Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Want to buy this project? Stamp out cancer Auction (secret box canvas)

So I have an evil plan, for a good cause:
breast cancer fundraising.

I'm going to try and entice you guys to buy this thinger
by adding elements to it bit by bit,
and by customizing it to your taste as much as I can.

Today is day 3 of Skipping Stones Design's
second annual Blogs 4 Boobies fundraiser
And it's a series of auctions!

my piece up for auction looks like a card in this photo...

SSD blogs 4 boobies wooden canvas box

...but it's actually a canvas on wood
(renewable resource archival-quality wooden canvas)

SSD b4b stitched embossing squares

It measures 6 inches by 6 inches
and is decorated with:
  • Gesso,
  • Watercolour paper,
  • Heat-embossed vellum
  • Canvas,
  • Hand stitching
  • and heat-embossed pieces on all 4 sides.

I made little wee embossed flowers for it
(from the Stampin' Up Birds & Blooms die).
They have paint-distressed snaps in the centers...

SSD b4b detail

...but left it customizable,
so what would YOU
like to see on this?

white on white SSD b4b box

I'll be making a couple different flower options and
sending them to the winner... if that's you, then
you can choose which flowers you like best
and keep the rest to switch out for a new look to the canvas,
or use however you like.

If you don't like flowers, then
you can put whatever you'd like on it. :o)

If you'd like this wooden canvas
to come live at your house,

You can bid on it in the comments
-just say how much you'd like to donate, and be sure to
leave your email (or send it to me at
pretty please.

The bidding ends on the 23rd, so until then
I'll keep adding details to this project to try to entice you. :o)


Please check out all of the great
projects for auction on Day 1 & 2

(linked up here)! (You can read the "rules" there as well)

Please visit these talented ladies
who are also auctioning cards off today:

Skipping Stones Design blog (all 3 days' designers are there)
You can bid on all 3 days worth of projects until Aug. 23rd!

Don't forget you can help just by shopping, too.

This project uses these two of my ultra fave stamp sets
from Skipping Stones Design:

Timeless Textures and Grunge sets:

I know my family is far from being the only one to be
fighting cancer in its different forms,
so thank you in advance for helping however you can!

Please spread the word & please remember
to get screening for early detection,

P.S. This wooden canvas has a secret box compartment hidden
in the back too. (I'll reveal photos of that soon.) :o)


Susan said...

this is beautiful! I'll start the bidding with $8.00

Erum Tasneem said...

it is absolutely stunning and i love the stitching ans embossing... GORGEOUS work again Mel!

wendyp said...

Mel, your blog is always a treat to visit! This is GORGEOUS!!!

Margaret McDonald said...

it is gorgeous. make my bid $20.
10 from each of my 'girls'!!

Dawn said...

wowza... that's beautiful!!

slbela59 said...

Very unique! I will bid $22.50

Pam Hornschu said...

Love your canvas. Great texture with the white on white.
BTW, are you aware that you don't have the correct list of girls posting for today?

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you for visiting our blogs today! I am a huge fan of your blog and your work!
Thank you for your sweet words!


Barb Turpin said...

How very clever! I love that you can switch out the flowers and love the little snaps!

Kim Etherington said...


skippy stamps said...

Wow Great idea!!!Stunning creation!!! SO Happy that you could join us for B4B!!!

Deebi27 said...

What a classy looking...Box...OMG sooo cool with and without the flowers. And Love the ideas of the snaps for the centers. There has been LOTS of creative effort put into this project...well worth...saving my bid for a few more days! I think I really want this beauty!

Lissame said...

Mel I love your work, I love that you live in my home province and I love that you are participating in something that is really close to me right now. My sister is in her second battle with breast cancer right now. I will bid $50. I missed you will you were away and am happy to see you posting again. Thank you. Melissa

Susanne said...

Thank you for sharing all your wonderful work. I've been enjoying your blog for a while now.

I love the box and the selling purpose, but I guess it wouldn't survive shipping to Germany...

deb said...

super beautiful as usual!! TFS

Deebi27 said...

As I keep looking for updates, I love this project, my daughter and friend are preparing for their 3rd Komen 3 Days & 60 Mile walk this fall; this is a wonderful piece to give to her for her efforts! My bid for this piece that you labored on $55.00! Thanks for YOUR work on this B4B !!

Trinh said...

I will bid $60 for your gorgeous labor of love.