Saturday, May 24, 2008

CUPCAKE BOXES for Linsey's cupcake shaped cards (& lick n taste cards )

I made these boxes as an homage to the totally scrummy cupcake template designed by Linsey. They borrow the sweet shape she created (with her generous permission.) Here is the gorgeous batch of cards she baked up: yummy treats!

Cupcake Templates:
(there are 7)

1) THE ORIGINAL! by Linsey
(turned into a PDF--goes with jumbo box below)
Template here

(goes with card template above)
Template here

3) JUMBO box score guide
Printable here

4) JUMBO box embellishments
(go with box above)
Template here

(go with the card templates below)
Box Templates here

6) MEDIUM & SMALL Box embellishments
(go with boxes above)
Template here

7) MEDIUM & SMALL card templates
(go with boxes above)
Template here

So why lick n taste cards?

It's like scratch n sniff cards only not. Actually, I'm just being silly again. I made them with decorating sugar. (I don't bake; my thighs have forbidden me. So I had to use that sugar for something. I may just make some cupcakes after this though....)

Lick n taste disclaimer:
Please don't lick these (I cannot be held legally (or morally) responsible if you do, heehee.) It may be a bad idea to try this if you have young kids. It might lead to the consumption of all kinds of stamping supplies. I know; I bit fruity soap and ate lip balm (as a child that is) ;0)

Boxes & Lick n taste Card Recipe:

One generous helping of cupcake À La Linsey templates
Paper (I've used Fancy Pants Fancy free Wild Iris #947 & Basic Grey Gypsy-Hippie GYP-539 with Vellum (accordion folded on Jumbo cupcake) & a base of Naturals white.)
Sprinkle with beads (SU)
or for lick n taste:
Mix 2 parts Crystal Effects & 1 part glitter
& Baste over
1 tablespoon decorating sugar

(In hindsight, this is kind of ridiculous. The sugar will fall off if there's not enough glue. It's probably a pain in the butt idea, but I thought I'd try give you guys a laugh.)

Enjoy the templates. I'd love any feedback,

P.S. If you want these templates to be resizable: you can right click on the JPEGs above. You should be able to hit 'save as' and save each one as a jpeg. Then you can manipulate them by using scaled printing--or printing in your photo/imaging program of your choice. (The only caveat would be that you'll likely want to write down the scaled size or remember the imaging size you used. This will ensure that all of your boxes, embellishments, & cards are matching sizes.) :0)

P.P.S. If you love cupcakes, there are loads more links to cuppiecake projects here


ChrissyM said...

I recently stumbled across your blog and I must say I LOVE IT!! Tommorow I will be placing around with these cupcake templates. Om! My niece turns 3 in a few months and the cupcake box will be adorable for her. Thank you thank you for sharing and for have a fantastic blog!!!

Beth Norman-Roberts said...

Oh my heavens, these are so cute. I'm thrilled with everything you find for us. Thanks!! I'm printing out the templates as I write this. I must try these out. TFS.

Elaine said...

Thanks so much! These are fabulous and I will use them alot when I get my recipe perfected for mini cupcakes! :) I hope they fit! ;-)

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Hi Elaine,

You could widen the bottom if you like to make them fit. Right now it is only 1.5 inches wide. Best of luck!

:0) mel

Jennifer Love said...

ahh! Gosh! I love those!

I find your blog sooo many wonderful ideas and techniques that I would never have thought in a million years! Thanks so much! :)

Totty Teabag said...

Mel, thank you for all your kind comments on my cards. I have only recently found your blog, and have not yet explored it fully, but look forward to it. You asked about the Hippo pattern. Would you like to contact Eve through her Blog? I have told her of your interest.

Anonymous said...

I love your cupcakes I made something like that for my daughters 9th birthday invitations last month .

I would have loved these templates for th boxes then

Kira said...

These are so adorable! Thanks for working up a box to go with the cards. That would be awesome for putting in ingredients and a recipe if made large enough. Much cuter than the stupid boxes that they sell the fancy stuff in.
I don't think I'd use that particular sugar, but maybe some of the really coarse sugar, or some of the sprinkles that aren't going to make a mess (not the coloured sugar that loses the colour or longer sprinkles that go mushy).

valita said...

Mel these are way cool, i will def. use these for our cake bake off we'll be haveing in a few months to raise money for the bible society.thankyou so much for your time and creative talents and sharing these with the world...Luv Valita

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thanks for the sweet comments you gals. BUT I certainly can't take all of the credit. Please don't forget to pop by Linsey's blog Outside the Lines

She's the original designer of this tasty shape! :0) mel

Kim Etherington said...

Why these are just deliciously awesome. Love love love them! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea! I hope you don't mind if I link to it in an upcoming post on my blog - I know a few of my blog readers who would love this too!

Michelle Pearson said...

These are so adorable! Love the BG paper with them!!! TFS your awesome ideas with us!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, awesome templates!!! So cute!!! I love cupcakes! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Super ideas - thanks so much for posting these!!!

Sally said...

many thanks for these great templates. Just what i was looking for. :)

Elizabeth *^..^* said...

Great job! Thanks for posting this. I had requests for a template after I posted my card in January and have not had the time to create one. I'm thrilled to send them to your blog. What a life saver!

My card from January is here


Teri said...

Hey Mel...just when we thought it wouldn't get any better (cuz it's already the best!) you make these super duper cute cupcake (love the lickable stuff) templates. OMG! The links are awesome!! Can't wait for some down time for myself so I can indulge at all of these yummy links. Thanks for all you do! xoxo

Unknown said...

Thanks for the templates!! They are great. Off to play with them ;)

Toni said...

Thank you for cupcake templates. I will be using them for my 4 year old daughters birthday invites & party. Thanks again you just made my job a lot easier

Tiffany said...

I am going to do a cupcake theme for my daughter's first birthday and these will be perfect!!! Thanks for sharing!

Louise Emma said...

You are a total nutjob and I love it!

Lightleaf Studio said...

I made it and it is on my blog if you wanna have a look. I enjoyed it very much. ;D