Friday, November 4, 2011

Refillable notebook gift idea - with Tiffany Doodles image

Working on any crafty Christmas presents, yet?

Tiffany Doodles Couch notebooks collage mel stampz copy

Everyone on my list is getting a refillable notebook,
(for a start). The handy thing is that you can even take cards
you've already made & turn them into notebook gifts in a flash.

Furniture images are nifty, no?
This Couch digi from Tiffany Doodles is my fave.
I've been wanting to make something with it for ages.

So, it ended up as a notebook, twice:

Notebook #1

Tiffany Doodles Couch Notebook 1 - belly band cover on

The 1st version has a removable vellum
belly-band cover that slides off:

Tiffany Doodles Couch Notebook 1 - belly band cover off

...and a matchbook style fold.

Here's the inside:

Tiffany Doodles Couch notebook 1 - inside

Very basic inside, but it has refillable pages (the pages are attached
with tied ribbon instead of being stitched in or glued into the cover).

The refillable page part thrills me, since you can make easy little
'refill packs' so that the recipient can just re-tie them in
with the ribbon to keep using the notepad over and over again.

Notebook #2Tiffany Doodles Couch notebook 2 - Front mel stampz

The 2nd version has the same elements in
a plain top-fold style,

but inside:

Tiffany Doodles Couch notebook 2 - inside Squigglefly Seasonal House on a Hill & CosmoCricket paper

It has a little bit of embellishment fun
(with a teeny painting made using another digital fave
Seasonal House on a Hill digi from Squigglefly).
The patterned paper is Cosmo Cricket "Lucy" from Clementine

Both notebook styles measure 6-3/4 inches by 4 inches.

...make a matchbook style notebook
with a vellum belly-band cover
& refillable pages.

  • Couch digital image from Tiffany Doodles
  • Watercolour paper 140lb, scissors,
  • Seasonal House on a Hill digi from Squigglefly
  • Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof paper for pens
  • Ink Jet printer, clear embossing powder & heat gun
  • White Cardstock 80lb or more (used here: Naturals White)
  • Vellum cardstock, double-sided tape, scoring board
  • Punches: 1" circle, 1/2" circle, 1" square, 3/4" square, 3/4" circle
  • Nestabilities label 9 die (the very smallest one)
  • Note pages: Copy paper or thin printer paper (acid-free)
  • Small rectangular punch, White satin Ribbon 1/8"
  • Copic markers, various colours of thread, paper piercer, a needle.
1) Print Tiffany Doodles Couch digital image on watercolour paper & cut it out

Step 1) Print Tiffany Doodles Couch digital image at 90% on watercolour paper & cut it out.

2) Cut cardstock to be 8 and 1-2 x 6 and 3-4 inches -Score at 1 and 1-8 and 5 and 1-4 inches

Step 2) Make a matchbook-fold style cover for the notebook:

2A) Cut cardstock to measure 8-1/2 inches x 6-3/4 inches.
2B)Score it at 1-1/8" and 5- 1/4" marks.

3) Print & stitch hexagon paper

Step 3) For a fancy wallpaper look: Print or use some patterned paper.
Pierce with a paper piercing tool, and stitch it, if you like.


I made this custom hexagon paper using
various Cosmo Cricket digital papers:
cosmo cricket filled hexagon papers
Details on how to make the paper (with a link to
the free hexagon template) are in this post.


It takes quite a while to hand stitch in this kind of detail, of course...

close up of stitched Cosmo Cricket hex paper

...but I have a very special recipient in mind for this, who loves to sew.
(And secretly, stitching paper is my most ultimate favourite thing of all!)

4) Cut a piece of patterned paper to make a rug

Step 4) Cut a rug! ;o) Cut a piece of patterned paper the size of the bottom fold piece. This is a patterned paper called "Squares" from Cosmo Cricket's Honey Pie digital paper pack.

Step 5) Finish the matchbook-style notebook:

5) finish the matchbook note book - A) Adhere the background piece & the rug piece

5A) Adhere the background piece & the rug piece.

5B) Cut pages 6 and 1-2 x 8 inches - fold in half - punch holes in pages and cover - Tie into cover

5B) Add refillable pages to the notebook: Cut pages to measure 6 and 1-2 x 8 inches. Fold each page in half. Punch holes in the tops of the pages. Then punch more holes, in the back page of the notebook cover (to align with the page holes). Tie the pages into the cover with a bit of ribbon.

6) Make a sleeve that will slide on & off

Step 6) Make a vellum sleeve that will slide on & off. Here's how I made mine:

7) Make sleeve- Cut vellum cardstock to be 9 x 5 and 1-2 inches- Score at both 1 and 1-4 and 5.5 inches

Step 7) To make the sleeve: Cut vellum cardstock to measure 9 inches x 5-1/2 inches. Score at both the 1-1/4 inch and the 5-1/2 inch mark.

8) Press folds into vellum cardstock

Step 8) Press folds into the vellum cardstock where you've scored.

