Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caardvarks' Coredinations Monochromatic Challenge!

Caardvarks Core-dinations Monochromatic card mel stampz

A little monochromatic Core-dinations fun for the latest Caardvarks challenge...

1...Caardvarks Celebrating Core-dinations Challenge!
2...How to make this monochromatic card (painted Core-dinations etc...)


This is for the

Core-dinations Monochromatic
Challenge here.

The cards the team has made are a droolfest!
Hope you can play along with us!

And for more inspiration you might wanna
have a visit here:


...make this monochrom Core-dinations card:

  • Core-dinations Jenni Bowlin Studio Core Impressions Collection (pre embossed yumminess!)
  • White cardstock
  • White acrylic paint, brayer, sanding block
  • Circular stuff to trace (glue bottle, bowl, & cup), pencil, scissors
  • Paper piercer, thread, needle,
  • Nursery Boy RP 78 paper by the Bottled Image Paper Co.
  • Flowers (felt, cardstock, old book pages, Mod Podge, paint, bugle beads)
  • Fred She Said leaves (Dancing Daisies digital set)
  • Putty Copic marker, silver gel pen, silver marker.

Step 1)
Cut Core-dinations cardstock & Brayer a little white acrylic paint onto it
(this is cut to measure 5.5 inches square.)

A little a lot of rambling about Core-dinations cardstock & paint: Granted, sanding this paper is wonderful (especially with its pre-embossed loveliness) but paint! It really knocked my socks off...

...the pure white colour with no dust...not to mention the way that snazzy waffle Core-dinations texture picked up the paint & looked like fabric. It looked even more fabric-like with a little bit of sanding, distressing, & stitching:

Of course, you could use a different colour of paint or a combination of colours for all kinds of crazy looks: faux verdigris copper with turquoise paint & rusty colours or something would be hot, no? :-D

Step 2) Round the corners. To get a large radius rounded corner with no punch, just trace something round in pencil, cut it out with scissors & erase the pencil line.

(This was a Judikin's diamond glaze bottle, but you could use anything, of course. Why even limit it to circles? You could make your own funky shaped corner "jigs" out of cardstock to trace instead.) :o)

Step 3) Pierce, stitch, & distress the Core-dinations cardstock.

Step 4) To make the folded card & round the corners on it:

A) Fold a piece of cardstock (this one is a piece of cardstock cut to measure 11 inches x 5.5 inches & scored in the middle to make a 5.5" square card)
B) Attach the textured piece with the rounded corners
C) Trim with scissors to cut the excess cardstock off
D) Distress with the edge of the scissors, if you like that look

Step 5) Cut a circular ring frame from more painted coredinations pierce & stitch it with black thread (every other stitch.) Fill in between with faux stitches in black multiliner; then, smooge the stitches with white paint to distress them.

Cheap trick: Tracing circle stuff from around the house is great if you have no circle cutter (or no clue which box it's still packed in. hehehe)

Step 6) Make a scallop-type frame for under the stitched ring
--this one was made by:

A) Drawing a circle as a guide to doodle two curvy bracket shapes
B) Cutting the bracket shapes out to make a paper jig (to trace)
C) Tracing another circle on a piece of white cardstock
D) Laying the "jig" over the circle & tracing the bracket shapes all around it
E) Cutting it out with scissors & erasing the pencil line
F) Filling in the brackets with hand printed "Happy" repeated in pencil
G) Edging it in silver marker (from the dollar store)
H) Roughly cutting out the center (so it won't show under the Core-dinations frame)

Step 6) Cut out some images. (These images are from some paper my supah sweet best friend Kimmy gave me so I'm not sure if it's still available, but it's called: Nursery Boy RP 78 paper by the Bottled Image Paper Co.

Step 7) Adhere the 2 frames to the card.

Step 8) Make some flowers.

( If you'd like to see more on how these flowers were made, please see these 2 tutorials: this one for the Mod Podge book page texture & this one for altering the 5-petal EK Success punch.)

