Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby Bump MFT--3x3 Box (pictorial)

Sorry gang, Mr. Migraine is back with a vengeance. :O( I'm hoping it'll be gone for the ol' birthday tomorrow, though. :O) I should have a post for then. Miss You!

Hi Gals n Guys,

Boy, have I missed you!!! I was out with a doozy of a migraine. It's mostly gone now. I think it was from a solvent that leaked in our cleaning supplies (WD40 lost it's lid in the move & was spraying out on things under the sink.) Stupido, but kind of funny now that the migraine is passing. LOL.

Today, the first of the 3x3 box tutorials.
Hope you like it! :O)

...make a decorated MFT 3x3 gift box:

This uses the MFT template Collection for a 3x3 box
(with a lid
) which comes with 10 templates in total:
Box bottom, Box Lid, Bottom & Lid Liners, Lid Panels,
Box bottom Inserts (gift card holder & divider),
and 3x3 Envelopes with their own liners as well.


...make the box & lid:

Step 1)
Print the 2 MFT 3x3 templates (bottom & top) on cardstock.

Step 2) Score the box bottom & top templates-- (score along the dotted line.)

Step 3) Roughly cut the templates (This is optional but it makes for easier and neater cuts) If you like, you can mark the top and bottom before cutting for reference when assembling the liner. (The liner will cover the marks later.)

Step 4) Finish finely cutting around the bottom & top templates. Then, cut the tabs (I like to cut the black printer ink off of them.)

Step 5) Crease the folds.

Step 6) Assemble the box bottom and top, adhering the tabs on the inside:

6A) Flip the box over so that the dotted template lines are facing down.

6B) Add adhesive to the 4 smallest tabs in the corners (marked A,B,C, and D here.)

6C) Adhere the larger tabs to the smaller tabs that you've put the adhesive on (with the smaller tabs on the inside. (Align the corners so they are nice & flush)

Optional finishing detail:

Before assembling the box, you can add cut outs
by marking center & punching out half of a circle (or another shape.) The side that has no tab cuts in it, seems to be the easiest to punch through (it means punching through one layer only.)


...line the box bottom & lid:

Step 1) Print two of your favourite digital papers (or used patterned paper.) For these liners, I printed the MFT Summer Collection digital paper patterns on some white paper that was on the thin side (text weight)

Step 2) Print the two liner templates on the back of the patterned papers. (There are 2 liners included with the template (one that fits just so for each liner: box top & box bottom.)

Step 3)
Score along the dotted lines & cut along the solid lines--in whichever order you prefer.

I like to score first since I use a ruler & a paper piercing tool for ultra fine score lines.

Step 4) Cut the liners & Crease along the folds.

Step 5) Dry fit the liner & adhere it.

5A) Put the 2 liners in the top & bottom (with no adhesive on them yet) to see if they need any trimming or turning around, inside the box, to be a perfect fit.

5B) Adhere the 2 liners to the inside of the box bottom & lid.


...use the panels template to
decorate the lid:

Besides giving a weight to the lid that feels lovely, the panels
let you decorate the lid in all kinds of ways--
more easily & neatly than trying to decorate the lid itself:
  • Stamp a pattern or image(s) with perfection on all 5 panels (or different patterns on each panel for a funky look.)
  • Use your favorite patterned papers--or a variety of 5 (great for using up scraps.)
  • Add a secure ribbon tie quickly, with no end showing.
  • Emboss with a Cuttlebug, Big Shot, or other pressure embossing machine (or by hand.)
  • Sew or faux stitch or add beads/brads/eyelets with no mess on the inside of the box at all.
  • Use techniques (like vellum or acetate techniques) that might warp the lid, but look great on little panels.
  • Make a faux-window or framed look easily by using punches or die cuts.
  • Add fabric or felt (just print the panels, glue the felt/fabric on, cut them & adhere.)

Step 1) Print the template for the panels on cardstock.

Step 2) Cut along all the solid lines to create 5 panels. (Add a little pencil mark to tell you which is the backside, if you like.)

Step 3) Emboss the panels in a Cuttlebug folder (or decorate however you like best)

Step 4) Add colour if you like (I left these panels white.)

