Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Popcorn Box template set (pretty stamp room storage) :o)

Are you in the mood for a template or two?

I was going to wait until I had really good photos and a full pictorial,
but then I would take forever, never get it all "perfect"
and wouldn't be able to say this to you today....

New templates

The migraine has been rearing its
ugly-jabberwocky head a good deal lately,
but I went "snicker-snack with my vorpal blade
left it dead, and with its head... went galumphing back!"
(English translation of my Lewis Carroll nonsense:
I'm doing stuff anyhow!)


I made these boxes to store ribbon in:

popcorn box craft storage with dollar store crafts blog font by mel stampz

They are held onto a Do It Yourself ribbon rack
with Velcro ribbon loops.

The ribbon rack is secretly an old ikea pot rack
turned up on its side (with every other bar removed).
It sits on the back of my cutting/scoring station (a dresser top).

The boxes are lined inside with a vine pattern (my fave):

popcorn box craft storage with dollar store crafts blog font by mel stampz (LINER)

The black bits at the top are pieces of
black cardstock trim to finish the box off.

  • You could store anything your heart desires in these, of course
  • Use an edge punch to decorate the top edge
  • Make 7 boxes in a rainbow of colours lined up in your craft room
  • Cut a window in them & put acetate in it so you can see what's in them (print the panel at a reduced size & trace it on the front)
  • Make one with a handle as an Easter basket

Heather, of Dollar Store Crafts fame, kindly
gave me permission to share the templates that use her free
stencil number fonts from this great decorative tin project.

A big thanks, Heather!


So I was wondering
Do you prefer JPEG, PNG, or PDF?
Is the Flicker with links to Acrobat PDFs
working okay?
Would you like me to add JPEGs like I have below?

I'd love to know what you prefer,
so I can know which template formats to upload. :o)


PDF formats
(my fave for templates):

To get the pieces to print at the same size (for a proper fit when you assemble them) I like to print the PDFs.

The PDF versions are all linked on the Flickr pages:

1) Just click the image for whichever file you like (below) and it will take you to flickr.
2) There are links to the PDFs on Acrobat.com on each page in the descriptions.
3) Then simply click the green download button at the top left of each Acrobat page

JPG format files:
(save from Flickr)

How to save the JPEGs from flickr:

1) Click on the image below to go to flickr
2) Then Right click on the image in flickr & a box should open
3) Beside "View all sizes:" select original
4) Right click and select "save image as"
(or if your browser is explorer it will say "save picture as")

You can see the whole
Popcorn Box set
on Flickr here (asJPGs).

or click these photos to go
to each page on Flickr

Plain Popcorn Box:
(with score lines for those who prefer them)

(with Vine pattern)

(plain Ready to fill with pattern)

(plain Ready to fill with pattern
Lines at bottom to save ink)

Panels (for pressure embossing or stamping etc)

Trim (as a detail for the box top)

JPEG format files:

How to save these JPEGs:

1) Click on the small images below
(it should open the full image in your browser)
2) Then right click with your mouse
3) chose the option "save image as"

No. 1-3:
Again, font (used with permission)
thanks to dollar store Crafts blog, here.

Plain Popcorn boxes
1 with scorelines & 1 ready to fill with pattern:

Trim for top & Panels for outside:

3 Liners for inside the box
Patterned liner & 2 plain versions to fill with pattern:

Clickable Blogger Thumbnails:

Thanks so much for having a look;
I hope you can use these templates!


Deb said...

These are fabulous!! Thank you so very, very much!!!

Aparna said...

Soo cute and awesome DIY project. I love the JPEGs since I can use my Silhouette to cut those out!

thestampinglady said...

You always amaze me. I am a big pdf fan since you are asking. I appreciate all you share with us all the time.

Kim Etherington said...

Love all your little DIY projects you have in your craft room and that you can see it all now! ;o)

Rufus said...

Thanks for these! I can see some great uses for them. I like the ones that you created for ribbon. Hope that the migraine monster is slain soon!

Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

They turned out really nice! At first I was thinking you got those plastic popcorn cups at the dollar store (they sell them) & then spray painted them, but a printable template might just be better! :)

Gail said...

can you make it in SVG?

MarionE, Australia said...

Glad to hear you may be at least beginning to win against the migraine beastie. And as ever, I'm in awe of your creativity - the popcorn boxes are just great.
I hope you won't mind if I point out that the lines you quoted (from "Jabberwocky") are by Lewis Carroll, not CS Lewis. (This retired English teacher can't help it!!)

Dawn said...

love your boxes! glad you're not letting that ugly "M" win!! big hugs from here to there!

Hussena said...

hi mel
ihave been following ur blog for quite some time and ur blog always teaches me something new ,really appreciate all the tips and techniques u show and thanks for this tutorial.

Esther Asbury said...

I love coming to your blog -- you always have something new and fun for us! Thanks for the free templates - love the popcorn boxes!

g said...

these are so pretty Mel! thanks so much for all the wonderful templates- i too prefer the PDFs to just print & cut! can't make to make some of these!! hope you're feeling better soon!

Suzi said...

Thanks for sharing such a cute idea. Hope this finds you feeling well!

Anonymous said...

Mel...check out the blog Yesterday on Tuesday....she also links to some wonderful sites like yours! I love your stuff and I think you will love hers.

lilscrappers said...

Love this idea...I'm stealing the ikea pot rack one :) and how do your nesties stick up there behind all that?? Great post BTW, even if its not all detailed and fussy. Migraines suck....mine is drug resistant tonight!

Laura Evangeline said...

I'm lovin your blog! Way cute!

PS I like PDF personally :-)

Sue said...

Fantastic idea thanks so much for sharing with us Luv Sue x

liberal sprinkles said...

wow, I clicked over to your ledger post from Pinterest and started exploring. Your blog is fantastic! So many great shares, thank you!

JENNY said...

What a great idea! Your blog is excellent. Thank you for sharing.

ms Joyce said...

I like I like I like .. Thanks .. you ROCK

Connie Eyberg Originals said...

Thank you so much for sharing. These boxes are fantastic. I posted a link to them on my storage solutions blog. You have a wonderful blog! I can adapt to any of these formats, but personally use JPEGs the most. I don't know much about PNGS, but PDFs are great for these types of instructions. I know - big help (lol). Connie

scrappinposse said...

Help??? I really want to make these for my craft room, I am having troubles figuring out the templates. Thank you. I will be e-mailing too.

Sofie said...

Wow, exactly what I was looking for. I will use these as gift boxes for my daughters birthday party at school tomorrow.
Thanks a lot for sharing!