Saturday, November 3, 2007

Got Buttons? Covered Journal/push pins

This is just a $5.00 journal from Super Store. I decorated it with buttons glued on with Crystal Effects. I was wondering if it would hold up well and it really has. The key to keeping the buttons on seems to have been having a surface that had enough 'tooth' to hold the adhesive. I stuck a piece of black cardstock on, but you could also create tooth by sanding the journal front. You could sand the backs of the buttons if you want to be extra sure they stay on, but I skipped that step. I've put buttons on push pins too, (<--click that link and then click on the photo in it for a look-see.) I did sand both the push pin and the back of those buttons, since there's less surface for the adhesive to bond. :0)

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Digital Flower Pictures said...

That is quite creative. I really love the look.