Monday, January 18, 2010

Holes in My Umbrella ;o) (+Cuttlebug fabric technique) MFT Enabler Alert!

Wondering why the holes in yesterday's Umbrella?

Dawn, you guessed it, Girlfriend! Beads...of rain.
(You guys are so fun!)

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This was inspired by...
my friend Dawn's fiercely fabulous use of colour
& Jody's gorgeously clean style
to try & make something more colourful & clean than usual...
Not sure if it ended up having both, but I sure had a blast.

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...and do you recognize that embossing folder?

(It's the new Provo Craft Koi folder--minus the Koi.) ;o)
It took a little creative Cuttling, & some covering,
but the Koi pond is now rain puddles.

The process to make the embossed fabric background might be a new Cuttlebug/Copic technique for ya: fabric that's been glued to cardstock & embossed (with colouring using Prismacolour pencils, Copics, and drops of Colourless blender.) & nifty: Pure Innocence to make braided hair embellishment (hemp)
3...Cuttlebug (or pressure embossed) fabric backgrounds
4...finishing touches & assembly tricks: one way of altering (using up) your patterned papers


You can see more of the current Pure Innocence stamps here.
They seem to sell out quickly. Careful though,
they're addictively sweet! Don't say I didn't warn ya, hehehe ;o)


...make braided hair embellishments:
(using hemp/twine/cording...)

This little gal is perfect as is, but for some strange reason
I just had to add braids to her hair...

Step 1)
Stamp, colour, paper piece, & cut out MFT My Umbrella girl. Give her a hair cut (to add braids to later.)

Step 2) Braid together three strands of hemp twine & add paper bits for hair ties (gluing wee paper strips on.) Braid one section long enough to cut in two braids.

Step 3) Trim the ends & fray them with a paper piercer.

Step 4) Add glue in the middle of the braid (on either side) to hold it together when you cut it in two braid pigtails.

Step 5) Cut it in two braided pigtails.

Step 6) Glue the braids to the back of the My Umbrella girl. I affixed them with double-sided tape, positioned them with pins (in my fun foam work mat) & then added copious amounts of Diamond glaze. Messy but those piggies are staying put! hehehe

Step 7) Colour the braids to match (however you've coloured the little gal's hair in the image.)

Finishing up Umbrella Gal:

Glitter the Umbrella: Add thin layer of Diamond Glaze (crystal lacquer) to the umbrella & cover with a bit of Glitzy Glitter. That stuff is SO cool! It's made of real glass. I like to pour some in the hollow of the lid to control the amount that spills out.

A) Add teensy weensy buttons: Pierce holes where the buttons are, add glue in the holes, & put silver metal microbeads in there. (I also lacquered her gum boots.) :-)


Cuttlebug (or pressure embossed) fabric backgrounds

  • fabric (I used a very old pillowcase, LOL)
  • strong cardstock (watercolour paper if you want to add a lot of moisture)
  • mod podge/glue that holds well & dries non-tacky
  • Optional: prismacolour pencils, Copic markers & colourless blender

Step 1) Make a Cuttlebugged fabric piece:

A) Cut a square of fabric.
B) Cut a smaller cardstock square.
C) Glue together & Fray the edges.
D) Cuttlebug emboss it.
E) Colour the raised part with Prismacolour pencils (or something else).
F) Colour remainder with copics.
G) Add drops of colourless blender.

Step 2) Embellish the Cuttlebug fabric piece:

2A) Pierce the Cuttlebugged fabric piece (to make it easier to pierce, mark the four corners (piercing from the front) then flip & finish piercing from the back.

2B) Stitch the Cuttlebugged fabric piece with embroidery thread


finishing touches & assembly

Other materials: Cosmo Cricket Ever After Crafting kit, paper piercer, needle, embroidery thread, seed beads, sentiment from MFT My Umbrella, Black ink, clear embossing powder...

Make a stitched cloud sentiment: Print the ledger cloud Stamp the MFT My Umbrella sentiment--Feel Better-- Pierce & stitch it.

Finish the sentiment: cut around the stitching Adhere it to grey Cosmo Cricket Everafter paper & cut that out. Edge with a dark gray copic marker.

Stitch scraps of paper to a mat & make a folded card.

This card is made from a piece of cream cardstock--cut to measure 6-1-4 x 6-3/4 and scored down the middle. (Folded it makes a 6-1-4 by 3-3/8 card to fit a really common envelope size from the office supply store.)

Adhere the Cuttlebugged fabric piece to the card

Adding beads of rain:

Add seed beads for rain.

A) Place the Umbrella gal temporarily in place
B) Pierce around her (two holes for wherever you'd like a raindrop bead)

C) Stitch on beads

Repeat beading on her Umbrella (piercing two holes for every bead again)

...and stitch beads on the umbrella.


altering & using up all your patterned papers
use it up; wear it out;
make it do, or do without!
e.t.a oops had that favourite saying of my Mom's wrong.
I think I used up my brain cells & wore out my memory. I'll have to do without LOL

Cheap trick- colour over patterned paper to change its colours and make it match your project. Prismacolour pencils will even let you tint dark colours like the red. (I used orange & yellow to get them more like the pieces I had put on her umbrella.)

and that's it...

