Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TOOL BELT BOX or CARD: for Father's Day or handy people (template & tutorial)

Verda's great tool belt card card inspired me to make a Tool-Belt Box template (though the pieces could also be used to make a card. In fact, you could make the box with some cards to go in it as a set of 'manly' cards.) Or for women who work with tools, 'cause hey! that is actually MY drill in this photo, and I lurve it a lot. :0)

The finished tool-belt box is 5 6/8 inches wide x 4 3/8 inch high.

A tool-belt card is easy to make with the embellishments, but the top & bottom strip will need a trim (remove 1/8 of an inch off of one end.)

SO without further ado, here are the templates. Well, maybe a little ado...since they might need explanation: Many of you may find that you don't need the templates at all (these are all straight cuts.)

For you seasoned box makers
(or adventurous newbies):
You may want to skip using the template like a clothes pattern and cut the parts by measurement. (The measurements are on the PDF instruction sheet.)
If you're seasoned, but also very visual you may want to print the embellishment template just as visual inventory for making your cuts.

For those of you who are new to box-making:
Fear Not! It is easy I promise. You just need to know how to score & fold.
[Don't know how? No worries! Just email me (mmmccart@sfu.ca) and I'll make you a scoring tutorial.] :0)

That was a lot of ado! ;0) Here are the templates:

Here is the Link for the Template PDFs (There are 3):

1) Main Box template (7 5/8" W x 10 2/8" H) and The Embellishments template (various measurements)
2) Just the Embellishments (for a card)
3) The instruction sheet

How to Build it(index):

I'll give ya the tutorial in this order ('cause I find it the easiest order to build the box in):
  • The Faux-Leather treatment for the cardstock
  • The Tag
  • The Pockets
  • The Box Assembly
There are some pointers for assembly in each part. Hope it makes sense. :0)

The Leather texture:

I wanted to do an awesome faux eather technique that Penny features, but I didn't have the Ranger Perfect Ink Refresher, so I used the wet n wrinkle thingy I made up (here here or here for more.) It does make the paper a tiny bit weaker, but I find that part of the look. If you score and press your folds with a bone folder it helps.

Wet n Wrinkle Leather:

(print template first if desired)
1) Wet the cardstock under the tap (this is close to Cocoa c.s.)
2) Crumple it
3) Flatten it
4) Ink it (I use a little bit of Sahara sand ink)
5) Iron it dry (and flat, lol) It may warp, you can lay it under a stack of books after ironing.
6) To make it look leathery I applied a layer of Versamark (can be hard on your Versamark pad, but I belong to the "They're tools not jewels school...)

If you'd like, you can add faux-stitching or real-sewing:

(FAUX stitching: SCS tut on Faux stitching or Tim Holtz's design ruler Video tut here-tho' the piercer is sucky, so sorry Tim, gotta be honest. Am in love with the ruler though. I'd marry it--used it to make this template) ( REAL stitching: Julia's great paper sewing tutorial here.) I've done faux stitches & used a Chocolate Chip marker.

The Tag:

To make the Clear Part of the Tag:

1) Use a printable overhead sheet (or sand your own acetate/window sheet)
2) Stamp in craft ink & emboss with embossing powder (I've used black ink & e.p.)
3) Heat carefully pulling away from the overhead in between heating (video on that here)
4) Line the large tag punch up & punch through (needs a firm punch and not all punches are strong enough;: SU's work well but you may have to do a couple...)
5) Scratch acetate with a paper piercer/needle, (if distressing is desired)

To make the Tag's Cardstock Frame:

1) Use faux leather cardstock (or regular)
2) Punch two small tags out
3) Line up the large tag punch around the holes from the small tags & punch
4) Attach skinny little frames to the front & back of the acetate piece (with Crystal Effects or other lacquer or strong adhesive)

The Tab (strappy part to hold it on):

1) Cut a piece of cardstock to 3.5 inches
2) Fold it in half
3) Use a brad to attach it to the clear tag (sandwiching the tag between the tabs 2 ends)
4) If you'd like it to slide along the belt, make sure that you only adhere the belt at the ends of the sides of the box & that it fits ;0)

The Pockets:

You can get a perfectly centered circle punch for the tops of the pockets by marking the center & the height on the back of the pocket and using the marks to punch the 1 inch circle out of the pocket:

Punch by lining it up in the center

If you save the little bit you punch out it's a good reminder of how deep/high on your marks you've punched and the pockets will be even.

