Monday, June 11, 2012

"One, Two, Three... Get Loose, Now!"

Do you like that loose relaxed style that seems to be all the rage, now?

I love it! But I find it totally im-possum-ible, so I'm trying
to get a little more chilled out in my card layouts...

purple onion designs hometown Bakery card

Not sure if this little card qualifies as relaxed, but it felt that way
when I was making it. ;-) (It's a 4-1/4 inch square card).

- a splatter using the inner mechanism of a spray bottle

Step 1) Print subtle graph paper & add some splatters. This is some Distress Ink spray that I made: tumbled glass & distilled water, but instead of spraying, I flicked the inky water on using the mechanism-thingy from the inside of the spray bottle.

1 Put the SRM sticker on your project and sand off some of the text

Step 2) Stick an SRM sticker on the paper and sand off some of the black ink.

It will take away some of the sticker ink leaving a funky distressed texture and softer look:

2 It will take away some of the sticker ink leaving a funky distressed texture and softer look

You could sand the sticker before you add it to your project to reduce the chance of smudges but I just stuck a piece of low tack painters tape on...

3 You could sand the sticker before you add it to your project to reduce the chance of smudges but I just stuck a piece of low tack painters tape on and

... and when you lift the tape, the black dust from sanding lifts right off:

4 when you lift the tape the black dust from sanding lifts right off and doesn't smudge onto your paper

It gives you a nice clean look and the black dust won't smudge onto your paper.

Another trick with tape that surprised me:

Distress Stain on washi tape

If you put picket fence Distress Stain on washi tape it will stay put
and it gives you a lovely texture:

washi tape painted with Picket Fence Distress Stain

Step 3) Stick the tape onto cardstock & make a little tag shape.

a purple onion designs hometown bakery  stamped and layered with acetate window

Step 4) Stamp the Bakery hometown stamp. (I heat embossed it with black pigment ink & clear embossing powder. One of the nicest things about the hometown building stamps is that they are not too small. (This little Bakery is just under 2.5" tall.) Makes it easy to colour!

I stamped it 2 times.

Once to cut the window out of to add a bit of acetate & layer it up:

c acetate window purple onion designs hometown Bakery

I also stamped the Bakery image a second time to cut the awning out:

b purple onion designs hometown Bakery awning dimension built up out of grey cardstock layers

(The handy thing is that I could use the same image I cut the awning from to also cut out the yummy contents of the window to pop in behind). The layers in behind the whole thing are all grey cardstock. I like that better than foam dots since it's sturdier and looks like a shadow.

To layer it, I did this schtuff:

A) Stamped the image & cut the window out with a hobby blade.
B) Glued 3 pieces of white cardstock together (a bit smaller than the size as the image to fit in behind it).
C) Temporarily adhered the 3 layers of cardstock in behind the stamped image with the window cut out of it.
D) Cut the window out of the layers that are in behind -- using the first window cutting as a guide.
E) Cut a little piece of acetate & glue it in behind the stamped image. Permanently adhere the layers for dimension.
F) Add the awning (coloured & cut) with layers of grey cardstock in behind.
G) Add the bakery window contents in behind the little acetate window.

Step 5) Stick it all together:

purple onion designs hometown Bakery card

Step 6) Add a little paper to the inside of the card
and line an envelope to match:

inside card and lined envelope

It's just simple printed digi paper, with faux stitches drawn in pen.
(I'll add the three digi papers I used for this card in the next day or two).

The tutorial for lining an envelope in a big old hurry, is here.

a purple onion designs hometown bakery  stamped and layered with acetate window

Hope your day is a sweet one!

P.S. On an extra personal note: Sorry the posts around here continue to be random. I've been working on managing my energy levels and diet (anemia and the no gluten or dairy or egg etc...) It's has been a bit of a struggle. I'm a regular zombie, I tell ya (and oh man my house is a big old MESS!) :-) But Charles is more patient than a saint, and we've been enjoying days here and there spent in the community garden and spent with our amazing family. I am starting to have some non-zombie days and my migraines are fewer! Yay!!! I hope you and yours are feeling oh so well, and are as lucky as we are.

P.P.S. "One, Two, Three... Get loose now!" Got that song stuck in your head? Here's "It Takes Two make a Think go Right" (for my fellow the Rob Base & D.J. Easy Rock fans). :-D And of course, "Joy & Pain" too!


Suzi said...

Thanks for sharing and teaching! Glad you are feeling some relief from the Migraine Monster! May the dragon be slain forever, fair damsel! :o)

vdoyle8 said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!! Your work is just spectacular. And thank you for the tips on using the stickers -- they look so much better after you distress them. I never would have thought of that!! Now I'll have to unearth those - maybe they will actually get used!

Holly Young said...

Great card Mel! I love the way the sanding looks on the stickers and that's a great tip on using the tape to pick up the mess! The splatters are so pretty and add the right amount of color!

Trina said...

Seriously, I know all the words to that song still! Thanks for detailing all that you did here!

primary practice said...

Mel, I love this sweet little card! I'm always amazed by your creativity and precision. You make it look so easy, but I know it takes a special talent and patience to create such beautiful pieces!

katemade designs said...

the sanding and painter's tape idea is killer. You always amaze. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Miriam Prantner said...

What a fun card, and great trick with the painter's tape! Glad to hear that you are making progress, hope that you will be fully recovered soon!

Dawn said...

well, girlie.... I love it! just too cute!
and I hope YOU were just as relaxed while making it! great tips btw, as usual.

hope the gluten/dairy free diet is the answer to your woes...and so glad you have C there for you!!! keep enjoying the garden... raspberries are early and YUMMY!!! sweet thoughts of you


Leslie Hanna said...

I'm so glad to hear the diet is helping with the migraines! WHOOT!

And, um, Picket Fence distress stain on washi? GENIUS!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and I totally made my own washi paper last night using some Japanese paper parent sheets I might have hoarded. I can't wait to make cards with them! YOU ROCK!

Paolita said...

Hey!!! Such a nice things!!!
Do you know wich typography is used for "Sweet"? Do you have any idea??
Thank you!

Erum Tasneem said...

such a sweet card! i love what you did with the SRM sticker!

Kat's Purrfect Boutique said...

Are you allergic to all those things? gluten, eggs, diary and more? wow. Or are you vegan? I see that you have migranes. I have fibromyalgia and promised to try a no sugar diet for a month to see if it helps (after the holidays). Then I'll try no gluten. We have cut back on simple carbohydrates and starches by not eating potatoes, rice, or pasta at dinner but just vegetables, fruit and meat. I think it's helping but I just can't go without all day long.

Good luck with helping your migranes, etc.