Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Angel's Landing tutorial & a new(?) square punch scallop edge

Here's that tutorial for the Angel's Landing card posted this morn'
Hope you enjoyed the hop & Thanks so much for checking this out!

Step 1) Cut a circle of cardstock & cover it with patterned paper:

(this circle is 4 3/4 inches in diameter to fit a 5 1/2 inch card)

Step 2) Make a stitched butterfly trail:

2A) Use the Angel's Landing "flight-trail-left" (from the new Button Bugs set) as a piercing template by:

--printing it at 120% on copy paper.
--laying it over the circle and piercing through into your image.
--Then, stitching with needle & thread or faux stitches.

(I added the flower on my image as an anchor for where I wanted the trail, since my paper pieces are in panels & I wanted them to run diagonally...)

Pierce & stitch around the outside of the circle. (I used thread that matched the Kraft background.)

Step 3) Print different sizes of the Simply Flowers (also from Angel's Landing).

This paper (from GCD Studios Paris Nights collection is one of three kinds of cardstocks on this card that lets you emboss from the printer.) I printed the flowers in gray--in hopes that the butterfly would stand out more--and quickly sprinkled clear embossing powder on (as soon as the paper came out of my printer, then heat set the embossing powder & cut the flowers out.)

Step 4) Print the angel's Landing Butterfly--at 120% (He's in the Button Bugs set too.)

He's printed here on Smoothie lustre cardstock from Paper Temptress--which also lets you emboss straight out of the printer (I used embossing powder with some glitter mixed in this time, so this fellow would have some shine.)

Step 5) Print the angel's Landing Butterfly a second time--smaller: at 100% this time--on vellum cardstock (which--you guessed it--also lets you emboss from your printer.) Cut off the antennae for this layer.

Step 6) To make super inexpensive buttons & baubles, I adhered clear embellishments to catalogue paper. (Cosmo Cricket Summer '09 cattie--which I'm addicted to cutting up!) They're stuck on with Crystal Lacquer & the holes are repierced with a paper piercer so I could sew them on the flowers & glue them to the butterfly:

Step 7) Add crystals on his antennae & Layer the butterflies--adding the baubles & button. (The smaller bauble pieces on him are dew drops.)

Step 8) Glue your button butterfly to the card. :o)

Step 9) Add button centers (with thread stitched on) to the zinnias.

Square punch scallop edge

Hopefully, this is a new way to use your scallop square punch to save you some
money & give you a fancy schmancy edge...

(I used it here on the circle, but of course it would work on other shapes or card edges too)

Step 1) Punch some scallop squares & cut them into quarters (no need to cut perfectly but around the middle...)

Step 2) A little cheat for easy-peasy spacing: adhering a flower or some other design element that will cover one edge of your shape lets you sneak & space them quickly, the little gap you might end up with at the end is hidden by the flower (or other doohickey)

Step 3) Adhere the quartered scallop square pieces onto the back of the circle (or other shape) spacing them evenly. I like Tombow Monomulti (partly set up or dried) since it lets you move the shapes around to get them even, yet still holds nicely.

Step 4) Here's the look you get with the plain squares. Kind of an unusual scallop?

Step 5) You can adhere gems or other bits & bobs. I wanted to punch some holes for an eyelet look, but something that lurks in my craft room must have ate my hole punch, LOL. ;o)

And that's it...

(P.S. The sentiment "You made my day" is from the
LPS acrylic stamp set Butterflies & Blossoms
It's curved & stamped on vellum.)

Thank You ever so much for fluttering by,


slinkycat said...

I LOVE EVERYTHING about this card! That background is so clever and you would never guess how you have done it! Thanks for sharing the tip :)

Leanne x

Dawn said...

you are just too AMAZINGLY AWESOME for I won't type any... nope, not a one... nosiree!


Patzee said...

Wow! I LOVE the tip about using the scallop square punch to make a scallop around a circle. Brilliant!!

Unknown said...

your talent just amazes me ;)

li-marie said...

As creative as ever Mel - you never fail to inspire me. I get all excited when I get the email saying you've posted something new on your blog. Can't wait to see what you come up with for Xmas this year. Last year I made my son the Trekking the Winter Neighbourhood slider card (your instructions were really clear and easy) which he loved, so thanks for that.

So glad you are feeling better.


Ann said...

Brilliant - a really clever card! So original.... I love it!

mustangkayla said...

What a beautiful card!

kksb said...

You are "sew" incredibly clever. The first thing my eyes focused on were the "faux buttons". I am so glad you explained your technique. Are these clever ideas funneled into your brain by some unknown being while you sleep? However or wherever you get them, thanks for sharing!

Lora said...

Another great card Mel and as always your instrutions on how to make all the elements are very clear and easy to understand (I really need easy instructions lol).
Love the iea with the scallop square punch. I don't have a square one yet but it will now be on my wishlist ;)
Lora x

Maryellen Webber said...

Hi Mel! I love this card and want to thank you for the tip about the
scallop square edge trick. Clever!!
Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Tutorials search engine today (look for timestamp: 18 Nov [LA 04:56pm, NY 07:56pm] - 19 Nov [UK 12:56am, OZ 11:56am] ).

jamie said...

that is just so cute! i love it! so is it just your printer ink or something special that the embossing powder sticks too?

Betty Benton said...

What a neat way to use the square scallop punch! Thanks for sharing -- also love your button trick!

Candy said...

Hiya Mel,
It has been quite a while since I have commented - life keeps getting in the way! However I never MISS your work! I have learned SO MUCH from you. Today is no exception. Love how you have used the square scallop punch and I love your homemade buttons - but am a little confused? What clear embellies besides baubbles? How come your printer stays wet so you can emboss? I know I know too many questions!! You make my head spin with all of your ideas LOL
Big Hugs, Candy

Judi M said...

Your attention to detail is amazing, Mel. Those step-by-step photos make me feel like I'm watching over your shoulder while you create this (wishful thinking). Thanks so much for taking the time to explain everything. Gorgeous job.

Meda said...

Girl, you rawk! Your tutorials are excellent! Have you thought of writing a book? Well, you should.
And thanks for telling us you are cutting your Cosmo catty. I have been thinking of that ever since I got mine, but I thought it was too pretty to cut up. Now I have more courage to do it. Thanks.

Lana Clarke said...

Wow your work is always so crisp and clean and amazing!
Lana x

WickedPixie said...

Your card is so pretty and so full of clever details! I love the adorable BUTTON BUTTERFLY! :-)Traci

Maria said...

Hey Mel! Who needs punches when you can cup with your own design! You always come up with awesome stuff. I'm sure you save a lot of money just coming up with your own stuff. I really should stop buying so many stuff and just make things fron scratch. Unfortunately, I'm seriously lazy sometimes! LOL! Hey love what you did with those buttons! Very pretty! Awesome job on you AL card!!!


Unknown said...

WOW beautiful =)

Bird said...

Oh Mel,

You are so clever! You never cease to amaze me with your ideas.

Bird :)