Saturday, December 15, 2007

Embroidering Stamped Images

I've been wanting to do some embroidery on cards ever since Caardvarks had their Hand Stitch challenge. Sew, here's my belated take on it [ sorry so punny ;-p ]:

You can add a quick detail [like the corner stitches above (pink knots) or like the two smaller blooms which took just a few seconds to do] OR you can stitch along the outside of an image (takes longer but has more pow.) If anyone would like a tutorial let me know; I'll make one after the holidays. [If you have questions before then, just email me ( I'm happy to share my limited sewing know-how.]

Embroidery thread knots make speedy 3d accents on cards; this tent topper tag (below) is one example (the knot is at the top in the middle of the flower):

You can also stamp & embroider on fabric, of course. Check out Crafty Daisies tut here and for making kid's art (or yours) into embroidery check out this stunning project.

Happy Craftin' You Crafty Crafters You,
:0) Mel

P.S. Anyone else feel like a maniacal kitten when faced with a skein of embroidery thread? How do you get some of it out of the skein without ending up tangled in it up to your neck?!


Bonnie said...

Hey Mel, your sewing is fantastic!...... by the way....consider yourself tagged...

AnnMarie said...

This card is gorgeous!! I love the look of blue and silver elegant! I can relate completely to the thread tangle dilemma! I am a cross stitcher and spend as much time detanglingly as I do stitching! I LOVE the energy on your blog! :)

Alhambra Club said...

What these cards are lovely, I have not tried embroiding on a card, they look fantastic.

Annie said...

love how you have used stitching on your cards - it's something I must do more of. If you have a skein of thread cut to the length you need just pull out individual threads rather than trying to split the skein - it's much easier!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous work! I love them! I should try, this looks like fun.