Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preview Peek for LPS & my first challenge & scrapbook project!

This lil' project is a first in 3 ways...

1. my first challenge:

I've never hosted a challenge fun! If you're game, my challenge to you is...Stitch it up! Sew on your card (by hand, by machine or faux sew.) Link it up on the LPS blog here. :O)

I always hand stitch since I'm afraid of my ol' sewin machine (and can barely thread the suckah.) I always worry that my sewing ineptitude will mess up my image. Kimmy, my BFF teases me that I can't make a card without stitching on it. Yup! ;O)

2. the first sneaky preview peek for {Bound by the Heart}

A new Little Paper Shop set {Bound by the Heart} with the most loving & touching sentiments (that are interchangeable too! and perfect for mother's day & father's day) It releases on this coming Tuesday (March 17th)! You can see more previews of it (made by my awesome LPS peeps) by clicking the thumbnails in the side bar --->

and a shout out: please join us in welcoming our new design team friend, the ultra talented Julie Lacey! :O) She has some incredible inspiration on her blog Stamps & Taxes. Welcome to the LPS peeps Julie!

3. my first scrapbook project

The sentiment is perfect for a scrapbook project:

More than a Mom,
more than a friend,

our love has no limit,

our friendship no end.

Describes how I feel about my sweet Mom (and bestest friend.) to a 'T'.

The photo is my lovely Mom (aka Mommymur, Momp, Ladybird, & Lovely Lady.) I drew this wild rose for her (her name is Mary Rose. Pretty name for a pretty Mom!) :O) Love you sweet Lady!

I'm in the photo too; can you find me? (It was taken when she was pregnant with petite moi.) I love how she has curlers in her hair. Reminds me of how she used to put rollers in my hair as a kid, and I love that she has a cup of tea (she always used to tell me growing up that when she was pregnant with me her tummy got so big that she could rest her tea cup on the top.

Some ideas that might interest ya...

The Sentiment Stitchin':

The sentiment is so meaningful and it ties this project together, so I wanted to highlight it in an unusual way. Stitchin' can add all kinds of detail to a sentiment.

To make the sentimet, I did this stuff:

1... embossed the {Bound by the Heart} sentiment on vellum (black Craft ink, clear e.p.)
2... punched it with nestabilities (scallop circles)
3... pierced around the circle (center of each scallop)
4... threaded a strand of embroidery thread
5... knotted in each pierced hole
6... layered on another stitched scallop (Rose Quartz Stardreams cardstock)

the sentiment is also on dimensionals (just on the left half) so that the photo can slide into the pocket...

I'm gonna write a little letter on the back of the photo. It slides down behind the sentiment & the tippy top of the flower to sit in the pocket.

The Pocket:

I love the shimmer on this Paper Temptress Cardstock. It's a purple-pink so it matches easily with either purple/pink. ;o) It's called Rose Quartz from the Stardream cardstock family.

To make the pocket I did this stuff...

1...Cut an angled piece of Rose Quartz Stardreams cardstock
2...Trimmed with vellum & Basic Grey cardstock (cut with Paper Shapers scissors)
3...Pierced & stitched the vellum (it's a handy way to attach it with no glue showing.)
4...Pierced & stitched the rest of the pocket
5...Adhered it to the card with Oh So Sticky Tape

The Wild Rose:

This flower is a doodle I did for my Mommy. heehee ;o)

The flower was made this way...

1...The flowers are printed onto vellum cardstock & embossed. (clear ep on printer ink)
2...Then it's coloured with markers (from CTMH)
3...and detailed with a white souffle pen. (LURVE those pens madly!!!)
4...The center is 3 knots of green embroidery thread.
5...The vellum is glued on with a thin Layer of Tombow monomulti (vanishes nicely)

if you have any trouble please just lemme know

Not sure if this Wild Rose digital image will appeal to any of you, but if you'd like to use it please do! Feel free to use it as you would with any angel policy (making things to sell with it if you like, but please let people know where you found it...) I copyright it, so no one can try selling it; love people sharing things for free.

The Photo:

This was my first scrapbook project so I had loads of fun playin'.

...painting gesso over the printed photo like-dis:

1...Scanned old black & white photo
2...Printed it out on textured cardstock
3...Painted Gesso (thickly on edges & thinly towards center of photo)

After gesso-ing (and drying with a heat gun, since me gots no patience) I pierced & hand stitched around the frame...

You can also tint a printed photo with markers for a fun look (and to make your card all matchie poo too) ;O)

Hope you are having a lovely lovely day!


Cindy Haffner said...

Wow-zers girl, you are the best, I just love your project, over the top gorgeous. Thanks for the fun challenge.

Anonymous said...


Me Myself and I-N-K said...

Mel, this is my most favorite project of all! I love the stitching - it does bring all of the elements together. I just love the softness of the roses against the layout and colors you chose. I also get a laugh every time I read your are hilarious! Thanks for your post on my blog - don't know why the pics aren't coming up now, hhhhmmmm...But you deserve more than just simple compliments, my friend. You are the sweetest!!! BIG CYBER HUG TO YOU ... And thanks again for being so darn creative and sharing this with all of us.

- Alma =)

Sue from Oregon said...

What lovely detail you have put into this wonderful creation...You have so much patience! A wonderful tribute to your Mama!

mudmaven said...

What an absolutely marvelous creation. What a great tribute to you mom! Thanks! ~chris

Debby said...

I don't sew for squat so I will just admire your beautiful creative art. Thanks for the download. I may use it somewhere. But not in sewing! And I don't cook either!

Jessica Diedrich said...

This is BREATHTAKING, Mel! I LOVE it and LOVE the colors! So pretty!

lisa808 said...

You never cease to amaze me! Another fabulous creation.

Margaret McDonald said...

I remember you being there! I waited all night by the phone to hear of your arrival!

Anonymous said...

Well, this is simply amazing! What a beautiful job you've done. Gorgeous stitching and I love that you coloured on the photo! Your Mom is going to love this. Hope she realizes how blessed she is.. how talented you are!
Hope you're feeling super soon!
Beth Greco

Elena said...

Wonderful project, Mel! And what a fun challenge! I love your hand stitching!
Your Mom is beautiful! And her name is so beautiful too!

Maria said...

Wow Mel your scrapbook project is so pretty! What a lovely dedication to your mom and your mom is so beautiful. How funny that her tummy got so big that she could rest her tea on it...

I love your stitching . . you always do such lovely stitching. . handstitched no less. You're amazing.

Thank you for sharing the digi image. I want to draw my own images too . . .but arrrghh, I'm too lazy. I'll wait to draw when my daughter leaves for college. LOL!

I love everything about your project. Thank you for sharing your creativity!


TutorCarol said...

Absolutely adorable !! As the Brits would say 'I'm gobsmacked !' This is utterly an astounding mix of delicate techniques. I want to start one right now. Downloads on vellum, here I come !! Thanks for noting the Tombow glue benefits, too ! I've tried many types - will give this a go!