Thursday, May 22, 2008

SCORING Tutorial: for the papercraft beginner

I recieved a request for a scoring tutorial, so this one's for you Rosalee; hope it makes sense :0)

First rule of scoring: the thinner the paper the lighter the pressure. You don't want to tear through & a little pressure goes a long way.

My 2 favourite ways to score:

My #1 Favourite way to score: With a Paper Piercer:

I find you can get a lot of control (make less mistakes) if you score using a making memories paper piercer. I like to line up my project on the grid paper or my cutting mat, score where the measurement is or the template indicates (usually dotted lines will show you where you need to score.) Then I take my ruler (I use Tim Holtz's design ruler <--video demo at that link. Me likey that ruler, but not the piercer (tip bent for me...) I use the making memory piercer in the same way Tim cuts with his ruler in that video demo:

1. Angle at about 10-14 degree angle
2. Pull towards me applying light pressure
3. Then I press the fold with the side of a bonefolder

My #2 Favourite way to score: With Stampin' Up!s scoring wheel
(from the distress kit):

This tool has a little rotary blade in it for scoring; I use it this way:

1) Hold at a 20 degree (or so) angle
2) I find I have more control with this tool when I pull towards me
3) I use a lighter pressure on thin designer paper than I do on thicker cardstock

When I'm in a hurry, I also use the tip of my SU paper scissors because they have a nice point & are usually laying around (but this is a little kamikaze, ;0) since it can easily cut through your cardstock & it may need some practice.) :0)

Some Links for Scoring & other Papercrafting Basics:

How to score with a bone-folder Paper tool Basics. Her video Covers:

  • Bonefolder
  • Exacto knife (hobby blade)
  • Metal ruler,
  • Paper piercer (I love how she calls it a "pokey thingy" & if I didn't watch this I would have never found the needles hidden in mine! YAY! That was like Christmas!)
  • Cutting mat
  • Snap-off exacto (who knew that thing on the end was for snapping the blade!)
  • Teflon bone folder
  • Tombo Mono double-sided tape
  • Glue (& glue brushes)
Handy write up on measuring, cutting, & scoring

Fine-tuning your bonefolder (LOVE this; you can sand it!) & how to make your own scoring tool

How to score with an embossing stylus

Teflon folder

Grain direction on paper for folding

How to score with a Scorepal video 1 & video tutorial 2

Of course, you can use a scoreblade on a papercutter (rest of 2-5-7-10 box series here) Your scoring technique will depend on your papercutter.

Hope that helps some. If anyone has any questions, I'd be happy to answer as best I can.

P.S. Annapurna shared the brilliant idea to use a pen with a fiskars cutter:
"I use a used up ball point pen in between the tracks of my fiskars cutter. Works perfect, since the guide does not let the pen slip one way or the other." Love it! Now I just need a fiskars cutter. ;0) I think we may be psychically connected--;0)--I dug an old pen out of the trash yesterday to do faux grid scoring. :0)


Annapurna said...

I use a used up ball point pen in between the tracks of my fiskars cutter. Works perfect, since the guide does not let the pen slip one way or the other.

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Wow Annapurna, that's too funny. I just did a faux grid technique post using the ballpoint pen as a scoring tool. I love Serendipity! Thanks for commenting, ;0) mel

CharityHand said...

Wow! I've been so obsessed with "needing" a scor pal that I forgot about using a plain old ruler! LOL I knew I've been putting off that purchase for a reason! The best part is I already have a paper piercer and ruler so I'm good to go!