Step 9) Add some flower centers.

These ones are wee homemade felt flowers:

To make some easy peasy cheap-o felt flowers:

A) Glue any old felt to cardstock.
B) Draw or stamp a flower on the back of the cardstock (or you could print digital ones before gluing the felt on, instead.)
C) Cut them out.

(I just doodled circles on the back of my white felt cardstock--to make 5 petals around a center--and cut it out. Pierced a hole in the middle & shaped them with my hands.)

Step 10) Make some leaves. These are Fred She Said leaves (from a Dancing Daisies digital set I bought here.) They were made like this...

A) Printed this silk flower vintage text on white 100lb cardstock
B) Printed the FSS leaves right over it
C) Coloured them with a Putty Copic marker
D) Doodled on the leaf vein lines with silver gel pen
E) Smooged over it all with white paint on my finger tip
F) Shaped them a little with my hands

Step 11) Adhere the Mod Podge & the felt flowers & stitch them on with silver bugle beads. Pierce and stitch the inside of the circular frame.

Step 12) Make a 3D sentiment flag shape:

A) Paint a piece of the Core-dinations with white paint

B) Cut into into 3 pieces: Cut one middle rectangular piece & fold it so it sits like a staple &
Cut two flag-type sides (to look like the ends of ribbon with V's cut in them)

C) Adhere the two flag bits to the back of the folded middle piece
Cut a sentiment from patterned paper (or stamp it) & glue it on

Step 13) Embellish an image. I glued the smaller image onto the larger, pierced around the edge & stitched.

Step 14) Adhere the stitched image inside the frame.

Step 15) Adhere the sentiment flag & pierce it along the sides.

Step 16) Finally, stitch the sentiment on.

...and then you have some monochromatic-ness:

Thanks for taking time to visit;
hope your day is filled with happy!

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Juls said...

such an utterly gorgeous creation! Hugs Juls

Dawn said...

mygoodness...sell this stuff Mel! you'd be a millionaire! it's gorgeousfabulousbeautiful all rolled into one! I loooooooooooooooove what you did the paper! oh my! you are just too dang CLEVER and TALENTED!!!

CreativSpirit said...

Beautiful gorgeous card Mel, absolutely love the monochromatic look.

Anonymous said...

oh my gorsh do you ROCK!!
i just discovered you ~ i know, how can this be?? ~ but WOW are you EVER amazing!!

Lorrinda said...

Here you go again, posting twice in one day! I thought you were going to slow down a bit? I read throught all the comments on the "hermit-stampire" post and there's alot of good advice on there (I'm going to borrow some of that advice too).

Mel, you're amazing! I love your blog, and reading past posts will keep me busy for a month! I love your creativity and your style, your work is truly unique. Sit back and relax once in a while will ya? We need your creative mojo, and if we only get it once or twice a week, it's still more than enough to keep us going!

Cassie said...

That really is gorgeous, Mel! Your work is so amazing!

Axes DesigNs said...

OMY! as always so pretty. I did mine also for the challenge . have you see it? but your's is beautiful!!!!! I love the colors you always use :)

Unknown said...

HI Mel, long time follower second time commentor. I visit every post you write and I am so in love with your style, and love the fact that you love to create unique embellishments from scratch. Thank you so very much for every inspiring post you do and please please please keep posting. Hugs Jodi

Holly Young said...

Gosh Mel. The hardest thing about coming to your blog is trying to come up with new ways to tell you how crazy creative you are! This is just beautiful!

lilscrappers said...

WOW! STUNNING AS USUAL. On another note, a few posts back you said that you loved your CTMH white marker and I sorta went, 'really???' So I dug mine out and started to play, seeing as my all too brilliant, talented, muse thought it was a good thing, surely I should give it a chance....YOU'RE Right, I've had it for a year and never knew what a treasure it was. Lovin' it, playin' with dark cardstock, lots of projects on the go (most which will never see blogland, but had to tell ya, since you inspired me ;-)) White writin' is FUN!!! Chalkboard-y too! TOO FUN, THanks!

