Monday, May 27, 2013

free Butterfly Silhouette .studio cut files (in 3 styles)

Hi, All! Here are those butterfly Silhouette .studio cut files. They are for only for the Silhouette machine... But I do hope to share other file types in the future (and there is a plain black PNG at the bottom if that is of any use to you.) Hope you like them!

free Butterfly Silhouette Studio cut  
files preview
you can save the cut style that you want individually below...



1) Regular Cut - this is just a plain .studio cut file with
six styles of simple butterflies:

 paper pieced butterflies REGULAR CUT in silhouette studio copy


2) Patterned Print & Cut - with patterns I've added to them 
(and printer's bleed so there's no white space).

PATTERNED paper pieced butterflies PRINT & CUT WITH PRINTER'S BLEED in silhouette studio

3) Blank or Ready-to-Fill, for your own custom print & cut
(this file also has a printer's bleed).

paper pieced butterflies BLANK PRINT & CUT WITH PRINTER'S BLEED READY TO FILL WITH PATTERN in silhouette studio
 butterflies (ready-to-fill with pattern).

And in case you could use it, here is a plain black png:
LARGE free Butterfly Silhouettes - in solid black

How to save the plain black PNG directly from my blog:

PC users in Firefox/Chrome: right click on the image & choose "save link as"

PC users
in Explorer
right click on the image & choose "save target as"

Mac users: Visit the flickr page, here, right click and select all sizes & click on "download the original size of this photo"

This digital work is offered up for free, but mainly for personal use only.

Hope you can have a little fun with these! :o)
Please just let me know if the links don't behave,


JennyH said...

Thank you for these butterflies, they are lovely : )

Mary Dawn said...

thank you so much! these are such fun shapes, i really appreciate it

Denise said...

Thanks a MILLION for these and all the other freebies you provide - you are just amazing!! And where you say above that our comments "mean the world to you" well that's literal as I am the other side of the world and down under! in Australia. Oh I just love the internet for connecting us all. kindest regards Denise

Cynthia Baldwin said...

Thanks for the cut files! You're so very generous. :)

ike said...

Fabulous - thank you very much :-)
IKE xxx

Anki FJ said...

Thank you for these butterflies, they are so beautiful =o)

Pat said...

Love that theses are studio files. Thank you for sharing with us!!!

Dawn said...

Awwwwesome!!!! YOU and the files!!!
thanks, kiddo!!

gltinnola said...

Thanks so much for these beautiful butterflies! Love them and hope to use them soon!

Deloris said...

They are so pretty! TFS!

linda from arizona said...

Thank you so much. It's great to see you posting more often. We all worry about you when you don't check in even if it's just to say hi and not give away a freebie.

Lauralee said...

Thank you for sharing! I scooped your post on to
Crafty Crafts

I also pinned it here Crafty Crafts

jill said...


Unknown said...

Hi Mel

Thank you so very much for sharing all of these files - it must have taken you a short while to put this all together. So generous and kind of you to share.

Thank you again,

Paula x x x

Sim said...

Love your beautiful blog, love your smart art, love your generous heart! :)

Betty said...

Wonderfum !

Moonlight Feather said...

You are so cool! Love all your stuffs!!

txexperiment said...

Thanks so much for all the great files and images. You are very generous!

alexandra s.m. said...

Thank You Mel!

Deb said...

Your stuff is awesome, as usual. Love the studio files, much easier for me to work with!

Donna Mosley said...

Thank You for the butterflies, they are so lovely.

123lilybugs said...

thanks so much. this is so pretty. i have a friend who is crazy for butterflies and i'm gonna cut some for her.

Anonymous said...

These are perfect! Thanks for making & sharing so many .studio files.

Vivit59 said...

Thanks !

Ron B UK said...

Wonderful you have such a generous spirit
God's Blessings

Ron B UK said...

Such a Generous spirit
Thank you am
Nd God's Blessings
Ron B UK