Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Embossing Ribbon (and other tricks)

Catherine was sweet enough to be interested in a tutorial on embossing ribbon, so I thought I'd give it a go. :0) This is a section of a project I'm working on for Christmas that includes embossed ribbon. I'm trying to make more out of what I have to be more responsible with my limited crafting funds. The slim silver patterned ribbon used to be black (cheap) ribbon from Michael's. It's stuck to black cardstock and layered on the polka dot ribbon here. You could also cheat all together and just use paper to make faux ribbon. Here's an example of faux ribbon.

Embossing ribbon


Sharp scissors
Ribbon of choice (I like satin; it takes patterns beautifully, but it works on grosgrain too.)
Good double-sided tape
Piece of cardboard
Background stamp
(or stamp of choice)
Encore inks, Versamark or Craft ink
Clear embossing powder
(or colour of choice)
Heat gun

Step 1: Take a spare piece of cardboard and adhere two pieces of good double-sided tape to it at approximately 4 inched apart (if you are using a large SU background stamp.) Stick your ribbon to it. (You can use as many as will fit under the stamp nicely...)

Step 2: Ink your stamp well with encore ink (I've used silver here.) You can also use versamark or craft ink. I like high contrast inks for this technique. Press very firmly all over the stamp to be sure the image is well stamped.

Step 3: Sprinkle embossing powder over the ribbons. (Note: if you want to save embossing powder you can quickly mask off the parts of the cardboard that have been inked by adhering some good sticky masking tape.) I was in a rush ;0).

Step 4: Lift your cardboard and emboss with the heat gun. (Note: don't emboss over your cutting mat: this photo is misleading, since I couldn't lift the cardstock & photograph myself, lol.) Be wary of overheating your ribbon as it may melt if you emboss for too long. (It might be a good idea to test a piece of your ribbon before you begin as some are more heat resistant than others.)

And that's it! Easy huh? Now I just need more ribbon to emboss, LoL. I'd love to try it on Stampin' Ups wide satin ribbon!

Some other tricks to keep ribbon in line (that I've been making up as I go along) are:

1. Sticking it to cardstock before cutting (you can get it WAY straighter) and before adhering it to a project (the paper can make a skinny ribbon look way better in your layout..)
2. Tying double knots for a fuller more luscious look. (Also, I like to tie knots in a separate piece of ribbon and then adhere it on top of a straight piece that's already stuck down.) Sometimes I use a little piece of double-sided tape on each of the arms(!?) or the two ends of the ribbon to make it stay put.
3. Using a lighter to singe the end and prevent fraying (works especially well after it has been adhered to paper.)

Cindy (an SBS3 sistah) has a great ribbon embossing tut using fabric stiffener. (I just don't have any or I'd try it!) :0) Easy altered ribbon tutorial by another creative Cindy (all you need is ribbon & a stamp'n'write marker!) Ribbon Tying ( a great tutorial by Amy)

Thanks for taking time out of your day to check this out,

P.S. Click here for a finished project that uses this ribbon.


Becky G said...

Great tutorial, Melissa! I am enjoying your blog very much!

kathleenh said...

Great use of your resources! The embossed ribbon really takes it to a new level.

Cindy @ Creating at Home said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! Thanks for the awesome tutorial and also for adding my ribbon tutorial link. I'm off to add your blog to my blogroll!

Have a great day!


Kim Etherington said...

Is someone loving the blk, white and grey right now by chance? Great technique. I wish I had the time and talent!