, huh?)
  • Make an 8.5x11 piece, & turn it into a sturdy envelope, box, or any 3D project by using large sheets of it (with a template printed on the back first so you can print before gettin mucky with it.) :O)
  • Make it into your own primas or embellishments (Punch or dye cut the papers for flowers, tags, etc)
  • Make Frames or other Elements by using Nestabilites, scissors, a craft knife, or another cutting system to make textured frames or schtuff (faux metal hinges or photo corners might be neat)
  • Make faux metal/faux ribbon strips (Just cut it into any width/length)

VARIATIONS on the technique:

A) Stamp the cardstock first & it'll show through the wax paper when you stick it on!

B) Pre-sand before embossing for more workability & use any art medium: After adhering the wax paper to the cardstock & topcoating with Mod Podge, sand it like mad so there's lots of tooth to apply Acrylic paints, watercolours, or crackle paint before or after dry embossing in the Cuttlebug or Big Shot. You could even pastel it and then protect the pastels with more Mod Podge or spray sealer.

C) Work the colour before embossing: Ink & sand & ink before cuttlebugging then merely sand off the ink from the raised areas

Collage stuff into/under/onto it (even tiny bits of paper, photos, photocopies, clipart, stamped images, heat embossed images, punched shapes, dried flowers, glitter, sand, microbeads, or fibers will work)

E) Heat emboss the raised texture: Work the colour, Sand well and then dry emboss, then heat emboss the raised dry-embossed areas by swiping them with pigment ink or versamark and applying embossing powder

F) Heat emboss over it with stamps: Sand well and add a stamped & embossed image over top. (Metallic e.p. would be lovely)

G) Colour with alcohol ink for really intense hues H) Colour with metallics for a faux metal look or just add hits of shimmerz...lumiere...pearlex...

J) Coat in UTEE for faux tiles or glass look (crack the UTEE if you like)

(Lovely fun Cheapness!)

Hardware store Sanding blocks...

...have much more scratch for your buck (& many of them are washable and last WAY longer than the crafter's variety. The shape of the crafter's kind are so nice sometimes, though, (especially since they are smaller so you can get more sellective sanding in) so here's a way to fix them up after they have no scratch power left in 'em:

Save your old foam craft sanding blocks...
(from Stampin' Up! or elsewhere & stick your own sandpaper to them. Rubber cement works well to adhere it. (Needs a bit of tape to hold it on til it dries.) This cheap trick is fun recycling but it also gives you more sanding options than the average sanding block since you can glue 4 grades of sandpaper onto one block, and then have very rough to very fine at your finger tips. DH's all over will be wondering where their sand paper went. The sandpaper in the house is all mine! Muhahaha!

Wax paper also...
...makes the perfect non stick craft sheet (or you can use a Silpat baking sheets which is heatable and not temporary. I have an imitation one.) Wax paper is great for markering on & picking up colour (or using any other medium that way) even for alcohol inks... And let's be honest, any stamping object that goes on the grocery bill makes you feel like you're sneakin' something wonderfully stamp-y into the budget now doesn't it? ;O)

Mod podge is great, in my book, because:
  • it sticks stuff well
  • it dries on your project quickly (me likey instant gratification!)
  • it washes up with water (if you clean your brush asap, but be warned, once dried it's on there but GOOD.)
  • it's certified as nontoxic
  • it's very affordable
  • it lasts so long! (I've had a viable jar for over 10 years.)

Other craftin' materials used on the card: Chocolate chip cardstock & Craft ink, Paper Piercer, Needle & Brown thread, Seed Beads, Sakura Stardust glitter pen, Word Window & Key Hole punch.

Whew! Longwinded for somebody who's having respiratory issues, aren't I? LOL. I really missed sharing schtuff with You!!! :O)

Happy Creativity to You!

P.S. You can check out the LPS blog and the LPS group on Paper Craft Planet to see what else is brewin! :O)


Danielle said...

Wow Mel! What a fabulous card and tutorial - your craftiness never ceases to amaze me! So happy to see you blogging again :)
Hugs, Danielle

Norine said...

what a great idea love it and really like what you have done thanks for the lesson

Debbie Pamment said...

Love this technique - and thanx soo much for your effort in the post when you're not well - you're a star!!

Anonymous said...