Pam said...

Wow, this is positively gorgeous! You have outdone yourself, and now I want to make something monochromatic!
I simply love your work!
Hugs to you,

Emily said...

Wowser Mel! Uber gorgeous!!!! Fabulous tutorial:))) Thanks!!!!

Rufus said...

Ok Mel, you can take the rest of the week off! It's gonna take me at least that long to even begin to try all the ideas that I just got, not to mention of few that you reminded me of! WOW, it must take you forrrreeeever to create one of these masterpieces! Dawn's right you're just to dang CLEVER!

scrappychica said...

wow, I love the monochromatic look! I think my favorite is seeing the flowers with the book text undeneath (not sure how to say it) but it looks awsome.

Carla said...

Scrumptious, simply scrumptious!! I really enjoyed you technique with the Coredinations, wouldn't have thought of the paint..perfection young lady : )

Unknown said...

wow that looks awesome

Crafting Queen said...

Stunning piece, you put so much work into your pieces it's amazing. Anesha :)

Debbie Pamment said...

WOW this is just gorgeous!!!! You have such a fabulous and unique style - LOVE it!

Donna Espiritu said...

wow, this is downright gorgeousness.. thanks so much for your wonderful tut!

Cindy Haffner said...


Unknown said...

This is beautiufl! Love it!

Hobbyaholic said...

So that's how the 3D flag is made..thanks for the explanation. Beautiful card.

ileana said...

Gorgeous! I love the felt flowers sooo much! I´ll use that idea in one of my projects if you don´t mind... I started stitching on my cards also, thanks to you encouragement :-) but I have a technical question: what kind of floss are you using? I think I´m using the wrong one because I get the feeling is too thick, or maybe I´m doing it in the wrong way, do I need to use it single stranded? thanks and have a great day!

Scrapcat 1 said...

what an absolutely stunning card, you amaze me everytime I come to visit.
Take care

CinnamonSally said...

Wow this is a fabulous creation, but I love all your work Mel. I downloaded your sewing images and have had such fun using them. Thank you so much for them and the inspiration. Also thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments you left.

Dotty Jo said...

'Oh' she said, and promptly swooned with delight! Jo x

edithos said...

I love your ideas... you are very creative! Thanks you for your multitudes ideas!

I will try your armoire, but i changed something. If you like to see it, you will see in my blog! :)

Limonchik said...

Wow, what a beautiful and tender card... I just love it!

Anonymous said...

Mel ... I am a newbie (though we did recently exchange an email about incorporating acrylic painting into cards)

I have only just read your post about blogging taking over your life. And now this "mind boggling" extraordinary creation with a long tutorial and a zillion pics. It is a gift for us ... but seems to come at too high a cost.

There is so much value on your site ... I would suggest, if you find yourself so quickly slipping back into over-doing ... which appears to be what is happening ... you plan a "Month in review" Only allow yourself to post once or twice a week and only linking up and commenting on your archives.

Newbies and more experienced alike will benefit from a fresh look back. And you NEED to see what a few weeks of life outside of blogs feels like :)

I wish you the best ... and hope to see less of you ... wishing you more relaxed days and sending you hugs

PepPop said...

What a stunning card and I can't believe the amount of work you have put into it - it must have taken ages to make. WOW Jaqui x

Suzana said...

This is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for the great instructions!

Mari said...

Jeez Mel. This is STUNNING. And, um, weren't you going to be taking it a little easier? Cause *this* is NOT taking it easier! :D

Anonymous said...

I can't think of a bettter way to spend a saturday morning than with a good cup of coffee and checking out your blog!

Anonymous said...

i also tend to make cards and then cant find the right one to send , so am trying to make them more for anyone