(this is a clickable blogger photo
for those who prefer them)

Thank you so much for visiting, and I just wanna
say an extra-specially-grateful thank you for all your
kind enthusiastic comments lately. You make crafting pure joy!


Dawn said...

*snicker* I EVAH LOVE THIS!

only YOU would think of giving her braids! GENIUS!! *note to self, add braids!* (these cute MFT's are on my wish list!)

a MiCrOBeAd for a teensy button?!! Whoda thunk...oh yeah...YOU would! just too dang cute!

ooooook...OKKKK.. the Koi folder! another stroke of GENIUS!! perfect puddles! and love the embossing on the fabric...yup I do!

well, you know what I think of you, so I'm gonna stop talking!


Barb said...

I think you are my new hero :) I LOVE the embossed fabric, and all of those teensie beads... the whole thing really is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

hi again nice work recycling too ,love lady

Cassie said...

WOWZA! This is awesome!

Holly said...

Love it! such cute little braids and really wonderful arranging the koi pond folder for puddles!

Sue a/k/a MOUSEMOM40 said...

Mel you are just AMAZING! You come up with the most beautiful details! I have a ton of those little seed beads in my stash and every time I see you use them on a card I want to go dig them out and try it. I just might do that today. Oh and yes - you're a MFT enabler! :o) Thanks for sharing with us! Your blog is always such a joy!

Judy McMullen said...

Mel, you continually amaze me with your wonderful creativity! And I thank you for your generous sharing of how you create these masterpieces!!!

Cariena said...

Hello Mel. I know i sound like a broken record. but you are imply a genius. i have to ask you - do you have a real job, or are you priviliged enough to do this for a living? i want to tell you that the ideas you come up with, amaze me EVERY single time. really. THANK YOU so much for your blog. you really blow my mind!!!

Jana Weaver said...

WOW! That is gorgeous!! Thanks so much for the step by steps on this - not sure I could have visualized it otherwise!

Dotty Jo said...

How do you do it Mel - yet another fabulous card!!!!!! Jo x

Leslie Hanna said...

Once again, I am EXHAUSTED reading all the steps. HOWEVER, I, like Dawn, am gonna try those braids. TOO CUTE!

Christy Farneth-Kerr said...

Very clever :) I love the rain drops and the image is just adorable!!

Merry said...

Oh you are so very clever. Such wonderful details...the beads of rain, the plaits and that embossing folder is perfect. Thanks so much for sharing the how to.

Yadis said...

Very helpful and beautiful card.

kksb said...

Incredible again Mel!!
Those rain drops are great
and using the Koi Cuttlebug for puddles. Awesome.
Thanks for sharing all you do.

Sue from Oregon said... I can sleep...I was wondering what those darn holes were for and now that I see---DUH! Such a sweet creation!!!

Jessica said...

This is simply adorable!! I always love seeing what you come up with and the step-by-step is such a fun way to see the card develop! Thanks for all the inspiration!!

Tracy said...

you are so clever mel - how long does it take you to make a card (on average)??? This one looked like it had a lot of steps. But so totally worth it! I dont tend to leave you messages (bad me) but just to let you know I do enjoy getting your updates via my email - keep em coming!

Priscilla said...

Adorable Mel, So many details and ideas. I do not know how you come up with them all. Thanks for sharing them! Love the braids....I think I can handle that part!

Jamie said...

Seriously this is ADORABLE!!!

Melody said...

Wow, wonderful card Mel! So full of wonderful idea and details!

Barbara said...

Hello Mel :)
I wrote about you on my blog.I hope you don`t mine ? I think you are terrific,your cards are so inventive !!!I like that you use so many technic in your works,best regards from Poland-Barbara

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

I LOVE this!!! LOVE the braids you made - it just makes her so darn cute!!! You've added so many wonderful elements to this card!!!

Anonymous said...

Seriously Mel.... you take my breath away! I truly love your work :-) xx

Craftyanny said...

oh my goodness, how cool are those braids!!!!! I love this idea, just hope I remember to use it.
Your card is fab, thanks for all the inspiration!!
Anne x

Hanne said...

This is fantastic! The embossed fabric is fabulous!!!!!

I would like to link to your blog from mine. Hope that is OK!

Renee G said...

i love your brain! so darn cute! cant wait to see what you come up with next!

Gabriele said...

Hm, ok, you know that I love your style, but what I really really like are your ideas on adding details... on puzzling on these bits and pieces like those braids, or these micro-sized buttons... GREAT!

Hugs again,

RozW said...

lots of great ideas Mel...thanx

Kim said...


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