Terms of Use & How to Download free files.

Thank You ever so much for visiting me and
for wanting to use my digital work. Being able
 to share with you is one of my greatest joys.

(guidelines for use)

Please link & provide credit if you have
used my work: melstampz.blogspot.com


  • Feel free to change my stuff however you like for personal use (alter the colour and so on, or whatever you can imagine!) Please just let people know where you found the original.
  • It's ok to sell handmade items you make using this.
  •  It is okay to share digital items you've made using my work, but only if they are shared for free. Please provide credit & a link to my site. Thanks! :)

  • Using as backgrounds for your own documents to sell on Teachers Pay Teachers is okay, but not as mere patterned backgrounds please (with other information in the file). Please provide a link to my blog somewhere, if you can. :-)
  • You're welcome to make and share a digital cut file, whatever you like (again, as long as the items are shared for free).
  • Want to use something as part of your personal blog or site design? Please be my guest!
  • Scrapbook for hire is a-okay as well.
  • Publishing handmade things made with this stuff in a magazine or ezine? Go for it!
    • Want to use something for a class? Just email me for details, please. Some of the things I have created in the past are derivative or altered from other templates (with credit given in the blog post, of course) but I wouldn't want us to circumvent another person's terms of use, accidentally.

    Please do not...

    • I ask that you do not use my work in creating any mass-produced or mechanically products at all. (In some cases I may authorize commercial use, but only when I have given my written consent.)
    • Please do not use these to make digital printables for sale. And please do not sell digital or printed papers (or my files made into basic supplies of any kind). These things want to stay free as the wind unless they can be part of some kind of art. They told me so. ;o) 

    Have another use in mind?
    (Please email me at melstampz@gmail.com)

       Thank you for taking the time to read this & 
    I hope you have fun with my work!

      Most of the free stuff offered on my blog is hosted on flickr
     (so it stays high resolution). Here is how to save those files...

    How to save these single papers directly from my blog:

    PC users in Firefox/Chrome: Click on the paper you want & it will open a new window, 
    then right click on the image & choose "save link as" 

    PC users in Explorer: Click on the paper you want & it will open a new window, 
    then right click on the image & choose "save target as"
    Mac users: Please visit the flickr links for each paper, then right click select 'all sizes'
    & click on "download the original size of this photo"


    If you have any questions, 
    please don't hesitate to ask,


    Anonymous said...

    thank you sooo much!
    your work blesses a scrapbookers heart!


    thank you!

    Célimène said...

    Many thanks to you. Your creations are so lovely and you are a very generous personn. Thank you again.
    Célimène, from France

    Martha Hernandez said...

    Thanks so much!!!! wowww

    kiesa salazar said...

    can i just say whoa!!! you're too good to be true! i just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad that i did. i'm even going to "bookmark" your blog to come back to! i had to read your terms of use over and over again before the freeness of it really sunk in. too bad i don't really know how to do it. can i download and print your files even if i don't have photoshop? (sorry it's a dumb question, i've just never done anything like this before). thanks, dude!!!

    Unknown said...

    THank you for sharing so willingly. I will be doing a tutorial post on my blog using your overlays and crediting back to you. www.begintocraft.com. Thank you for your talent.

    spklngdymnd said...

    ummmmm.....you're awesome. thank you.

    Cindy said...

    Thank you so much for sharing all that you do! I have not BEGUN to finish exploring your awesome site!

    Ms. Karla said...

    I LOVE your blog!! Your digital paper designs are SO amazing! I. love. them. all. And you are the coolest person ever for letting us all use them for free. :)

    Kari said...

    Wow! What an amazing blog! Thanks for being willing to share your talents so generously!

    Jennie said...

    I love you Mel! There I said it! You're awesome! <3

    Unknown said...

    Oooohhhh! I've just found you - thank you Debbi Tehrani - I may never leave. You are so talented and genorous - the world is so much nicer with people like you in it.

    Unknown said...

    Thank you so much for sharing your designs with us! I made my niece a super cute cupcake topper set for her birthday using one of your chevron papers!
    You can see it here dimplesandpigtales.blogspot.com

    Geneviève said...

    Magnifique!!! J'adore...
    Un tout grand merci :-)

    Unknown said...

    you rock

    marci @ the wallace house said...

    These are so amazing, thanks for sharing! xoxo

    Mollycat said...

    Love your overlays and have used two so far just as a slight hint in my art. Thank you for sharing! xx

    Kat said...

    Wow!!!! I can't believe how amazing this is!!!! Thanks!!!! I will be telling others about you!!!! Thanks!

    White Collared Mama said...

    Thank you so much for sharing! I will someday learn to create on my own but for now, I can make a personalized invitation for my sister's baby shower

    Maegan Lewis said...

    Hey Mel,

    I am just checking in to see if you received my e-mail. My e-mail address is maeganlewis714@gmail.com. Thanks for your time!

    Alexandra Vilas - Jardins said...

    i agree with all the people here, you´re such a sweetness, girl! one "tusind taks" (a thousand thanx, in Danish!)
    hughs and all the best wishes from a Brazilian mother living in Denmark!

    Arianna said...

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR CREATIONS! I want to use them for making planners, for my personal use only, i hope that's fine. They are all so great that i can't choose one :)
    Love frrom Italy

    Arianna said...

    I want to use them for making personal planners for my use only, i hope that's ok :) I don't think i will ever publish my planners, but in case i'll link your blog.
    Love from Italy

    paperwoman09 said...

    Thank you so much for being so willing to share your talents with those of us that aren't . And making it possible for use to be able to create beautiful things for ourselves and others. Thanks Pam

    Mindy said...

    Would You be willing to email me the svg files for the ornate flowers? Im having trouble downloading them because its saying I need to register with them.


    Thank you so much if you can!