Tuesday, August 7, 2012

more new free paper sets & a print sampler

So, I've been adding some monochromatic papers (and some with black outline accents) to the growing flickr collection (just to mix things up a bit from the white & coloured style). There are 3 new more summer colours too...

(an homage to the last 3 Seasonal Distress Ink shades that completed my collection)

There are about 150 free paper sets now:
paper sets
(That's about 5100 papers, if you count all the colours. A small obsession?)

Here's a sampling...

To save these files:
In Firefox/Chrome: right click on the image & choose "save link as"
In Explorer: right click on the image & choose "save target as"

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Medium Chevron set here)

(or you can see this whole Stretch Chevron with Black Outline set here)

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Chevron (tight zigzag) set here)

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Tiny Moroccan Tile set here)

(or you can see this whole Teeny Tags paper set here)
Thanks to Marisa Lerin for the tag template that was used to make this.

(or you can see this whole Bold Subtle Grid set here)

(or you can see this whole Art Deco alphabet set here)

(or you can see this whole Teeny Envelopes set here)

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Hexagon set here)

(or you can see the whole Alphabet Chart set here)

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Tiny Dots set here)

(or you can see this whole Moroccan Tile With Black Outline set here)

(or you can see this whole Pencil Damask set here)

(or you can see this whole Medium Dots With Black Outline set here)

(or you can see this whole Ombre Chevron set here)

(or you can see this whole Monochromatic Typography Script set here)
Thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the script element used for this set!

Here are two print samplers
of the monochromatic colours:

To save these files:
In Firefox/Chrome: right click on the image & choose "save link as"
In Explorer: right click on the image & choose "save target as"

12 x 12 PNG print sampler
for wide format printers / digital scrapbooking:
MONOCHROMATIC hue sampler 12 inch 350dpi mel stampz
(It's 12 inches square at 350dpi

standard-size JPG print sampler
for most printers (8.5 x 11 JPG version):
MONOCHROMATIC hue sampler 12 inch 350dpi mel stampz

Monochromatic Tiny Moroccan tile
paper & overlay set here on flickr:


There's a tutorial showing exactly
how to download from flickr, here:

rename if you like and hit save

Hope you can have some fun with these!

P.S. On another personal note, the Migraine Beastie has gotten sneakier. Now the little devil seems to be a silent migraine. Recently, the right side of my body and face was numb and tingly and felt huge and all pressurized (such an odd feeling!) Charles took me to Emerge ( I was thinking I might be having a stroke) but all was well heart & brain-wise. Feeling Thankful now! Hope you and yours are all doing wonderfully well. I'm trying to catch up on emails, this week. xo


Shelly Schmidt said...

Thanks or the new files- I have to spend some time here and figure out how the heck to use these! LOL I sure am glad that it was not a stroke- but how dang scarey!!! Take good care of yourself!

Alina said...

This papers are very beautiful! Can't wait to get home and use them! Thanks for sharing!

Beth Norman said...

Thank you for sharing your talent. I'm so sorry to hear about those silent migraines. How scary. Hope you feel better soon.



Crafting Queen said...

Beautiful papers, thank you for sharing. Hope that you feel better real soon. Hugs Anesha

Vee said...

Hi Mel
Thanks again for sharing. Have you tried Reflexology to help with the migrains, when I practised it helped a lot of people.
Take care.

Margie said...

These are great Mel - my faves are the Art Deco Alpha and the typography. Thanks so much. That was a bit scary - bet you heaved a huge sign of relief that it wasn't a stroke. Hope things improve for you. Take care x

Dawn said...

hmmmm are you SURE all was well brain-wise? bwahahahahaha!
wow, how weird!! poor kiddo, that must have been scary for you both!

more fab papers!! thanks, mmwaah!

fair has been ok, nice weather!! whoop! and tomorrow is our show and last day, bigger WHOOP!!

Crafty Loops said...

Holy moly Mel, that is some amount of papers. Wow, thank you so much. Lee x

linda from arizona said...

You are awesome! I need to spend the day just downloading. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Wish there was something that would cure those headaches.

Jayne said...

You're such a talented artist. I'm sorry that you're plagued by such a horrible beast. Feel better sooner rather than later.

Lalo said...

OH wow Mel!!! Now if only I could use them as fabulous as you do!!!

Deebi27 said...

First and foremost...thank goodness you are on the mend and no stroke...yippee!

Your generosity is endless and for that I say a BIG Thanks! Of the possibilities! I have to get all my new classroom year stuff printed first and then I want to do some major playing!

Take care of YOU!!!

Unknown said...

WOW! Thank you so much Mel!! Love the papers! Hope you feel better! Cyndy

Lorraine Johnson said...

Wow.... great papers, personal fav's are the tag paper & envelope paper..... thanks so much for sharing... Hope your feeling better soon.. Losh

Michelle Quinno said...

Wow, I'm so glad you are better and I hope you continue to improve.

Thank you so much for these gorgeous papers. You are incredibly talented and generous!!

Unknown said...

yuk - sorry you have a sneaky migraine monster... I hope there is an equally sneaky solution to them - although I hope that he's long gone really. I cannot comprehend how that must feel (I have my own issues - have had a couple of migraines recently - but surely nothing like yours...) Mine did render me in bed - i couldn't lift my head off the pillow or have any light in the bedroom, so I really do feel for you if they cause those kind of symptoms. I remember when I first discovered your blog, you were really suffering from frequent ones, so glad you're not there any longer!!!

Thank you so much for the lovely papers - you work so hard to be so generous to other crafters, you really are a star!

I downloaded your overlays but don't think I used them properly as I couldn't see the pattern over plain paper... I'm sure I've not done it right (I'm not a PSE or PSD user by the way).

Wishing you well, and better

Paula Gale
UK. xxx

Erum Tasneem said...

shit! numbness?! that scared the hell out of me, wonder how terrified you must have been!
Again, i want to thank you for the freebies. Like I always say... your blog is like a repository, a library.. a very old, very vast and very colourful library! thanks!

txexperiment said...

Your generousity is so amazing. Thanks for sharing ALL of these wonderful files. My mind just goes crazy when I see these..

Ellen M Martin said...

Oh yeah!!! Excitement plus! Colors galore! Thank you so much for the generosity you share and for the care. The tutorials are great and I can't wait to get started on some projects. I wanted to download the tutorial on how to use gimp, but the site just went to Adobe and there was nothing else. If it's not working, could you send the ppt in an attachment? If not, I'll make my way through what you gave. Hope you had a wonderful holiday and so glad to read that you're better! (Scary!!!)
Thanks again and looking forward to more creations.