Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pocket Watch Charm outta Cardstock & ISC "Men of Wisdom" Stamp (Punch art?)

The Stamp:

This is the pocket watch from that men's suit card. It's my first attempt at punch art (but does it count as punch art, if you stamp too? lol.) The stampin' makes this, of course. I thought this stamp was incredible when I first saw it, but when I discovered that it works perfectly with three of my SU punches I really starting freaking out about it.

It's from the set "Men of Wisdom" <--which you can find there.


The Punchin':

It took just two punches to make this watch ( the 1" punch & the 1 and 1/4" but the 3/4 inch punch top also cuts the top of the watch (the round fob piece) perfectly. (I didn't include that piece here, but I can't wait to make a card with that layered in behind the watch.)

Can you imagine the stamp the face in black & the punched out watch bits in an antiquey gold?... Lots of options with this one little stamp. The whole set has made making the dreaded "Dude Cards" actually fun for me.

The Makin':

This was surprisingly easy. It ends up as a charm that is substantially thick but has just the right weight for a card. It feels like metal chipboard! How's that for dude-ish, huh? lol.

If you're in a hurry, of course, you don't have to make your watch double-sided; it wouldn't take long to whip up a watch with just a front. (You could use metallic cardstock or emboss a piece of paper in silver, or gold, or bronze,.. & punch a circle for the back.) :O)

Step 1)
Emboss 4 pocket watches with the "Men of Wisdom" stamp

(I used Silver Encore Ink & Silver Embossing powder from Ranger (I really appreciate how smooth that e.p. is!)...but you could just stamp your watches in a waterproof ink if you want to add "glass" to your watch in step 12) :O)

Step 2) Punch the center out of 2 of the 4 pocket watches (Using a 1 inch punch)

Then, you'll be left with this...

...2 hollow watches & 2 watch faces (and 2 whole watches.) (You don't need the 2 punched out faces for this project)

Step 3)
Punch around the 2 watch rings using a 1 1/4 inch punch (a little bigger punch would work okay too.)

Step 4) Cut out the 2 unpunched watches, cutting away the top (fob?) part of the stamp . ( I replaced the fob part of the watch with a jump ring. Of course, you can use the Fob part if you don't want to use a jump ring) :O)

Step 5) Punch eight 1" circles out of any piece of cardstock. (A metallic to match your embossing would be great but any will do if you have a silver marker.)

Step 6) Create 8 rings by punching around the circles with a 1 and 1/4" circle punch. (I used some Cream Announcement cardstock, 'cause I like it's weight.)

Step 7) Glue the two whole watch faces together back to back. (You know, me likey Tombow for the wiggle room) :O)

Step 8) Glue the rings together, making 2 stacks with 4 rings in each one.

Step 9) Stick it all together:

Glue the layered ring on over the watch face
Glue on the siver ring.
Repeat for the other side
If you click on the picture, you can see the lovely detail of that stamp. In person, it looks like carved silver.

Step 10) Add a little shadow on the clock face, if you like, using Copic markers. This is Warm Gray no.1.

Step 11) Colour the watch edges. To colour that cream cardstock, I used a silver marker (I got this one for a buck at the dollar store, but a sharpie or Zig Painty would be great too, of course.)

Step 12) Add Crystal Lacquer to the watch face, dry it, flip it, & repeat for the other side.

Step 13) Add a shadow if you like:

After the lacquer dried, I gave the watch a shadow using a dark grey marker. The areas of the stamp where the intricate pattern leaves paper unembossed took the marker nicely. (Click for a huge look at it) :O)

Step 14) Add a jump ring & Chain:

To attach my new jewelry, hehe I punched a hole in the top of the watch and attached a jump ring. (I used to do this with my teeth until my marvellous Mom bought me some pliers. [Actual jump ring pliers, which these needle noser dudes obviously are not] but I digress.... however, at least I am not biting jump rings any more. Right Mom?) ;O)

Step 15) Attach the chain with a brad to a circle of cardstock:

To attach this little puppy securely to the card, I punched a 1" circle out of Classic Columns cardstock (matchin the jacket.) A brad fit neatly into one of the rings on the chain. This chain is a piece of an old necklace, but this Link Chain stuff from Tim Holtz would look snookum if you don't have any.

Step 16) To attach the pocket watch to the card, stick some extra super sticky stuff on the cardstock circle and put it in your pocket! :O)

The Paper:
(and an impromptu paper Sale! *GRIN*)

In case I haven't mentioned it, ;o) that stunning Black stripe-embossed paper is called Classic Collums and I'm all twitterpated, 'cause Patricia (the Paper Temptress herself) ;O) put it on sale. It's 40% off! (Just type "Mel" in the promotion box.)

Hope you have the Happiest of
Saint Valentine's Days
! :O)


Connie M. said...

OH MY!!! This is just so amazing! WOW!! LOVE the suit and what you did with the pocket watch!

Dizzy Broad said...

OMG!!!!! I was blown away with the suit jacket card and just assumed the watch was a sticker a la Jolee's so I fell over when I saw this posting showing how you made it! Should have known that this was Mel-created. You are my stamping/craft goddess!

Leigh said...

This is fabulous! I have to do this. Wow!

Anonymous said...

WOW! This is the coolest card and paper charm I have ever seen! I am truly amazed!! LOVE IT!!

Happy Valentines Day to a talented crafter!

Elena said...

Wow! Lots of punching! But watch looks like real! Love your idea, Mel! Thank you for your tutorial!!!

Allison Rankin said...

You are a this idea and I am sure Paula will too!

Yvonne said...

Fantastic Male card. love the idea with the watch too.
well done on this card, such a perfect card for the men in our lives(if they behave that is) :)

Bentov Anat said...

I love your work.
Here is my card based on your wonderful idea...
Pocket Watch Card

Risa said...

Total awesomeness Mel....Bravo!!!!

Annapurna said...

This is super gorgemous! You are a genius. Love Love Love what you did with this. Gosh girl, how do you even come up with these ideas?

I have to say it is super. I am always lost for making something masculine. Thank you for the ideas.