Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meet the Loveosaurus (diorama & MFTeasers!)

Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER had so much
silly fun making something (ever)!
For Real. Ever. (!giggle!giggle!giggle!)

At first glance, this might look like a card...
...but looking closer...

MFT Loveosaurus diorama FRONT

(Who is that hiding away inside?)

...You can see that it's really a box...

MFT Loveosaurus diorama 4.5 inch box SIDE

and when you take the lid off, you find....

MFT Loveosaurus diorama INSIDE

MFT's new cute dude: Loveosaurus (and he's on a sea voyage!)

MFT Loveosaurus Diorama mel stampz CLOSE

(to the land of the Wild Things?)

The boat & waves and stuff are all made with a freebie digital
(hybrid) kit to celebrate his extreme stinkin' cuteness...
(and in honour of National Scrapbooking day too!)
Hope you have a great one!

1... New & Nifty: Introducing MFT's Loveosaurus!
2... Party Time (mark your calendar: May 5th)
3... Loveosaurus Diorama box tutorial (in a slideshow)


Ladies & Gentlemen! Boys & Girls!
It is my distinct pleasure to introduce to You,

The Loveosaurus!!!


(You might have already seen him loved up by some MFT friends of mine?)
If not, you can catch the show (links to all the My Favorite Things previews of
this cutie--and a bear too!--here on Kim's Blog
)--at 11:00 AM E.S.T. today.

The sets will all be available here on May 5th.

(Enabler Alert: These stamps tend to sell out quickly, so if you just have to
have this guy asap, you might wanna mark your calendar for May 5th. :o)


(Coming soon May 5th)

There will also be a release party & a blog hop 'n' shop on May 5th;
it's all a riot of fun (a regular circus) ;0) Hope you can join in!


Loveosaurus slide show:

I'll be posting the written tutorial version with links & the digital freebies (for the waves, stage, clouds etc...) this afternoon & there will be more sneak peeks later tonight.. :o)

Thanks for checking this out!
Hope your day is full of fun,

P.S. Many Thanks to Maurice Sendak for the inspiration. He is a long time artistic hero of mine (him & Picasso tie for numero uno) :-) I collect as many of his books as I can afford & have drooled over one day owning volume 2 of his life's work. What an incredible man!


Mari said...

Sheesh Mel, that is too stinkin' CUTE! Love, love, love those waves - and that moon is to die for! :)

Kathlene said...

Awwwww, what a terrific little piece of fun-art. The Loveasaurus is adorable and the wavy world you've created for him is ingenious! Just love it to death! Thanks again for sharing your incredible talent.

Dragonlady said...

OMG Mel this is sooooo fantastic. the waves are super and well it is all brilliant hun.

Hugs Ali x

Dawn said...

One of my favorite books!!! I love your diorama...and LOOK at you, cool slide!!!
You're awesome you know!!!

Dotty Jo said...

Ok Mel now I want you to sing my comment...
'Wild thing... you make my heart SING... you make everything... grooooovy!'
Ok, stop singing now!
Totally knock out, drop dead, jump up and down and shout about it... gorgeous! Jo x

Debbie Pamment said...

Oh this is just waaaayyyyy toooo cute!
Keep well!

Cassie said...

Holy Cow that is awesome! You're amazing, Mel ;D

Barbara said...

There are no words. You've left me speechless, LOL. Girl, this is a fabulous piece of art--over the top cute!

PepPop said...

Wow what incredible work! Applause !!!! Jaqui x

Shelly Schmidt said...

What a fun and creative project! The inside of the box is just to 'die' for! I don't know how you come up with your ideas- but you sure inspire me! I love the added text with....newspaper? Ir stamp? That is such an awesome touch! TFS

Anonymous said...

Seriously, you have blown my mind! Totally creative and totally adorable!

Allison Rankin said...

One super fab creation...I always love what you do with all that typed paper!

Robyn Phelan Sharp said...

cutest thing I have EVER seen stamped.

Sue from Oregon said...

oh goodness..this is outstanding Mel, love the little ship/sail you created for him to play very fun!

Melody said...

So so..... creative girl!! You just amaze me! Love it!

cristinoel said...

This is just toooooo cccuuuuttte! Love the water; love that design you did with the leaves period.

Creative Tara said...

I'm in LOVE with your little shadow box, no wonder you had so much fun with it! This was my first stop at your blog, but you can bet I'll be back :)

Amy Sheffer said...

I'm not sure there are words for how phenomenal this is, Mel. You are sooooo amazing!!