Wednesday, August 12, 2009

BIG round CD gift box: The Cuttlebug Challenge Blog Music Scene :o)

I was hoping you might like a big round box template.
This one turned into a CD holder:

with some bead feet:

(not sure why I get such a kick outta those bead feet, LoL)

1...Cuttlebug Challenge blog "Be Inspired Wednesday"
2...BIG round box template to build the main box
4...adding two CD pockets to the box
4...embellishing it



I've been trying to figure out how to make nice big box templates to share with you, but within the limitations of the standard 8.5 x 11 inch format, so it's easily printable. Here's my first kick at the can...

This template makes a big round box
(with semi circle that has a diameter of 5 -1/2 inches):

It's a traceable template (that you flip to trace the other side of) Hopefully this method is a feasible way to get bang for the small format.

I'd love to know if you like the tracing method or not.

Images: Miss Anya stamp by The Greeting Farm
Digi City image
Paper: Whitewash Coredinations cardstock (to print the digi),Watercolour paper
Ink: Printer ink & Black Pigment ink with clear Embossing powder
Colour: Sakura Souffle pens, Copic & Water-based markers
Template for the round box
Tools: Provocraft embossing folders: Script Texture & Textile Texture.
Scissors, Paper piercer, & needle
Embellishments: seed beads (edging) & microbeads (purse) Crystal lacquer (boots) Green embroidery thread (grass), Green beads (feet for the box)

Step 1) Make the box: A) Print & cut out the Big round box template. B) Lay it on 12x12 cardstock diagonally so it will fit. C) Trace it once, then flip it to add the other circle D) Cut & score the box.

Step 2) Make CD pockets: A) Trace the circle on the template twice to make round pockets to hold CDs B) Cut them out & punch a circle in the top C) Attach them to the inside front & back of the box. (I stitched them on for strength)

Step 3) Print the digi city image & colour it: A) Print the digi image on Whitewash cardstock by Coredinations B) Quickly emboss it in clear. C) Colour it in with markers & Sakura Souffle pens (coloured Souffle pens on the scenery & white Souffle pen on the windows)

Step 4) Create the sky & grass (and Miss Anya): A) Trace & cut another circle to make a sky-to emboss & paint with colour. B) Make grass by adhering embroidery thread bits to the back of an embossed circle. C) Stamp, colour & embellish Miss Anya.

...then assemble & add the CDs in the pockets

-3- the main box

Step 1) Make the box

A) Print the template & cut it out
B) Place it on watercolour paper or 12x12 cardstock (diagonally so it will fit)
C) Trace the full template
D) Flip the template, line it up & trace the second circle side to complete it

It will end up looking like this:


...add CD pockets to the box

Step 1)
Trace the template to make a semi-circle for CD pockets...

Step 2) Cut it out

Step 3) Punch a circle out of the top to make it easy to slide the CD in or out

Step 4) Trace that template to make a second pocket

To attach the pockets, I chose a few stitches
(glue wasn't a great hold with the CDs in there).

Step 5) Lay the pocket over the box & piece a few holes on each side. Repeat for the 2nd pocket too

Step 6) If you like, you can paint acrylic paint on there to make it really strong

Step 7) Stitch the pockets on. Turns out, when you assemble the box, the tabs will hide knots or adhesive and you'll never know they were there:

We papercrafters can be very sneaky, no?


...embellishing (make a scene) ;o)

i live in Doodleville ;o)

Step 1) Build your own city:

A) Print digital city onto Coredinations Whitewash. It lets you can emboss the printer ink, right out of your printer. :o)
B) Trace the box template circle around it & cut it out
C) Wash on grass with Copic & blender

Step 2) Make a colourful sky:

A) Trace a circle for the sky (I used watercolour paper)
B) Emboss it (this is the Textile Texture Provocraft embossing folder)
C) Give it a wash of colour (this is a mix of water-based pink & copic markers: Frost Blue B00 & New Leaf YG23. To get a Copic wash I markered on the colours & then added Colourless blender straight from the refill bottle-I know, I'm just nutso.) ;o)

Stitch seed beads around the sky, if you like, and adhere it to the round box

Step 3) Paint the town red (or pink) or whatever hue you choose.

Step 4) Add colour with Souffle pen. (Love how these Sakura pens have a flouresent quality that markers just won't give you.)

Step 5) Colour the windows (I used a white souffle pen. It takes a little while to dry, but it's so much more even writing & smoother than my other white pens & it has a nice subtle but durable shine-resists Copic markers even!)

Step 6) Cut a grassy hill, add a copic wash (same way as above) & emboss it. This is Provocraft's Script Texture embossing folder.

