my Template Details - How to Download & Terms of Use

 About my Templates:

(how to download files & terms of use)

Hope You enjoy my templates etc. I'd appreciate any feedback &
 I'd love to help you with them, if you need anything.

The Big idea:
Free! :o)

They are all free & You are free to
use them, alter them, share them for free...

just please....

1) ...let people know you found them here
2) to me, so I can link to you!

Personal or handmade use only, pretty please.
Craft shows? my templates are A-Okay to use for your craft shows etc. If you sell your crafts & you'd like to use these templates to make handmade goods to sell, please feel free!

SVG? If anyone would like to make & share a .cut file or SVG file to share for free, please go right ahead. (Please, let me know, so I can link to you. No resale as a digital file or any other template/file. Thanks!)

PDF formats seem to work better for printing
templates like envelopes & boxes (PDFs ensure
that the parts fit each other or measurements print as intended)
Adobe Reader works with PDFs & is free here.

But I usually share PNGs & JPEGs options as well,
 in case you like them better.
To save these as PNGs or JPEGS (on Blogger):
1) Click the image (or right click & select open in new tab.)
2) Then, right click on it & choose "save as..."
3) Select PNG or "All files" if you prefer JPEG
(at least it works this way in Mozilla Firefox)

To save as a PDFs (on Acrobat):
1) Click the PDF links (in large letters above)
2) It will take you to my files on
3) Click the little green download button (left, top of the screen)
To save them as JPEGs (on Flickr):
1) Click on the link below each image in this blog post, to go to flickr
2) Then Right click on the image in flickr & a box should open
3) Beside "View all sizes:" select original
4) Right click and select "save image as" (ignore any copyright jazz)
(or if your browser is explorer it will say "save picture as")

Hope you enjoy & thanks for the visit,