Step 5) Add embellishments, if you like. These panels have a line of flowers at the bottom of the four side panels:

(They're stitched on with beads)

Step 6) Adhere the panels to the box sides & top.


add the Baby Bump image to the top panel:
(paper piecing with MFT digital papers)

This particular sample uses the My Favorite Things Baby Bump stamp set, but the box fits almost all MFT stamps. This uses MFT digital papers (Summer & Spring Collection) to paper piece the shopping bags. An old map & pages from a book were used for the rest of the image.

Step 1) Stamp the Baby Bump image on an old book page & cut off the bits under the feet. (These pieces are all stamped in black ink & embossed in clear embossing powder.)

Step 2) Stamp the feet/street section & the dress, to paper piece, and cut them out (These parts of this MFT Baby Bump image are stamped on an old map.)

Step 3) Print the digital paper (MFT Spring collection) & you can also use the Summer collection paper scraps from lining the box. Stamp the bags from Baby Bump on it & cut them out.

Step 4) Adhere the pieces together & colour the image.

Add the image to the box top panel (with ribbon)
The panel hides the ribbon ends easily:

Step 1) Adhere two pieces of ribbon to the back of the box top panel (one long, approximately 10 inches long & one short, approximately 5 inches long.)

Step 2) Bring the long ribbon around to the front & adhere it there.

Step 3) Adhere the Baby Bump image over the ribbon (using dimensional foam tape, if you like.)

Step 4) Tie the two ribbons into a basic single/double knot.

Step 5) Tie a bow & add a button. (If you like to sew your buttons on, using the panel hides the thread ends easily.)

Step 6) Finally, adhere the image panel to the top of the box...

..and there you have it:

Hope you're all enjoying the most beautiful day!

P.S. Here's a quick link to the 3x3 template in the MFT shop, in case you might like to try one out. :o)


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [12 Apr 02:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Kimberley said...

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing, your work is amazing!

Suzi said...

Adorable as always! I've got to get to Goodwill and pick up some neat old books! Hope you are feeling better and better! Migraines are the pits! But an older friend told me she never got another one after menopause, and that happened to me, too! There are some benefits to getting old! :o)

Dawn said...

darling! love the flowers!!

sorry bout the bad M-monster!!

Anonymous said...

You are one talented Chickie! Love it.

C said...

I've never had a migraine but I know folks who thankful to hear you're feeling better.

Great project!!

dee1219 said...

Hey Mel!! I LOVE your blog, just love it! I visit it almost everyday:) I am glad your migrane is better!! Stay away from that WD-40, it is terrible! It is good to have you back. Take care:)

Becky said...

This is fabulous as always..

Gabriele said...

Hi Mel,
I am quite sure that you know what comes now... *gg*:
BEAUTIFUL! Like all your works... I love this stamp... and the flowers on the box! thanks so much for the tutorial!
I have, however, one question. It would be great if you could help me in this, but please: take your time for that...
Could you tell us the weight of the cardstock for the box template, respectively the weight if you print out digital stamps or backgrounds (for example those texts you sometimes use...)

I am looking for sufficient paper here and it is quite difficult to get proper paper: sometimes I think, the weight is too low and sometimes the paper "shines" a bit.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Deebi27 said...

WOW! Love the tutorial Mel, sooo good! This post is a keeper...again! So glad the migraine is on the way OUT!

Unknown said...

HI! AWESOME BLOG! I am looking for your envie templates that u posted way back in 2008. They are not available anymore...not sure if u moved them or what but I could really use them right now. LMK please..I am saving your blog btw...very very cool stuff!

dining table said...

I am glad that you shared some step by step photos for this project. I like this so much! Amazing!

dining table said...

I am glad that you shared some step by step photos for this project. I like this so much! Amazing!

Sandy O said...

WOW, great tutorial, I could spend all day on your blog!

lastivka said...

amazing project! thank you for sharing and inspiration!

Kathlene said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Mel! (Well it was yesterday, so it's a bit belated). I hope the migraine is a bad memory and you're feeling better by now. My dd suffers from them and all I can do is tell her to quick go take some Excedrin for Migraines. Sometimes it works. This project is just too cute! I may attempt it. My nephew and niece just found out they're expecting. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas and tutorials! Hugs!