Mel! I love this card! It is so wonderful! I am definitley adding this stamp set and Tech. to my wish list and my MUST TRY list!!
Thank You SO much! I really love and enjoy your fantastic blog!
Many Blessings!

Paula's ponderings said...

Gorgeous Mel and a fabulous tutorial! Are you feeling much better now lovey?

Kim Etherington said...

Love that look of the wax cuttlebug paper. Wow, girl you are giving so much in your tutorials. Don't over do yourself hon!! Great to see you are back! I miss you. I need a Mel visit. Maybe, over some coffee!! :o)

Theresa Momber said...

Brilliant, Mel! Your card is gorgeous and I love the tutorial! Feel better!!!

mudmaven said...

Totally awesome girl! Am definitely going to have to give this one a try! ~chris

Maria said...

Wow, Mel! You're on the roll!! Glad to see you back! Hope you're on your way to being healthy and full of energy. Are you in your new "studio"? Can't wait to see your new pad!

Love your card and tutorial. Wow, such detail and so gorgeous too!! Love the artistic flare to it!! Thanks for the tutorial!!


Jessica Diedrich said...

Awesome Mel!!!! This is gorgeous! Wow that's awesome, thanks for playing...and so fast LOL!!!! You glad to have you back, babe!

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

That is really cool! I am stuffed up too due to cedar and mold in the air and I sound like a toad frog when I talk, but that is ok! I don't have to talk when I make cards or type! HEHE Great job (as usual)! Renee

Chris said...

oohh! So glad you're back. I do hope you are feeling better!!

StampinCathy said...

Amazing card and just love this technique. Thanks for a great tutorial.

Susan G said...

I'm so glad you're back!!!! I've really missed your humor and your great ideas. This is a super duper one that I'll have to try--especially since I have everything on hand and don't have to go shopping. That's always a plus.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you're back!!! This is cool, Great sanding tool idea. We've got mod podge!! Have to see if I can make this one happen.
Welcome back!
Beth Greco

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so neat and thanks for the hints. Your tutorial is so well done and the card is fantastic.

Sue Denning said...

Mel you are such an inspirational crafter. I have been following your Blog for some time and could not delay any longer in posting my thoughts. Thankyou so much for taking the time to regularly post such wonderful creative projects. I'm sure that you teach each and every one of us 'followers" a new trick every post, not to mention how much we enjoy your humour. I hope that your new studio is all that you dreamed and that you are well on the way to better health.
Sincere thanks and Blessings to you.

2 Worlds said...

Really great technique Mel, thanks so much for showing that !

cal8007 said...

Mel, I so love your blog! I look forward to getting updates and techniques. I'm learning new distressing techniques and using them on my cards. Thanks for your tutorcaials. I do hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy life more.

Savitri said...

Holy freaking crap, Mel is back!?!??!?! And for once, I can do this one technique :) I think I can handle the CB with some modge podge :) Great tut lady and glad you're back!!! Hope you feel better!!!

Anonymous said...

Mel, this is great! You inspire me with every post. How do you do it, girl?! I not only learn something new each time I visit your site, but I get a good chuckle every time. Your sense of humor is fantastic.

I'm so happy that your move went well and that you have a craft room. May you start to see improvements in your health.


Elaine said...

You're so wonderful - teaching, sharing, humoring and everything're my everything (lol) sorry, but I had to say it! Thanks again for the inspiration and such a great place to relax every day!

Anonymous said...

WOW I love this tutorial and your card is fantastic. I love the strip of print across the card, it is very effective. You make it look so easy even I am going to give it a go. Love your artistic shot of the card and coffee too. Mmmmmmm coffeeeeeeee............
Cheers, Irene :)

Elena said...

Wow! Mel, we really did miss your creativity!!! Glad you are back!!! What a brilliant idea with a wax paper! Thank you for the fantatsic tutorial!!!

Mari said...

And I've missed you sharing schtuff with ME! :)
Fab Mel, so glad you're back!!

Anonymous said...

So good to see you back to blogging and creating again! I hope your lung infection heals up quickly.

li-marie said...

Mel, you're the 1st thing I look for in my inbox. Am so glad you're feeling better and blogging again. Your tuts are just the best ever. Really missed you and your inspiration. I so love what you have done today, am feeling so ill with a cold not done anything for 3 days but you have made me want to play today.
Take care and hope you feeling A1 soon


Erum Tasneem said...

