Wednesday, May 28, 2008

34U fabric stickers, word window keyhole tab (& a belly-band-elope)

Hi! You crafty people you, hope you're having a great day. I've been feeling migrainey & bummed lately, but happy to have crafting (and you all) to turn to. And now a little about the card (Hah! As if I could ever just say a little bit, Hey?) Actually, this is blabbery post two about this card, as promised...

I found SU's Three for You punch box set very intimidating at first, but I've been having so much fun with it now. (Gotta get my money's worth) ;0) I used it to make homemade flower stickers for this card.

All you have to do to make your own flower stickers is:

1) Start with a sticker sheet. (You can get paper ones at any office supply store, but the one I used is a sticky linen sheet that you can put in the printer. Adds fun texture...It's by Close to my Heart and it's called StickStock (Linen)--for more ways to use it please see this post or this one.)

2) Treat the sheet if you'd like it coloured or stamped. (I used silver encore ink & a Zip Painty pen to get 2 tones of silver.)

3) Punch flowers out of your sheet

4) Alter as desired & use where you like

I've done this schtuff to these little flowery guys:
  • ...added silver brads & silver details with a glitter pen
  • ...stuck them on circle circles of vellum (punched with this 5/8 inch circle punch.) You have to press fairly hard on that punch but i love the size.)
  • ...edged the vellum with the silver Zig Painty
  • ...added the vellum circles to Naturals 3/4 inch circles (SU punch) which I had stamped with Wild Wasabi ink using the dotted stamp in the set (stamped the ink off once) I also distressed the edge of these with a certain celery marker
  • ...mounted it all on Dimensionals for some pop:
The raised grid & the faux stitching...

...are both done on a homemade fun-foam paper-piecing pad. Instead of using a marker to make the stitches, I used a glue pen embossing. (Just drew them on with a glue pen, sprinkled white embossing powder & heated. The stitching lines acted as a guide for fringing the edge of the certain celery cardstock in a fine fringe (like grass.) :0)

To make this "thinking of you" tab, I just...
  1. ...embossed "thinking of you" from the Three for You set in silver on vellum
  2. ...punched a keyhole tag out of silver cardstock
  3. ...stuck the vellum in behind
  4. ...adhered it on the back of the Certain Celery cardstock

I'm callin' this slidey envelope thingy a belly-band-elope
(cause I'm a goof-ball!) :0)

I wanted to use that perty lined paper (SU's Notecard designer series paper) but I didn't have enough left for a regular envelope. Then I didn't have enough for even a belly-band-elope... so I used a piece of certain celery cardstock as the back and..
  1. ...Cut the triangle by measuring & marking each side at the same place (in pencil) and then marking the center. That let me use my design ruler to connect the dots.
  2. ...placed the triangle over my card to see where I wanted it to lay. Scored along the card edge underneath (just with my fingernail) & folded it.
  3. ...Cut the rest of the lined paper off &
  4. ...Did step 2 with the other flat side
  5. ...Cut a piece of Certain Celery cardstock the same size as my card
  6. ...Adhered the lined paper onto the Certain Celery c.s. (I left the lined paper showing at the back, 'cause I love that paper)

The closure is just 1 inch circles in Certain Celery with more of the Wild Wasabi stamped Naturals c.s. circles & 2 of the silver fabric stickers. The Dimensionals let the silver cord sit against them & that holds it together.

The scallop along the bottom... made using SU's corner rounder (Beate's fab tutorial here; great video by Julie [for circles] here) I added little gems, by:
  1. ...making the scallop edge
  2. ...punching holes where the corner punch leaves a little impressed dot
  3. ...filling those dots with crystal effects
  4. ...stickin' the wee gems on (got 'em discounted at Michael's)
The ribbon on the bottom is just stuck on with a line of double-sided tape. It's by Stampin' Up! (Certain Celery 5/8" grosgrain) & I was surprised that it's sturdy enough to stand this way.

Happy Crafting,

P.S. For more on the faux grid technique used on this card and some paper piercing ticks please visit this post.

P.P.S. You nice peoples sometimes ask me how I find the time to do all this schtuff. Well, I have a sneaky trick to share (in case you might find it useful): I sometimes write several posts when I feel up to it, and then when I'm not feelin' so hot, I have something "new" to share. It also helps me squirrel away link lists for you... Hope you don't feel duped knowing that this isn't all written in "real time," heehee. ;0)

Thanks for popping by,


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!! Great card too! TFS! I don't have a scorpal and I'd love to do more scoring! I need a ruler tho, a good one :D

ScrapMomOf2 said...

WOW! You are amazing! How do you sleep? Your brain must be working 24/7 in order to come up with these awesome, creative ideas! I love this! Gorgeous!

Maria said...

Gosh, Mel! Your card is so pretty! I love the elegant look to your cards! I also love your backdrops. . .such pretty arrangements. . .it matches your cards so nicely!!

You always come up with such great ideas! I love how you step out of the box all the time. Your cards are so unique. Keep up the great job on your cards as well as your blog!!


Becky G said...

This is fantastic! I love it!

Michelle Pearson said...

I love this....the color scheme, the little stickers, just all of it!