Thursday, March 17, 2011

Making Your Own Colour Shimmer Sprays--Links & Info

Info & Links Links for how to
e your own Shimmery sprays:

(These are for you sweet Beth! oxo)

If you are willing to experiment you could use just about anything --even eyeshadow.
There are some BRILLIANT ideas in the comments of the older post (linked above or here). Erum even uses food colouring!)

FRIENDLY WARNINGs: Using alcohol, or other blenders to make your sprays? Please consider reading this info on it. Basically, it is flammable & you should avoid inhalation. Can you just picture me wearing my respirator & saftey goggles? (Seriously though.)

If you are considering putting Ranger Alcohol blending solution into sprays, please do not. Here is a post that warns against it since the blender has a resin that should never be sprayed or it can harm your eyes.

Pearl ex & binders: Pearl ex (unlike perfect pearls) needs a binding agent. You can use hairspray like Katie, glues, or matte medium or gum arabic since it needs a binder. I have read that Lumiere will bind with water and pearlex & some paint.

Most paints should have their own built in binder, so you can simply mix metallic ones with water. Or use any coloured anything and add some shimmery powder or paint to the mix...
  1. A video comparing different store-bought brands by Glitter Girl on Two Peas:

  2. A source for bottles recommended by Darla. Great price, thanks Darla. You ROCK!
  3. Sherrie's custom Copic colour shimmers video-using Copic refill, colourless blender, and perfect pearls (mica powder in any brand should work) (Genius! I may just wear a respirator to use this one headache free. She even has the same bottles as me).
  4. Jennifer McGuire's fantastic video on perfect pearls. The spray using perfect pearls & water is at 3:19 but the painting is cool too.
  5. Andrea's S.U. shimmer mist video using alcohol
  6. CeeCee's video-using perfect pearls (built in binder) OR pearlex & gum arabic Love her index of sample colours shown at 6:50!
  7. DIY Glimmer Mist video by leonora-with paints (acrylic, shimmer paint, & water)
  8. iscraphappy's video using eyeshadow & Lindy's stamp gang mica powders
  9. Arlene's video with Adirondack colourwash
  10. jaynimajaski's video: metallic folkart paint, water, pearlizing medium & glue
  11. Stampwithwendy's S.U. video-using shimmer paint reinker & water
  12. Esther describes how she just uses paint & water. So pretty on embossing!
  13. StampySisters clog-free spray video using Jaccard products: gum Arabic & pearl ex & Adirondak colour
  14. Lindsay's post with her pearl ex & gum arabic recipe
  15. agridulce91's mist with perfect pearls & distress ink refills
  16. Elisabeth's pictorial using Mica powder, glue, & water
  17. Rachel's make your own Glimmer mist video- using paints and/or pearlex & mod podge as a binder.
  18. Stampin Up version in a video by Dawn-(using rubbing alcohol & shimmer paint)
  19. Shimmer Mist video by Christie-using Distress Ink refills & Perfect Pearls & water
  20. Video by tewtami using metallic acrylic paint, pearlex, & water
  21. Savvychic1's video with mod podge & misc paints & water
  22. Thread on SCS talking about glimmer mist
  23. SCS thread on pearl ex

Using that spray:
  1. Lydia (my hero) has a great tutorial here for using smooch spray
  2. Glimmer mist emboss resist video from ShopPaperScissors
  3. Smooch spritz video tutorial by Beate on SCS
  4. Cynthialoowho's spray with alcohol, hairspray, alcohol ink, & mica powders

Alter the store-bought mists:
You can change the colour of your store-bought Glimmer mists--video by Jenny
Add colours to Vanilla Smooch Spray video by Catherine

A review of many different sprays by JadedStudio
A very honest overview of different sprays by crop with Lisa

Happy Misting, Spraying, Smooching...!


Dawn said...

you my dear are awesome for posting ALL of this!!

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Excellent Post! Thank you so much for sharing the safety warnings. I have been wanting to make some of these mists for awhile. Even have some mister bottles, just hadn't gotten around to it yet. Thank goodness I hadn't yet... your list of tutorials and ideas gives me a ton of options. Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! You Rock!! :-)

Beth Greco

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Thanks for the mention, just wish I still had a sample or post to share.

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You did a tremendous amount of research on this and it's very much appreciated by us budget crafters. Thanks you, thank you!

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Thank you so much for posting this information. The purchased sprays are quite expensive for me, but now I have numerous options to try - at much less expense I'm sure. Truly appreciate the time and effort you spent on this. Hugs and blessings from Barb W.

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Mel, you can't see me right now but I'm actually bowing my head in respect! you are absolutely awesome and I can't tell you what an ispiration you've been to me here in faraway Greece. Today I made my first handbag using one of your templates and it was so great up until the moment my 3yr old daughter thought it was her new purse LOL! Next project these flowers... they will look stunning on a canvas I'm working on... if I get them right. Keep up the great work!

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Cassie said...

The first link on awesome bottles comes up empty --- any other source you could give?
casserole14 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

You can get small mister bottles at WalMart for under 99 cents. They even have them in colors.