9) Wrap vellum around card, check fit, add adhesive

Step 9) Add adhesive to the sleeve: Wrap vellum around card, check fit, and add adhesive. (I like to use double-sided tape where it will be hidden by an image or embellishment.)

10) Press vellum flap onto adhesive to close the sleeve

Step 10) Seal the sleeve up: Press the front matchbook vellum flap onto adhesive & press the sleeve closed.

11) Adhere the couch to the sleeve (hides the seam)

Step 11) Adhere the couch to the sleeve (hides that seam).

12) Decorate the sleeve Punch shapes for frames & matching backs

Step 12) Add mini frames to the wall above the couch: Punch shapes for frames & matching solid-shape backs (The solid shape behind gives more dimension & makes things easy to assemble.)

I used different sized circle & square punches to make frames. Tip: start with the smallest size shape (like a 3/4" circle) and punch it first; then punch the larger shape (like a 1" circle) around it.

13) Adhere the backs for the frames

Step 13) Adhere the solid shapes to the vellum band. To make the curvy frames (to the left and right in the photo below) I used a Nestabilities label 9 die (the very smallest one):

14) Add cushions to the Tiffany Doodles Couch -digitally paper pieced to get Cosmo Cricket patterns

Step 14) Add cushions to the Couch These ones are digitally paper pieced to get pattern (using a small section of Cosmo Cricket digital paper "Sweet Nothings" snipped from their Hey Sugar set & turned into a custom pattern in Photoshop so that it would fill just the flowery part of that digi paper.)

15) Print Squigglefly Seasonal House on a Hill image at 15 percent recolour & text 11 & 12 pt font Add frames & punch

Step 15) Make your own custom art: You could use photos or anything you like. Here's what I did:

Print Squigglefly Seasonal House on a Hill image at 15 percent. I erased the border from the image & recoloured it to make it blue. The word art is text that I typed into a word document in 11 & 12 pt font, and changed the colour of. All of it is printed onto Borden & Riley Paris Bleedproof paper and heat embossed in clear.

To get the frames cut nicely: simply stick them to the printed images & words & repunch around each frame.

16) Add stitching to the art

Step 16) Add stitching to the art.

17) Adhere art to the frame shape backs

Step 17) Adhere art to the frame shape backs.

18) Slide cover onto notebook

Step 18) Slide the cover onto the notebook & that's it!

In the end, I wanted something with a little less poof
(that would lay more flat) so I made another version entirely...
Tiffany Doodles Couch notebook 2 - Front mel stampz

I think next time, I'll try the plain top fold style notebook
with the vellum belly band...

Hope you're having the most wonderful week,


Victoria said...

This is so cute. You are very clever!

Beth aka BR-T said...

This is astounding…picking jaw up off of the ground!
Can’t wait to see what you create next!

Deepa Gopal said...

Fabulous work Mel...such a delight to see ur art/things take shape...
Wonderful colours and wonderful patterns.
Love to be back here:)

TT said...

Thanks for sharing another brilliant idea. Tricia

Dawn said...

that is just THE cutest thing!! oh, clever you... love it kiddo!!!

Cathy said...

This is so cute and I love all of the stitching. I enjoy your blog very much!!

Margaret McDonald said...

pick me! pick me! says Auntie obsessed with decorating

Lisa - papergrace said...

Love these, Mel!! All the teeny little details are beyond beautiful. And what a fabulously thoughtful and gorgeous gift from your heart. <3

Crafty Loops said...

These are so stunning, thanks so much for the tutorial. Lee x

Sandie said...

Mel, these are so lovely. Thanks you so much for the tutorial and for sharing. This is a great idea & I am off to buy a sofa tomorrow just like that one!

Walkiria Celada. said...

Un trabajo fabuloso, muy original, felicidades.

alexandra s.m. said...

You will never cease to amaze me Mel!
I pinned and tweeted your project!


Unknown said...

WOW Mel, this is aMAzing!!! So creative and absolutely beautifully executed (of course)

(-: Heidi

Victoria said...

That is quite the elaborate project but super cute when its finished:)

Ruth S said...

Oh-so-sweet! I love your fun stitch-detailed wallpaper and the handmade picture frames ;)

Crafting Aberrigines said...

You need to go to my blog and read the second paragraph and see what I did with the digital print of the flowers you drew. I couldn't thank you enough ...
Love you loads for giving me those ..and for everlasting creative genius of yours!
As for anything you make ...well..need I say more ?
hugs !

Unknown said...

YOU are a freaking genius and my hero. WOW!!! YOU totally rock everything!!! I am so making these for the teacher's aides this year!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute and clever idea Mel! I absolutely love the mini frames (being a miniature crafter in the past)and can't believe I've never made any for my cards! Beautiful!!

Susan (rainy) said...

So creative, Mel. I'm always inspired here. I especially like that vellum belly-band on the first one.

Erum Tasneem said...

OH MY WORD! How cute are those tiny frames!!!! AWESOME! and there is stitching too!! Your creativity is out of this world. Brilliant.