Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wee Birdie Family

I've used up the last of my lino scraps making these wee little birds. Loads of fun! I have to go get more lino at the art supply store (Opus) tomorrow. Must carve more! LoL... Just to give you an idea of scale, the circles on that BasicGrey dp are exactly the same size as a nickel.

These were pure unadulterated goofy fun and so simple to do. Their little beaks 'n' feet were doodled on with a pen & nib with art ink (really affordable at your local art supply store.) They allow you to draw especially fine lines...Just click on the pic to look at those teensy specks: hard to get them that small with a marker!

I'll be back soon to bore ya silly with more goofy lino carving fun,

P.S. Tutorials (mine & some really great ones) are here & here


Becky G said...

These little birds are so cute! I love that they come in all shapes and colors! Love what you are doing with the lino stamps! You're very creative and talented!

Karrie Baker said...

Absolutely adorable! And you made those little birds? SOOOOO CUTE!!