What an entry huh! Okay firstly I LOVE your card, as always! Secondly, I am surprised it doesnt have a TEAL/CYAN colour added in there somewhere!
Thirdly, I have tried wax paper before with poster paints giving it a tie and dye look. Covered it with lacquer later on. It looks lovely, kindof like handmade paper. But I like this one particularly maybe cuz of the embossing folder and the inking.
I am waiting fo my folders to arrive and some yummy stamps too, I will do this then. But sadly I dont have these inks here... gotta find some other way.. maybe DYES?
ooh too much rambling! LOL
Glad u r back!

Erum Tasneem said...

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pescbrico said...

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ikki said...

Great tutorial, thanks. Good to have you back on line and hope you're now fully recovered. ikki

Crystal said...

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It is so nice to have you back. I love your tutorials and tell anyone new to stamping about you. Thanks, Shannon

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This is awesome!! I am so glad you are back and in a new place. I have missed your inspiration.

Jacqui Chimes said...

How lovely to see you are back. Love your work

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Mel this is awesome! Thank you so much for taking time to create a tutorial for all of us! You are so thoughtful! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
hugs~ Kim

Heather in FL said...

This is such a cool technique. I love the idea of stamping first, then adhering the wax paper, then doing all the other stuff. So cool! Thanks!

Beth said...

Oh Mel so good to see you posting again hope your feeling better each day and enjoying your new mold free home. Love the tut girl you rock!!!

Debra said...

Thanks for posting this tutorial - it's fabulous and I'm going to have to try this. Glad to see you back and I hope you're on your way to feeling better!

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You're back! Gorgeous card! That's quite a technique. Congratulations on the new place and I hope your health returns soon!

Marilyn said...

Fabulous card!

I have to laugh though... when I saw "LPS" I didn't think of stamps...hee-hee... I thought of 'Littlest Pet Shops' which my youngest daughter collects! lol

Oh, well... just having a moment.
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Love it! Good to see your crafty brain cells aren't moldy!!!

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Hi there Mel!!! Welcome back! I am glad you are feeling better.
Love this technique girlfriend!
Will definitely be trying this one!
Take care of you!

Helena said...

LOVE YOUR CARD and the photo set up!!!

That technique looks fantastic, must get me some wax paper and have a play, thanks for showing us how!

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!!! How do so many ideas come from one person?! This is gorgeous - love the warmth it has!!
hugs, Jami

911barb said...

love this project thanks.
Have you tried using the take out boxes. They are so much fun.
Esp. the black ones.
barb911 s/e mi

Annapurna said...

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You make me go shopping. That is all I do. I buy everything you show and that is all. I don't make anything else.

Anthonette said...

Glad you are back and out of the mold and mildew environment...very dangerous stuff.

I loved this tutorial. Thanks for all the photos! These type of entries must be very time-consuming, right? I've never used Modgepodge before, but it looks easy. I love the look. I just got a Big Shot at the beginning of the year, so I would love to try this out some time.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading this just saying "Wow! Wow!" the techniques you come up with are amazing! This is so beautiful. TFS.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to try this. Thanks for sharing. I loved the comment about buying items with the groceries...I have thought that for years.

Lori Aragon said...

Hey Mel! Just found you through Pinterest... This is fab-u-lous!!! Thanks so much for the great info.

Sharon Field / Inky A*Muse-ment said...

What a fabulous card Mel... and the smell of coffee, yum!! Great tutorial, just found it on pinterest! How did I miss this one??

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Great tutorial, I hope it's ok I just Pinned it!

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Ok, so it took me 3 years to get to this tutorial... but I should get some credit that I finally showed up! lol! I love, love, love... did I mention love? this technique! Now I want to encase everything in wax paper and emboss it, lol!
You rock girlfriend.
Beth P

Ezzy said...

Can this be used to make a stamp which would then be used on polymer clay?

Michelle Gray said...

Terrific tutorial! Love the end results. I'm going to add this blog post to my Pinterest board, Crafts: Paper for future reference and so all the Pinning world can see. TFS!

Tracy said...

I have been delving into the world of mixed media for the past year or so and this is the first time I have seen this technique, and I love it! Glad I stumbled upon your blog:)