Thursday, September 15, 2011

"What's on your workdesk? Wednesday..."

"What's on your workdesk? Wednesday..."

Well, in my head it's still Wednesday,
since Mr. Migraine is keeping me awake,
but technically it's Thursday.

This is what was on my workdesks (all 4 of them):
Complete chaos!

1 & 2
Chaos on workdesk numbers one & two:

(the glass table is my official workdesk &
the dresser in back of it is supposed to be
a cutting/scoring table)

Chaos on workdesk number 3:

(The workdesk that should officially be called the
"piling junk up table" Well i guess they all fit that bill! *blush*)

Chaos on workdesk number 4:

(the computer work desk, which is usually where I craft)

So what's on your workdesk?
Bet it looks tidy to you, now!

Oh the shame of it all. ;o) (I did tidy up
a little bit since I took these, though, honest.)


Kathy the Teawife said...

Sorry to hear you're fighting another painful migraine. Never fun. My craft space resembles yours at the mo. I teach a rubber stamping class next week, so I am trying to tidy up today. I keep thinking if I rearrange my space that maybe I'll find more space! LOL! My craft room is just too small for all my stuff. Feel better soon.

Linda said...

Mel, thanks for sharing. my space gets like that by the end of a project, but I envy all your room! I won't post a pic right now, would not be fair cause I had a good day and cleaned it up.
I am so sorry bout your migraines, when my pain hits i can't write a coherent sentence, i give you lots of credit for even taking the pics and publishing.
Feel better!

Dawn said...

Ah, my kindred spirit!!

gack, that old M!!! hugs, sweetie

April said...

Must admit that my 12yo DS said to me last night "You are going to pick this up, right?" he also noted that my ribbon was everywhere.....and most of the spools actually hanging were empty.....OOOPPS

Lisa R. said...

Wow, now this is sign of a busy crafting bee!!!! Love it! Here's my workspaces:

Hope you're feeling much better.

g said...

i so hope you'll be feeling better soon. your craft space is awesome- i love the 'real' pics!! you're busy creating & using your stash and having fun- love it! my workspace gets chaotic too & then i have to take a day- or 3 ;) to pick up again-or at least clear off enough space to be able to work again! {{GIANT HUGS}}

Angela said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! Love the WOYWW pictures! That's usually what my work areas look like...that's why I only post a portion of the desk on Wednesdays! haha!

Thanks for the inspiration, Mel!


Jennette Warren said...

Hi Mel!! Sorry about the migraine!!! Hope you feel better soon!! Thanks for sharing your room with us! It looks like mine LOLOL! Glad I am not alone in the chaos! LOL!!! I actually have some time today to start putting it back together...yay!!!!

dianneo said...

I recently read eating ice cream and giving yourself "brain freeze" has shown to lessen migraine pain! Really! It's worth a try!

Julia Dunnit said...

Gah Migraine..really is time we had a cure for that. Hope you're better by now. Your room is lovely - it's all about the storage - love that glass dome under which you have a punch and others...and does the chalk board apply to the desks....? Great WOYWW!!

Crafty Loops said...

Oh dear sorry to hear about your migraine. They are the most terrible things. If I take one everywhere has to be dark and my poor hubby cant even put the tv on as its so painful. I hope you feel better soon. I must say, I only have the one desk but I think your 4 desks combined would make up in total whats on mine at the moment. It looks like a bombs hit it. I really need to tidy some point. Lee x

Kathlene said...

Sending migraine fighting vibes your way, sorry you have to deal with such a difficult malady so often. :( What a treat to see the environment where all that crafty goodness comes from! Take care of yourself. xoxo

Maureen Reynolds said...

Hope the migraine abates. Oh I know what a room like that looks like. I've got one now, and it wants To Look Better! It really does; it told me!

Rene said...

Hi Mel, Sorry you are not the best at the moment. I know in the past I have suggested things to you such as the...mould...your old in Australia they are using Botox injections for migraines, no no no not in the face in the back and side of the craft starts in the office and drifts out to the dining table, the kitchen table all the kitchen benches, and on the floor of course.
Rene from OZ xo

Cher said...

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one whose crafting ports look like chaos. I am trying to keep mine a bit picked up, mainly because my son gets after me. (We share the same work spaces.)Hope you are feeling better.

Ruth S said...

Love the peek into your craft zone - mine is *soooo* choatic right now too as I'm in the midst of a big purge and re-organise session.
Ongoing huh..... ;)
Hope you're feeling better soon!!!

Angie said...

What an amazing craft area ... my green eyed monster is raising its head lol.
Sorry about your migraine ...I'm lucky that I only get optical migraines pain ...just can see much. Take Care.

DeeAnn said...

I hope bad migraine goes away soon. Right now on my desk are cats. I keep pushing them off and they keep coming back. My desk is a cat magnet. I gave up, lol. My desk is clean. I just cleaned it. I have too or cats would be wearing stickers and have scissors stuck to their booty. :)

Cazzy said...

Looks pretty tidy to me! My whole room looks worse!

I hope your migraine has gone by now, I always feel so washed out for a couple of days afterwards, I am sure you do too.

Cazzy x

reeree62 said...

Mel, I bet this room is awesome when it's cleaned up! LOVE your black & white theme...hope u r feeling better :-/


Anonymous said...

So very sorry to hear that migraine has a hold of you again! Frankly, my space has a long way to go to be tidy, even though yesterday I hauled off 150 items/lots to be sold at a papercraft sale! Ah, the creative mind usually always has chaos around. Look beyond the mess and out the window (beautiful scenery)for a long-range view! debra

okienurse said...

Sorry I am so late getting by this week but I wanted to pop by and visit your blog to say hello and to see what you are up to! Didn't have the time to post(except about newest Doswell addition) or craft the past two weeks due to being in Virginia visiting with the son's family to see the newest granddaughter born. Definitely a fun time none the less. Hope you have a great week. Vickie aka okienurse

Meg@MegaCrafty said...

That pretty much sums up how all my work surfaces look right about now! Makes me feel a bit better that I'm not the only one.

: )

Sue from Oregon said...

Hey...your room is so cool with all the black accents! Pretty fancy! So cool you are joining in WOYWW...I am a total addict! Hope you are feeling better soon Mel.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Mel,
I just now found you and your beautiful work. OMG right? Your work is beyond amazing. I am looking as fast as I can and I still cannot take it all in.
Thank you for posting all your great ideas and projects.
Love & Light,