Monday, February 23, 2009

{Make Your Own Mug} Coffee Scrub

I'm obsessed with this Little Paper Shop coffee & tea themed set, 'cause it can take on any look you feel like giving it. This time, it's turned into a little giftie: a body scrub to wake ya up & a card to match.

You can see the whole set here: {Make Your Own Mug}
And the Gallery is here.

The Coffee Body Scrub:

I used the coffee beans stamp from the set to make a label for a yummy coffee scrub. (Inspired by Martha Wake up Scrub recipe here, but I changed the recipe to use lemon lavender salt instead of sugar, since sugar bath products are not always so great for you...)

Step 1) Start with 1/4 cup salt (with a little coarseness to it.) This is lemon lavender salt from Victorian Epicure Selections.

Step 2) Add 100% pure peppermint oil. (You can add the amount you like. I like peppermint a lot, so I added 8 drops.)

Step 3) Add 1/2 cup olive oil (you could also use grapeseed oil or your favourite.)

Step 4) Add coffee grounds (that have just been brewed. I dried them out a little in the oven to avoid adding water to the mix.)

Step 5) Add 1/2 teaspoon pure Vanilla

Step 6) Stir it up

Step 7) Put it in a perty container (one that your hand will fit in--a wide mouth mason jar works nicely.)

You can refrigerate it or not. It will keep for 2 weeks (longer if you keep it in the fridge.)

As a hand scrub instead: Love to cook? (or know someone who does?) This also makes a great hand scrub for the kitchen. Coffee is a tried & true way to get garlic odours off of your hands. :O)

The Card:

There's ribbon on here! *GASP!* That's because the layout of this was inspired by the newest LPS sketch:

I made it square, though. :O) If you'd like to add your twist to it, come play along with us on the LPS blog.

Some Card Deets:

Paper Pieced Coffe Mug & Sentiment:

I can't stop paper piecing this set. This mug was really easy to cut out (You can just cut along side the mug to cut out the oval inside the handle. You'd never know it was cut when you add the mug to your card. Speeeedy! :O)

Inside the card reads: "You'd be a triple shot caramel macchiato with three sugars & extra whip cream"

The Cardstocks:

All of the cardstocks used here are my faves from Paper Temptress: The neutrals (if they can be called neutral when they have this much Pizazz) are from the Incandescent family (Nero & Candido.) They're ultra decadent Metallics with a felt finish ( a lovely woven texture.) The Nero is a rich black brown sparkling Coffee & the Candido is a classy Cream. You can see more Incandescent projects by the ultra talented Melanie here.

They Cuttlebug like a dream. Here they're on a card base made from my new favourite colour of PT Basis cardstock Golden Green (akin to SU's Kiwi Kiss but a shade less green, so it's super easy to coordinate.) It makes the perfect match with Basic Grey's hot new Dresden paper (from their Porcelain line.) You can check out all of the Basis Colours here.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy day!


mudmaven said...

Great card and thanks for the recipe. Might just give it a try. ~chris

Kim Etherington said...

Yummy little gift set! I love that you are doing the sketch challenges. I need to find another 12 hrs in a day and play along!

Bonnie said...

Mel! Too fabulous!! Love this set and paper piecing works so wonderfully! Yes, I am back on the DT for Little Paper Shop!! As I keep saying "I was on a BREAK!!"

Savitri said...

Wow, great looking stuff here and the tut seems so fun! I might try the recipe, we'll see :)

Mari said...

Look at you, all double crafty! :) I like the sound of that scrub, but not for the kitchen - I *love* garlic! lol Does that revoke my stampire status? :D

Tina said...

OMG Mel you are sooooooooooooo clever... i love to visit but i'm gobsmacked every time... you give us such wonderful inspiration.... this is just, i'm lost for words... fantastic...Crafty hugs tina x

Jessica Diedrich said...

OMG MEL!!! This is AMAZING and sooooo right up my alley! I LOVE it!

Elena said...

Fantastic project, Mel! Love the mug on the card!!!

Allison Rankin said...

You are a do you have the time to think this stuff up, create it and then make a tutorial too! Call me amazed!

KatieScarlett said...

Super project - but I need to know - why are sugar bath products bad for you?

I prefer sugar because I have sensitive skin, I'd never heard of any reason not to use it.


Anonymous said...

this is just lovely! Thank you for sharing! I'll be making some of that scrub for my kitchen!

Salt is better for your plumbing as well... so it's a bonus benefit when you are using it.

Plant roots can sometimes invade pipes designed to carry waste water away from your home. Putting salt down the drains on a regular basis inhibits their growth and keeps you from having to call roto rooter!


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me, but you did with this. wowzer!

Maria said...

Wow, so pretty Mel. . .I love the gift set. This is going to sound really stupid. . .and it's a good thing I read your whole post because I initally thought (just looking at the photo) the tutorial was a recipe for a homemade coffee drink! LOL!

Such a fabulous tutorial, Mel. . .so different and such a wonderful gift to give to someone!!


Rebecca said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee and can smell it from here. Thanks for another yummy project. The card is perfect for it.