Saturday, November 3, 2007

Altered Box/ Painted Photo(copy)

This might be a good project for anyone looking to make gifts; it's an altered perfume box.
I took a black and white "picture" (actually it was more like a photocopy paperwise: I found it in a frame and was going to throw it out.) I painted the box (after sanding lightly) with black acrylic paint. Then used omnigel to adhere the picture. Distressed it while wet and let dry---hah! like I EVER let anything dry---but I guess it'd be a good idea. ;-)

Then I painted with slightly watered-down inks (taken with teal and pumpkin) and stamped with aged to perfection in stazon. Afterthe stazon dried ---I can wait that long, lol---then I sanded some of the ink off for a worn look. Some of the black paint came off where I didn't want it to, but it turned out ok. (it was the French part of the text; what a fluke!).

I sanded the box all over. Used a simple font on the computer in grey to type out my aunt's name "Maggie" and distressed that. Then I added the hodgepodge pieces (use your paper puncher from the tool kit or a push pin to make holes, if your like me and still don't have a crop'a'dile.) I tied a ribbon to two of the hodge podge metal hingey-loop thingies (technical name) ;-) and put another picture inside with a stamped by label... I put a tiny notebook from paperya and a good pen n black tissue inside it (cuz ya hafta put something in there!)

Anyone interested in a tutorial on hand-colouring your own photos,or one on doing photo transfers??? (I bought all of the supplies to do photo-transfers and will be experimenting soon.)

Here's a great link for different types of photo-transfers

Thanks for looking!


Margaret McDonald said...

this little gem sits on my bedside and reminds me of the sweetie that made it for me