Wednesday, February 23, 2011

C.A.S. Vintage Style Button Card (with circle punch paper buttons)

A while back, the fabulous Graphics Fairy, Karen, shared a gorgeous (and free) vintage button card graphic. I thought it'd be nice to make some fake vintage buttons to go on it as a little all-in-one crafter's gift: a card with removable paper buttons as a little built-in embellishment present.

faux vintage button card by mel stampz with graphics fairy image

[Confession: If my mojo was intact, I'd have made a dozen of these faux buttons to put on the card in 3 rows of 4, but I figured rather than posting nothing at all, I'd simply post a project that was C.A.S. (Clad Almost Scantily or is that Clean And Simple?)] teeheehee ;o)

The buttons are paper buttons made with fairly standard supplies
(hopefully found in the average crafter's stash)...
Gotta love making things that are nearly free, no?

Make a vintage style button card
with removable
faux button embellishments:

(Sorry this is not a pictorial. I've been wiped out lately,
so I just wrote out the steps to make them, in case
you might like to try something similar).

for the card:
-neutral cardstock
-computer & printer
-button card graphic from The Graphics Fairy here
-wax paper
-paper piercer (or a needle/pin)
-needle & thread
-scissors (to round corners & distress)

for the buttons:
-watercolour paper
-5/8" circle punch
-stylus or the rounded end of a pen/paintbrush
-pearlescent paint & paintbrush
-1/4" square punch
-Alene's Tack it Over & Over

To make the card:
(with a bit of wax paper to make the
button embellishments removable)

1) Adjust the colour of the graphic (I added a little more blue tint)

2) Print it on neutral cardstock (this is speckled white) I printed the image out of Photoshop at 25% (Karen shares her images in BIG beautiful sizes for great quality). If you like you can round the corners (using scissors or a punch) and distress the edge of the card. I sanded some of the printer ink off which was fun.

3) Cut a piece of wax paper to fit (just larger than the black outline on the card)

4) To adhere the wax paper without any unsightly adhesive (and add a bit of sewing). Use a machine or stitch by hand: I added hand stitching: pierce along the outline; hold or temporarily tape the wax paper over that piercing and use the holes as guide to pierce it as well. Stitch the wax paper on. (I used black thread).

To make the faux buttons:

1) Take a scrap of watercolour paper & punch several circles out of it with a 5/8" inch circle punch--or whatever size you like.

2) Cut little triangular shaped divots into the outer edge of the circle with scissors. I didn't worry about making them perfect, since irregularity is more shabby chic, right?

3) Shape the circles, so they are concave (or dented-in bowl style, for non-scientific types like me) ;) by impressing them with a stylus or the end of a pen/paintbrush. (I like to use a piece of funfoam or a soft mouse pad underneath them to cushion things & make shaping easier).

4) Paint the shaped circles with shimmery paint (or lumiere, perfect pearls, shimmerz, or spray with glimmer mist or whatnot...)

5) Reshape them a little again (if necessary after getting them wet with the shimmery stuff) & let them dry.

To get an antique-y crackle finish on the buttons:
(and a vintage rhinestone look)

1) Add a layer of distress crackle paint-Rock Candy (which is clear) or a glaze of lacquer glue like Judikin's diamond glaze/crystal effects) if you prefer.

2) Adhere a swarovski crystal gem in the center of the button.

3) Let the buttons dry. While they are still slightly malleable, check to make sure they are still the shape you want them to be.

faux vintage button card by mel stampz  layered punched squares as backs

To give them 'button backs' for dimension:
(and make them removable):

1) Punch some more scraps of watercolour or thicker paper using a small 1/4" square punch (or in whatever size matches your button size). You could use circles instead of squares, if you like, and/or cut them freehand, of course.

2) Glue several together of the backing squares atop one another--until they will make the buttons are the height you like. I used 4 squares layered on each other. (You could use foam dimensional adhesive pieces if you prefer. I ran out of them).

3) Adhere the backs to the back of your rounded buttons & let them dry.

4) To make them repositionable (so they'll come off of the waxpaper panel and be sticky for use): Add a bit of Alene's Tack it Over & Over on the back and let dry in a safe spot until clear. (Once dry Tack it Over & Over will maintain stickiness and they'll be removable from the wax paper). Tombow monomulti is an alternative since it will stay sticky as well, but I find Alene's more affordable and very similarly priced.

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Thanks so much for having a look
Hope you're having a lovely week,

P.S. This is an unsolicited post. :o)

P.P.S. On a more personal note: Charles is healing nicely. Unfortunately, he had a bit of a set-back and the surgeon was quite worried his knee wasn't getting the right range of motion, but he's been working hard at recovery & we think he's doing much better now.

And Miss Mouse thanks you for not laughing at her chubby tummy & she sends you all kitty snuggles (bonus for the poor allergy sufferers: they are fur and dander-free internet snuggles!) ;0)


Jenny Adams said...

These buttons are gorgeous ... and I'm actually feel inspired to make some!!!! Yay!

Becky said...

This is a gorgeous card Mel! fabulous buttons.

Margie said...

Thanks for this Mel - you are so clever. Pleased to hear from you as I know you've had your hands full lately. Hope everything just keeps getting better for you.

PepPop said...

What a gorgeous project. I've seen original button ones backed with magnetic tape to make some lovely shabby chic fridge magnets, think I might make some of my own now :) Thanks for this. Jaqui x

Anonymous said...

HaHa! Clad Almost Scantily! Oh such a clever girl... and I'll be chuckling every time I hear CAS now. Love your buttons!! If you take a look at Nicole Heady's blog, she has a new release of buttons and a button tag right along those lines... Hope you're head ache free or at least manageable and best wishes to Charles as he continues to heal.

Beth Greco

Dawn said...

another Fabulous Mel design.... clever you, removeable buttons! whoda thunk it!!

awww, poor C! hugs to all and Mouse too

g said...

your buttons are so gorgeous & what a cool button card base-so sweet Mel!

Elaine A said...

Mel -

Simply stunning! You are such a clever girl! I love how this turned out, I plan to give these a go. Thank you for sharing.

Elaine Allen

Mari said...

Lovely, Mel! :)

Ms. Jen said...

This is fabulous sweetie. Thanks for posting it!

Holly Young said...

Mel these buttons are so sweet! What a nice gift to make for someone! I had to laugh at your definition of CAS! Glad to hear that Charles's knee is well on the mend too!

Dotty Jo said...

Great idea Mel. Big hugs are coming your way...catch ((((Mel)))) Jo x

Noreen said...

I like your buttons and card! It's nice to see you post once in a while. Glad your hubby is doing better.

Lydia Fiedler said...


LMAO over your scantily clad cards!!

Hugs to the furries!!!

Candy said...

Gorgeous buttons and terrific idea as always, Mel :o)

Sure wish you were feeling better - miss you.

Hugs, Candy

Juls said...

fab tutorial! TFS! Hugs Juls

Miranda said...

Hello Mel, just found your blog through Ikki's, she is a DT fellow member. Love your blog and all those great and lovely ideas! Thanks for inspiring me and will follow you, that's for sure, greetz from Holland, Miranda