Saturday, May 24, 2008

If you have emailed me but not heard back...

it is not because I'm rude, honest! Well not on purpose anyhow, but I can certainly be a scatterbrain. However, I've found that my SFU webmail is deciding what email I should and shouldn't receive. ARGH! I wonder how long it has been doing THAT?

Soooo, if you have emailed and haven't received a reply this is why. Please don't hesitate to email me at where I hope I will get your messages! ;0) Any requests for templates, questions, etc... are always more than welcome.



Anonymous said...

I work at a not-for profit organization and we have email through Rogers. They have recently informed us that as effort to reduce spam, we had to undergo a very extensive process in order to continue receiving emails. So maybe this is similar to what is happening with your email. Rather bothersome!
Anyway... I'm very excited to be finished our year end and work & I'll be back to play!
Beth Greco