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Angel's Landing Purse Box

Been a while since the last LONG tutorial on here for you gals & guys. This one will wear you out! LOL. ;o) Since a few of you mentioned you'd like to use this strange lil' purse box template I thought I'd do the pictorial. I was SO thrilled that you were interested! It's actually a fairly big gift box when completed & it holds A2 sized cards & envelopes:

Pierced Backgrounds & Simply Flowers Purse (card box) melstampz

I'm trying to get a start on Christmas gifts with this purse box & A2 cards. It's embellished with Angel's Landing digital sets! Simply Flowers (for the homemade 3D flowers & leaves & the Pierced Backgrounds set (as a speedy piercing template for the decorative stitching.)

Here's the matching card with a large Angel's Landing flower:

Pierced Backgrounds & Simply Flowers (card) melstampz

This digital set has many flower types, but I loved this stunning flower image. Of course, since it's digital you can get a huge variety of flowers--especially since each bloom can be all different sizes (so your projects are all matchy-poo.) ;o) You could even enlarge these flowers to make big shaped card templates, if you were so inclined.

clickable photos of these thingers (for enlarged views) and...

1...creating the 3D flowers & leaves
2...the stitching template
3...building the purse box stuff (A new ledger paper image)
5...the template for the purse box

Please click these pictures, if you'd like bigger views of the details
of the card & two boxes (front, side, inside...blah blah blah)

The papers etc. are all from the GCD collection Paris Nights
& the dotted sticker is from GCD Shades of Black stickers


...create the 3D flowers & leaves
(Simply Flowers digital set)

Angel's Landing Simply Flowers CARD DETAIL mel stampz

The flowers & leaves were speedy to print: I just pasted a whole bunch of them in a file for quick printing & paper saving. I printed that same file at 80 percent for the smaller versions. (So fast!) I just may have to make a whole bunch of flowers as card candy & fridge magnets to give to family & friends!

flower directions mel stampz (2)

Step 1)
A) Print ledger paper & paint with gesso wash.
B) Print Angel's Landing 'Simply Flowers bloom (the smaller series of 5 was printed at 80% in Photoshop--The large one for the card was printed at 100%)
C) Emboss the wet ink jet printer ink with clear embossing powder & heat gun it to melt.

Step 2) Shade the petals (towards the middle of the flower) with grey Copic markers & Prismacolour pencil--or your favourite colouring medium--though if you are using gesso you may want to experiment with what has staying power.)

Step 3) Colour the flower center black. (I used a Copic since it's a rich deep black & it stays put on the gesso.)

Step 4) Cut out a black shadow for underneath the flowers (just black cardstock roughly cut to bigger than the flower itself.)

Step 5) Repeat the process for the leaves. Also from Angel's Landing 'Simply Flowers' set.

Click this thumbnail to
see a BIG version:

Since I never know when to stop messing about,
I pierced the flowers & added embroidery thread knots:

...and black gems too:

Angel's Landing Simply Flowers close DETAIL mel stampz


...use the Pierced Backgrounds as a
stitching template (hand sewing/faux)

  • the Pierced Backgrounds set
  • paper piercer or needle
  • for hand stitching: needle & thread
  • or for faux sewing: a marker/glaze pen...

A) Print the Pierced Background (enlarge it if you like to suit your project)

B) Lay the background over your project (Anchor it with pins to keep it in place while you pierce--I use 2 pins & work on a fun foam mat--made with 4 layers of fun foam.)

C) Test your positioning: I find it helps a lot to check out the two holes where you have your anchor pins to judge if you have the patterned lined up the way you want it. :o)

D) Pierce it (goes so quickly!)

F) Hand stitch or faux sew the pattern.

G) Colour the pattern in, if you like......and then add the flowers on the top.


build the purse box

I had fun with lots of layers on this, but
you could simplify/alter these directions however you like-of course

It is just...
  • a rectangular box (and 2 side pieces)
  • with 2 shaped pieces for the front and back
  • a curvy label like piece for the purse flap
  • & the fastest handle from the GCD Paris Night Collection!

Step 1} Print & cut out the templates: the rectangle box base, the curvy footed piece (to trace for the front & back), & the purse flap piece.

There are two exact pieces for the front & back in case you want to save a step or two & print them directly on cardstock then cut 'em out (instead of tracing the one purse shape)....but then you may very well find the feet need some extra cardstock to make them strong. :0)

For the flowered Angel's Landing purse I used this scallop template to make the scalloped edge of the purse flap instead:

Please click the photo for the JPG:

click here if you prefer PDF

(The box templates are all linked below)

Step 2} Trace the purse shapes onto the Paris Night Collection paper & cut them out.

Step 3} Adhere the shapes to black cardstock to strengthen for the crazy purse feet. I love 100 lb or more for sturdy feet (these have high arches, ynuk ynuk!) ;o)

Step 4} Cut the purse pieces out of the black cardstock (it will have a fuzzy velvet paper side & a black cardstock side now)

Step 5} Adhere the black cardstock side to the text patterned paper (also from Paris Night--you can only see the back of the text DP here which is a lovely low-contrast black-grey damask.)

