Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Punch Storage & misc. Craft Room Organization

E.T.A.: Stamputations Dear Reader,

Today is random-need-a-day-off-Blogged-down--So-tired-can't-think-straight-Didn't-quite-make-it-over-the-hump-Thursday (Feb-12th.) I know you'll understand, cuz you're wonderful like 'dat! Thank Youse muchly in advance.

Yours with stampingness, Mel

Meet the only section of my stamp room that's organized, hehehe. It's punch storage on an Ikea pot rack. There was no room in our new kitchen for our pot rack, so now it lives on top of this old dresser.

Handy to see all those punches and hopefully It'll spark some ideas since I want to use them more effectively. I keep any that don't match in the top drawer of the dresser---a little frou frou of me, hey? But perty is nice, no? ;o)

Other Punch Storage Ideas:

I used to keep my punches like this (in a drawer with non-slip liner) but now I'm saving the drawers for ugly bits.
Nichole's summary of punch storage
Chris's punches on a CD rack
Zee's shorter Ikea rods for punch storage
Punch storage thread on SCS
punch Storage Thread on 2Peas
Using space on a door
Denise's great way of customizing shelves with dowel


Coordinated Containers
Rolling basket table
Stripped tin boxes
SU's clamshell cases to store stamp stuff

For small spaces:
Craft room inside an armoire

Really really affordable:
Tin can Caddy
Decorative Shoe Box Storage

Some amazing stamp rooms to drool over:

Martha's Craft Room (DrooooL)
Alli's gorgeous stamp room
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Home & Garden Craft Room Ideas

What's your favourite storage solution?


Michelle Pearson said...


I have mine on a microwave rack that I don't use....similar idea....I love having them out in sight and at my fingertips!

Norine said...

again thanks for always giving us such great tips and site love it

paradise45 said...

I am always interested how others store their supplies in hopes of finding the perfect solution for my crafts and craft room. from todays blog, I looked back on your earlier organizational posts and came upon exactly what I had been looking for. I too have all 4 boxes of SU ink spots but didn't like how they came packaged. I saw you idea of putting 2 sets into SU background stamp clamshells. I just so happened to have 2 of these empty clambshells so I put all my ink spots in them. This is brilliant and perfect for a number of reasons! Thank you so much for this tip and all of the tips you so generously share.

Erum Tasneem said...

oooh look at your punches!!! *greedy slurp- tongue hanging out!*

Donna Baker said...

hey - that's cool!!

StampinCathy said...

Great ideas and just love your craft room and the falling hearts are so cool.

Maria said...

Wow, Mel. . .your room looks like it's taking shape. That wall is pretty and the soft and inviting colors of what I can see of your craft room is so pretty!

I love your punch storage! I wish I had enough space to spread my stuff around but mines are all stuffed in a drawer! Loving your organization so far!! Show us more!


Cazzy said...

That looks oh so organised, the whole background looks calm and sophisticated. Now mine looks the opposite!

Nancy Jensen said...

I have my punches in a box in a cupboard. Not very organized and I worry about them getting damaged. So my dear hubby is going to make me an custom storage case to mount on my craft room wall. I'll have to take pictures when it's done... which could be awhile. LOL

By the way, I gave you an award on my "little" blog. Come by and see what it is!


Tonniece said...

Love your storage for punches Mel, and of course all the tips and links tp other great ideas.
I don't have a lot of punches as yet so it's not a big problem for me right now. Thank goodness.

Jennifer McGee said...

I love this idea - I don't have that many punches, but they do look very nice on that dresser.

Elena said...

Your room lokks so neat, Mel!
Thank you for sharing this idea! And all the links!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mel, for once again finding interesting and useful sites. You have a great looking craft room - it's nice to know you have a great place to craft.


Anonymous said...

Those darn punches are one of the hardest things to store while still keeping them "visible". I LOVE your solution!

Anonymous said...

Mel !! Thats awesome !! What a fantastic collection of punches and what an innovative idea of storing them. Perfect. Thank you for sharing.