Step 7) Add embroidery floss grass to the hill

For some ideas for cutting the grass,
please see this post:

Miss Anya:

Step 1) Stamp Miss Anya & give her a hair cut. I just cut off the bottoms of her braids. (She's embossed on patterned gesso cardstock here since I can't get enough of that stuff.) ;o)

Step 2) Colour & cut her out

Step 3)
Add a few embellishments: She's coloured with Copic markers, her boots are lacquered in Crystal lacquer (pink pattent leather boots. I need a pair!) Her purse is beaded with microbeads and she has seed bead baubles in her hair.

Finally, stick it all together & put the CDs in the pockets:

(You could also put DVDs in there...
or photographs-or whatever-on disk...
or hide money or giftcards or love notes teeheehee) :o)

Hope you have the most colourful day!

Prefer the city at night?


Michelle Pearson said...

wow mel, you never cease to amaze me! Lovely detail....awesome project! :)

Dawn♥ said...

First an farmost I so have to create one of these. Totally amazing project Mel. Thank you for sharing. Lovely job! Ok I'm just totally speechless! LOL!

Jessica Diedrich said...

Well, you know my dear as VP of Club Anya having JUST moved to "Music City" USA I just might have to make this!!! This is amazing!

Crafting Queen said...

Stunning project and thank you so much for sharing your template and the how to. Anesha

Kendra said...

Mel, you ROCK! I love all your ideas and wonderful creations... just amazing :)

Kim said...

You are so incredible! The design, the coloring, the.... well everything is phenominal! And you are so generous sharing your talent, amazing project!

Vina said...

Oh Mel..this is beautiful! I love the happy colors and circle box. I can't wait to try it! Thank you for sharing your template & detailed instructions! Enjoy your day!

csroyal said...

Mel, this is amazing!

Sue Stampin Daly said...

You are just so amazing!!

Karen said...

Super fun and super cute Mel! I love it. I would love to make one of these gift boxes!!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness Mel you have floored me again with your creation love everything about this the fringe sewing, Anya and the buildings hope you are feeling better?
You just rocked this GF

Unknown said...

Mel, you rock my crafty world!!! This is so stinkin' awesome! And you are so wonderful to share you templates with all us less spacially gifted folks!

(-: Heidi

funny said...

Fantastic! What a great idea - it's soooo amazing!

Greetings from germany


Lana Clarke said...

Wow I have added you to my 'inspirational' list... Your stuff is awesome and you are so kind sharing your templates.
Thank you for the wonderful tutorial I will definitely be giving this a go
Lana x

June Houck said...

My jaw is on the floor astound me every single week!

You cracked me up re: bad feet :)

Anonymous said...

hi,made me feel guilty u big kid u
what does ccb represent?love lady

Anonymous said...

Your are urberly talented..I love this I really must have a go now!!!TFSyour beauitufl creation..I love itxxx said...

Awesome Mel...a great project to do with or for older kids.
Many thanks...Roz

Elena said...

Absolutely amazing, Mel! Love your idea! Thank you so much for sharing the template!

Sue Denning said...

Boy, this chick dresses better than anyone else I know.

Thanks again Mel for sharing your wonderful creations. Always so inspired after reading your posts.

When I want to flip/mirror an image, I scan original template into Microsoft Word and then click and copy image. Then I flip or rotate image to get end result before saving template as PDF. (If that makes sense).


Diane Davies said...

WOWZER! Another fabulous project.

I know you don't have the time to acknowledge blog awards and that's ok. You must get them on a daily basis. But I did leave one on my blog for you because you are one of my favorites! : )

Hanneke van der Linde said...

Amazing work!

Tatanky said...

Hi Mel ! I've been visiting your blog for several weeks now and I think is time to leave a comment to THANK YOU for all your wonderful works and inspiration. I just love your blog.

Michelle said...

mel this is a wonderful tutorial and project...

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi Diane, I tried to go to your blog to visit & say thank you for the award, but your blogger profile is not available. Not sure if you'll come back here, but if you do: Thank You so much! First for the very thoughtful award and secondly for your sweet understanding too! :o) XOX mel

Anonymous said...

OMG! This is stunning and your tutorial is wonderful... I am going to have to try one of this...HUGS...SK :)

Claire Phillips said...

I'd love to move to Doodleville with you - wonderful project!

Kim Etherington said...

I love love love all the bright pretty colours on this project. What detail and great workmanship! You are too amazing!

Anonymous said...

Awesome project, Mel! Wow! I love your idea with new use of digi-images! Thank you for sharing tutorial, templates and your wonderful inspiration! more templates easy to download

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.