Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things - interactive card (and blog changes coming soon)

(Sorry couldn't resist that groaner!)

First, I just wanted to let you know that you may see
some changes around here,
while I tweak the blog,
so please forgive any disorderliness.

In order to get back into the swing of things blog-wise...
Link...I've signed up for Sister Diane's online class
that starts on Feb. 13th

(Click the image if you'd like to check it out)

I'm a long-time fan of Diane's &
I'm so excited to be able to learn from her
& get some ideas on how to be a better blogger.


Bit by bit, over the next year,
I hope to work on
these goals for the blog:

1) Make it easier for you to download papers or images, while keeping print quality (and avoiding ads or sign-up). Blogger does bad things with image quality, so this is trickier than it might seem.

2) Post much more often (by trying to cure my debilitating self-doubt & perfectionism) lol

3) Connect more with You & the community (learn to manage my time better, so I can respond more to comments and so on). I hope to learn how to make sense of the details of the subscription services like the ever-confuzzling feedblitz. :0)

4) Get the blog reconnected to support favourite bloggers, stores, & craft sites. Get their buttons & links back up (without the bad pop-up that made me delete everything)

5) Archive things so they are easier to find... the free templates, papers, images, techniques, round-ups, etc. etc.

6) Work on a more pleasing visual design.

7) And last but not least I hope to learn how to make video tutorials & post them (I bought a video camera for that purpose; I just need to buy more cords & thingamabobs and learn how to use it all).

Anything You'd like to see
added to the blog?

the card is for the SCS

(make your own stripes challenge TLC363)

MFT start the day with whee PI card mel stampz

This 5 and 1/2 inch square card is for the SplitcoastStampers TLC
(Technique Lovers' Challenge) TLC363 ~ Make Your Own Stripes brought to you by Joan.

The swing stamp is a fave from My Favorite Things:
Pure Innocence stamp - Start the Day with Whee!
(I drew the motion lines on & changed her mouth a tiny bit with a
fine permanent black pen, to make it look like she was smiling more).

The DIY stripes were so fun (such a clever idea, Thanks Joan!)
They are just random strips of paper...

SCS make your own stripes challenge

(If you'd like the blue raspberry Vine digital paper,
you can find it free in my last post, here.

The heart hangs off of the card:

MFT whee stamped Heart hangs off of the card so it swings when handled - mel stampz

The heart is only attached by baker's twine, so it swings when the recipient opens the card. It's so fun to play with that to make her go back and forth! (Yup, I'm 3 years old at heart) :0)

The heart shape is hand cut (just let me know if you'd like the heart shape; it's hand drawn so it's rough, but I'd be happy to share it).

The back of the heart has the sentiment on it:

MFT start the day with whee PI card mel stampz (sentiment)

Looks like it was trampled on in a school playground,
but I was going for a distressed blackboard look. :o)

Hope your day is going swingingly!
(ynuk ynuk)

P.S. Full Disclosure: This post is entirely unsolicited as usual, but K & Co did send me the lovely typewriter dimensional sticker for free and I also received the MFT Whee stamp for free (when I used to be on the design team).

P.P.S. The moving swing card image is an animated GIF made at gifninja. Disclaimer: They offer a nifty, easy-to-use service but I find their Gallery of GIFs sort of ick. I won't expound on the contents to spare you; just thought I'd mention in case your taste doesn't run along those lines. ;0)

P.P.P.S. Still working on the patterned papers, so more to come in that department.


Karen Hasheck said...

You are back with a super fun card and great ideas! I love how the card swings in the pix and totally grabbed it for my Pinterest board. Have no doubt- you are very talented and that is why so many people follow you and wait for your blogposts.

You have great goals and we will be waiting for the improvements and future ideas with great anticipation.

Esther Asbury said...

Wow, what an adorable card! I love how it swings, and the "blackboard" on the back! So cute!

Margaret McDonald said...

I love a good swing,

Margie said...

Crikey - that sounds like a lot to be going on with! Great card by the way - Love the swinging bit. I used some of your freebie paper on a card I made - its on my blog and I put a link back to your site.

Unknown said...

Your card is adorable and I love how you made it animated in the first picture ;) Glad you are back and feeling better.

Holly Young said...

What a cute card and you totally nailed the blackboard look on the back of the heart! Love the papers you picked for your stripes, and am really lovin' the animated card! You've set some great goals Mel!

Shelly Schmidt said...

How do I love this- Wow- with the swinging animation- how dang cool is this!!! Love!!!

Dawn said...

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious post, girl!!!
Love the card, didn't get to do the TLC =(... LOVE the GIF...
can't wait to see the transformation... to me it's perfection already!
hope you're feeling extra awesome!
xoxo to you, Mouse & 'C' too!

Suzi said...

Love, love, love the card! You have an amazing imagination and talent! Thank you! The one thing I would like to see is more of you feeling better!

mekei said...


Becky said...

wow Mel, this is too awesome, I love this card and its colors and love that swinging heart.

katemade designs said...

great card. You can make downloads easier by using Dropbox. We use it at work and I tried it on my blog, offering a free silhouette studio image, works great - no linking to another site or page either.

Marianne said...

Glad to see you're back. You've got quite a few things on your to do list. Time management has been on my list of things for I don't know how many years already, so I'd better get to work now, LOL! Love the card and your animation. Good luck with all of your projects!

Anonymous said...

Great to see you back Mel: I have really missed you and hope you are feeling stronger day by day. Although we have never met reading your blog makes the reader feel they can do some of the more difficult projects you bring us.

Pat Allen

Te4eto said...

Прекрасна е!

Miriam Prantner said...

Love this card, it's so cute! And the goals are great. Looking forward to getting to learn along with you!

Michelle Quinno said...

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

This card is brilliant!! Love it. I'm pinning too!

the80sme said...

Lovely card, such a cute idea! I can't wait to see the changes in your blog, even though I love it already it's fun to know that you're still as excited about it as we all are!

Have a super friday! ♥

Ruth S said...

Amazing card Mel - I love your little swinging girlie ;)
Great ideas for your blog too... I love that you have set some thoughts out to develop it more. Not that we thought it needed it, but sometimes to change things up a bit and move forward is just what a creative soul needs, isn't it ;) Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, esp the videos as that is something I am experimenting with this year! Rx

WeKnowStuff said...

This is the greatest! I love that you animated the card! So so so adorable. Love it!

Lori C said...

Hi Mel....i've been visiting your blog often over the past few years & never left a comment! So this one might be long. LOL Anyway...i think your blog is one of the best on the web...your extremely talented and oh so generous. Can't thank you enough for sharing so much of you with all of us. Prayers sent your way for continued good health.

Lorraine's blog said...

Fabulous card you never disappoint Mel hugs xx

Lisa - papergrace said...

So uber ridiculously sweet! I'd love to start the day with wheeeee, too! I adore your combo of prints so much. So divine, Ms. M. I have this stamp, but any attempts I've made to use it look nowhere this adorable. Beautiful job, as always. *mwah*

cosh said...

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alexandra s.m. said...

Wow Mel! Your card is fantastic, the effect is amazing!...I keep looking at it again and are so talented! I love your blog, everything you do...

Thank You!!