To embellish the pockets, I added faux stitching and eyelets before assembling...

The Box Assembly:

This sheet (above twice) is available as a scoring/cutting guide and it has the directions for making the box without using the template. [Click it to read instructions.] (Click here to download them) :0)

To use the template & build the box:

1) Print template from your computer onto cardstock (standard 8.5x11")
2) Use the printed lines to guide your cuts
3) If you are using the wet and wrinkle method to leatherize your paper, print first then wet it etc. Don't worry, the printer ink shouldn't bleed (Mine was A-okay.)
4) After leatherizing, Score along the dotted lines
5) Attach embellishments
6) Adhere sides

The Tools:

I got these wee tools at my local dollar store. Don't have little tools or tool stamps?

ETA: Tool templates (or clip art) from paper craft
Here are some other clip art tools
(Though, you may need to fiddle to get the sizes right):

hammer Screw driver Wrench

P.S. I'd love to hear what you think of this or see a link if you make it. It keeps me inspired to make new things. Creative criticism is most welcome
:0).Just lemme know if you have any problems or questions.

Happy Craftin'!

P.S. You've got to see Nettie's gorgeous gift! She made a get-well manual that is sheer brilliance.

Mary turned it into a fantastic card. LOVE those big brads.

AnnMarie made one filled with great tools (and chocolatey goodness!)


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Oh now, this is just ridiculously wonderful. Make something mundane for a change,would ya? You're giving me an inferiority complex.

Extreme Cards and Papercrafting

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you have really out done yourself this time!! it is fantastic!!!!! make me whonder... WHAT WILL SHE COME UP WITH NEXT????? ;)

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This isn't a tutorial...it's a dissertation! Wow...good for box-challenged chicks like myself. This rocks in so many ways, I couldn't even begin to list them!

Linsey R said...

Mel, this is totally amazing! OMGOsh! I must try this fantastic template and faux leather technique! I thought I was done with Father's Day stuff, but this just has to be made, hehe! It's also awesome for any male's birthday! What a wonderful project, tfs!

kathleenh said...

Whoa! Another AMAZING project Mel!!! How do you do it? This is such an awesome project. If I'm feeling up to it I will give it a try for my hubby for Father's day. He's quite the handyman.

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this is awesome!! where'd you get those tiny tools?!


Erica Bass said...

Holy cow! That is the coolest! If only my husband was handy! Maybe I should make a remote control holder?

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Erica, (I sure know what you mean lol) That is SO funny. I thought of designing a remote control card, heehee. mel

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thanks so much ladies! It was fun (really feels like cheating, since it's as easy as any tote box.) :0) mel

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Wow! This is fantastic! I can't wait to give this one a try!

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this is amazing, doesn't look easy to me!

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How cool of a toolbox and the little mini tools are so macho cool. You did an absolute amazing job on this! You are so talented!!!

Nettie said...

Thanks Mel, I made one into a get well tool belt for a very handy friends hubby. Your tutorial was fantastic. Your the best for sharing!


Kelly L said...

Wow, your work is GORGEOUS! I found you through Nettie, and my mouth just about dropped to the desk. This box is beautiful! Any guy that would get this BETTER keep it. Terrific. TFS, and I will be back for sure. :) Kelly

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Thank you for this awesome tutorial - you are truly gifted!

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So terrific! I used your tutorial to make a card!

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Thank you for the fab template!
I have used it to make a box :)

Hugs from Maya :)

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What a wonderful idea! My f-i-l's birthday is coming up towards the end of January so this will be a great thing to make for him! Thanks for sharing!!!

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Great project. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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Hello! I found your tutorial.
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I am so glad I stumbled across this. We are doing a womens retreat next February with a construction theme and I'm excited to think how we will be able to use these.

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Hi! I've just had to borrow this tutorial from you. It's fantastic! I've linked the card I'va made to your blog and I hope that is allright! Thank you!
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Thank you for the fab template. I just made a box for my nephew!

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I love this!! If only I had found it sooner I could have used it for Father's Day...maybe it will be a late gift. :) Thanks for the thorough tutorial (which I need) and template!!

Sandra Azzopardi said...

Thanks so much for the great tutorial and template! I've made a card version of this and posted it onto my blog. You can find it at http://sandrasstampingspot.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/happy-fathers-day.html

Thanks again!