Wednesday, October 23, 2013

free printable art, reworked: botanical floral

One of my favourite things to do is to spend hours (or days)
obsessively altering copyright-free artworks using Photoshop.
Cutting, copying, pasting, tinting, erasing, layer after layer...

This particular print was originally a bee botanical print
from The amazing Graphics Fairy, Karen.
 I de-bumble-bee'd it and I thought you might like it.

 Granted, the original  bees (who were smoked out) were very lovely, but those
incredible flowers hiding behind the pollinators were the star of the show in my mind.

Vintage-Printable-Bees-Honey-GraphicsFairy BEES REMOVED light antiquing
(or in various sizes on flickr here)

dark antique background:
Vintage-Printable-Bees-Honey-GraphicsFairy BEES REMOVED dark antiquing
Vintage-Printable-Bees-Honey-GraphicsFairy BEES REMOVED black & white


How to save these freebies (directly from my blog): 

PC users in Firefox/Chrome: right click on the image & choose "save link as"

PC users in Explorer: right click on the image & choose "save target as"

Mac users: Visit the flickr set here, click the thumbnail for the paper that you want (to open 
its flickr page) Then select all sizes & click on "download the original size of this photo"

This digital work is offered up for free, but mainly for personal use only.

Happy Crafting!


Anonymous said...

What a treat of your hard work...thank you Mel!

Unknown said...

Beautiful images, Mel, and how generous to share them, many thanks xxx

Dawn said...

oooh, I totally agree, thanks for d-bee'ing and sharing!! it's beautiful!!

good to see YOU too!!!!
we just had our first snow YIKES! the garden is DONE!! last picking of bell peppers=57, jalapenos=15#!!


linda from arizona said...

Good to know I'm not alone in altering. I spend hours deleting nodes in Inkscape to get some thing just the way I want it. Thanks for this wonderful print!

joy said...

Thank you, Mel! This is lovely.

Tine said...

Thanks Mel. I agree, it does look nice minus the bees.

My Paper Epiphany said...

Beautifully done! Thanks for the freebie.

Donna Ellis said...

I love this! Thanks so much Mel!

Marg said...

What a wonderful file. Thank you.

Elena said...

You are so good with Photoshop! Wonderful work! Glad to see you on the blog! :)

txexperiment said...

These are so lovely. I think that vintage flowers are my favorite images. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

The "stars of the show, indeed!" I've been looking for art for a personal project for many months and, sans a working naming convention I've just thrown-in an exclamation point where I really like something. Your work has the distinction of being the first to have not one, but two of these, as in, "!OMG Perfect!" Then I realized you'd been so kind as to provide multiple backgrounds and I think my head exploded. There really is something about the easy elegance of this piece. If only I'd found your site eight months ago!