Step 6} Cut 'em again

Step 7} Trace the box template & cut it out (I used black cardstock then lined it with more perty text paper.)

Make 4 side pieces each measuring a hair over 2-1/2" x 3 1/8" (Two to match the lining & two to match the outside velvety-ness.)

Step 8} Make the handle by gluing a thin Paris Nights scallop die cut piece onto a thick one.

Step 9} Adhere the handle in between the side pieces.

Step 10} Stick the front & back onto the rectangular box (so that it sits up behind the full part & the feet show blank space between them.)

Step 11} Trace & cut the purse flap. Bead it & stitch it.

Step 12} Adhere the flap to black cardstock, trim around it to frame it (and to hide the stitches.)

Step 13} Make a decorative label (this uses CGD Shades of Black stickers, more Paris Nights die cuts (2 scallop circles back to back), with a dollar store fancy metal frame piece adhered to them, & some swarovski crystals stuck on that.)

Step 14}
Affix the fancy label embellishment on the box....

or as in the case of this box's country cousin....
flowers & the stitched scallloped ledger paper panel:


The ledger paper used for the purse flap & flowers & leaves
(with nice small script & blue pen):

script ledger JPG available here
Script ledger PDF available here


Rectangular Box Base:
(measures 4.5 inches wide &
fits standard A2 cards & envelope)

Cut these size rectangles for the side pieces on the rectangular box:

4 side pieces each measuring a hair over 2-1/2" x 3 1/8"
(Two to match the inside lining & two to match the outside.)
(for a visual, please refer to the photo in Step 7 up above)

Purse Shape & Flap:
(fits on the rectangular box base above)

PDFs are also available, here:

Box Base (no score lines)
Box Base (score guide)

Purse Flap
Purse Shapes

Thank You so much for stopping in.
If You try this template, I'd love to see your work!


Suzzi said...

1st. Awesome!!!
2nd. I appreciate the time you put in just to give instruction.
3rd. Inspirational!
4th. Love the directions.
5th. I see we keep the same hours.
6th. Appreciate it! (I know I am repeated this.) but wanted you to know I do and hope you know that your effort is worth it. Maybe I will put more of my projects up because of this.

Karen W said...

Wow, these are just amazing. Beautiful job on all of them and what a ton of work.

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Wonderful artwork.

Anonymous said...

WOW is the only appropriate response here! You're creations always leave my jaw hangin' low! It's gorgeous and I can't believe you're working on Christmas already. Good for you!! I've starting thinking but haven't got past that yet! T so very much FS!!
Beth Greco

Dawn said... are AMAZING!!!
Awesome, awesome project.
TFS kiddo...hugs

Judi M said...

Mel, this is gorgeous. You pay attention to the smallest details, and your pattern combinations are awesome.

You have the unique combination of artistic talent and the ability to explain your steps in clear and interesting ways. It has been a marvelous experience for me to work with you as a Guest Designer this month, and I wish you all the best in your future design career. I have a feeling we'll be seeing phenomenal things from you for years to come.

Unknown said...

This is just totally amazing! And what fabulous instructions!!!

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All I can say is wow, wow, wow. This is absolutely stunning. You make such nice and easy things. Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a great day
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Absolutely stunning! I just love all the details you use on your projects and your instructions couldn't be any easier to follow. Your blog is on of my favorites to visit!

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This is so elegant with an antique look to it with the papers used but also a modern look to it as well. I just lurv it. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

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Along with everyone else, my jaw is hanging. This is an amazing project, so glad I stumbled onyour blog. I have a question. You said do a gesso wash on your paper, then you print the digital stamp after you did the gesso wash? Didn't this mess your printer up? Can you explain how you do a gesso wash!!!!!!

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I'm doing the happy dance!! Yah, Mel does it again. She rocks my world! You're the best ;)

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Thanks for the amazing tutorial. As always awe inspiring.. I've completed mine and loved every minute of this project, I just did the purse though. If you feel like seeing it you can go here

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Wishing you abundant blessings,

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These are just gorgeous!

Crafty-liz said...

I just wanted to say how much I love your ideas, your blog and everything you share with us. This purse is just soooooo amazing. I am looking forward to making it. You are an inspiration to me and I am sure thousands of other ladies.
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These are absolutely amazing!!! They're so gorgeous and your instructions are great.
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ButterflyEars said...

Thanks so much for the recipe for this adorable purse.
Great directions.
I will give this a try.
Fabulous work.

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You always make the best projects- Wow this is so cool- and thank you for the template and the ledger sheets. Love this project!!! Thank You!

Keely Livings said...

I LOVE this fabulous template! I created a purse box and card on my blog.

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I love the shape of this bag, I'm going to try reducing the size to make them fit gift cards for birthdays and Christmas.Thank you so much for the clear instructions and the time that you have spent.

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OMGoodness this little purse is gorgeous!! I would LOVE to have this template to make. Is this template still available? I have tried over and over to download the PDFs...but have been very unsuccessful and disappointed. Could you send a direct link to the pdf files please or has this possibly been made into an SVG yet? That would be even better. My email is kmsscrap@yahoo,com. Thank you so much!!