Monday, August 1, 2011

New simple purse box Templates

Hi Guys, sorry for the wait on these simple purse templates.
Mr. Migraine is so in love with me that he just won't leave my side.
(The jerk!) ;o)

the Amber Ink purse post is here:
Amber Ink gift box_mel stampz
(I'm having loads of fun being a guest DT-er
with them this month!)

Hopefully this little purse box is useful to you.
As usual, there are 2 styles of template:

Style #1) a version with dotted score lines on it (for those who like them) &
Style #2) a version with NO dotted lines (just tick marks showing where to score, so you can print them and make box that looks tidy inside as well as out).

Simple purse box (with score lines) JPEG:
Simple purse box (NO score lines) JPEG:

(tick marks indicate where to score lines)
JPG on flickr here (PDF linked there too)

Panels to decorate the purse box JPEG:

panels JPG on flickr here (PDF linked there too)

Liner for the inside of the purse box JPEG:

liner JPG on flickr here (PDF linked there too)

Craft shows? These templates are A-Okay to use for craft shows etc. If you sell your crafts & you'd like to use these templates to make handmade goods to sell, please feel free!

SVG? If anyone would like to make & share a .cut file or SVG file to share for free, go right ahead. (Please, just let me know, so I can link to you. And no resale as a digital file or any other template. Thanks!)

I prefer the PDFs for templates since all the sizing
will work best if you use PDFs, but thought you might like other
options, so these are in JPG also.

To save these as JPEGs (on Blogger):
1) Click the image.
2) Then, right click on it & choose "save as"

To save as a PDFs (on Acrobat):
1) Visit Flickr by clicking the link & read the descriptions
2) Click the link for the PDF
(PDFs are linked in the Flickr description for each colour
they are hosted on
To save them as JPEGs (on flickr):
1) Click on the link below each image in this blog post, to go to flickr
2) Then Right click on the image in flickr & a box should open
3) Beside "View all sizes:" select original
4) Right click and select "save image as"
(or if your browser is explorer it will say "save picture as")

Hope they're fun for someone,

The fabulous wonderful lovely Michele has made SVG files for those of you with cutting machines. Thanks so much, Michele. You ROCK! Visit her to Download SVGs here.


Rhonda Miller said...

Thank you. I can't wait to get it printed.

Dawn said...

love the template...thanks kiddo!
sorry that bad old Mr M is still hassling you! grrrrr


Michelle said...

Hey Mel, great template. I made SVG's and posted them to my blog. Here is the post:

If you want anything changed just let me know,and feel free to link direct to the SVGs on my account. THanks for the great template, I am hoping to cut it this weekend!!

Pam said...

You're having fun? You can't imagine what is happening on the back end ;)

Rufus said...

Can't imagine how you managed to get this done if that old bas%#$d migraine won't leave you alone! Thanks for these, can't wait to give 'em a go. Hope you can convince him to go bother somebody else, just, please, don't send him to me!

Bee and Dee said...

Thank you for the excellent templates Bee

Anonymous said...

I'll bet someone has already mentioned this, but seeing a chiropractor for migrains might help. I had many of them about 10 years ago, told my chiropractor, and she started adjusting me every month or so, and guess what, no more migrains. Give it a shot!