Thursday, June 5, 2008

Your favourite tutorials and/or templates

Your favourite templates & tutorials:
  1. Shared by Tracey S: such a great book, planner, organizer, stocking stuffer, gift, etc.
  2. Shared by Barb: I love all the tutorials by Kristina Werner (kwernerdesign blog), but here's one of my favourites
  3. Shared by Tonniece: (Oval Box WOW!!!) It's a two part video on Nov. 27th 2007
  4. Shared by Allison: Angie Juda (everything she does is awesome!)
  5. Shared by V: Here is a link to a super simple and so-helpful tutorial
  6. Shared by StampinC: SCS's tutorial for the 2-5-7-10 Box
  7. Shared by Linda: So easy and different (Chalk-lines by Dawn)
  8. Shared by Godchick: This is my absolute favorite way to do altered journals...actually I don't do them any other way (click the attchment for a great PDF)
  9. Shared by Judy: Sonja's Scene (Lots of templates & 3D projects in her sidebar. WOW!)
  10. 2! Shared by Peggy: One of my favorite templates is Angela's shirt And for a tutorial Dawn has SO many good ones
  11. Shared by Tiffany: one of my favorite tutorials from Taylor VanBruggen on how to make personalized stationery
  12. Shared by Mudmaven: Kristina's make-a-card-Mondays & Joanne's tutorials at Mainly Flowers
  13. Shared by Lyndsay: My favourite tutorial right now (Lauren's Super sketch for you)
  14. Shared by Goral: This is a great tutorial! (Andrea's Creating Acetate Accents)
  15. Shared by Annapurna: This is the place I go for templates (Mirkwood)
  16. Shared by's a pdf download pattern...check out the Paper Globes pattern on Heather Bailey's Blog. (The patterns are in the right-hand column about midway down...These paper globes make great topiaries, pomander-type hangings, and I've even made them with SU designer papers to rest in a glass bowl as a centerpiece.)
  17. Shared by Sandie: Sue Nelson is my absolute favorite for tuts.
  18. Shared by Patty W: Dawn's Pop-up inside card & Robyn
  19. Shared by Janine: They have a good video on how to make mini baguettes. Delicious.!!! (I can't wait to half-bake some of those & freeze 'em so we can have homemade bread whenever)
  20. Shared by Bloggy Mama: Angie's Owl Spinner card tutorial
  21. Shared by Brenda: All of the videos by Kristina Werner
  22. Maria shared: a gorgeous ATC holder
  23. Jennifer shared: So making one of these!: Stationery by Jackie
  24. Annabelle shared: Angie's Box for cards with 12x12 paper
  25. Julie shared: Scapperlicious (Wow!)
  26. Kim loves me, heehee (but she hasta, no? She's my best friend) :0) specifically she likes these cupcake boxes/cards n this tool belt box (thanks Kinkers!)
  27. Deb shared: Cloud tutorial by Jessica
  28. SewDelish shared: Lauren's Onesie
  29. Jen H made me blush! She likes gluepen embossing & these flowers
  30. Lea shared this easy Fry box
  31. Beki (who has the coolest spelled name ever!) said she signed right up for Angie Juda's email subscription (me too!) :0)
  32. Elaine loves Kristina Werner's videos: especially her ribbon flower one
  33. Darlene's fave is Mr.Crabby pants slider by Dawn
  34. Cindy's fave is this mini pizza box by Teri
  35. Claire shared: Pop Out Love Cards
  36. Melanie aka Batgirl (LOVE it! I'd like me a superhero name!) ;0) shared some Glitter Fun
  37. Lorraine shared Tim Holtz (sorry Ladies we can't share him he's mine! Sorry Tim (and Charles, heehee) that was uncalled for, but I meant it in a purely art-obsessed way (as if Tim Holtz would read this blog!) ;0)
  38. Strent liked the handmade/homemade flowers
  39. Karen likes to watch Dawn
  40. Mary loves Kristina's blog
  41. Dizzy Broad shared one of her faves a Canon site with templates
  42. One of Joani's faves is Michele Zindorf especially this one
  43. Janet's fave is the SCS tut for a gift card holder
  44. Tess's fave is this stationery box
  45. This is one of Linda's favourite template sites
  46. Amy also loves Jackie Topa's stationery. That's some popular stationery!
  47. JenMarie's favourite tutorial is emily's beaded pen tutorial
  48. Cindy V likes Dawn's gift card holder tutorial
  49. Swedie really likes this envelope tag pocket and everything on Maria's site. Me too!
  50. Sharon likes Mirkwood templates
  51. Sue(at StampnDaly) likes Julie's pop top container tutorial
  52. Catherine likes Emily's work especially these beaded pens for teacher's gifts
  53. Michele loves scs's acetate card tutorial
  54. Carol loves Jan Tink and Cambria Turnbow (tut list on right hand side)
  55. Tracy loves this baby booties tutorial by Heather
  56. Monica loves Kristina's blog
  57. MJ shared the greatest bag tutorial ever
  58. Jessica likes Michele Zindorf's entire blog & particularly this card & tutorial
  59. Dini shares a favourite favorite fall-back for filling up backgrounds and using up scraps
  60. Jean H. likes Lauren's Onsie and uses dotlets that look like snaps
  61. Mandiannie loves Valita's making your own prima flowers tutorial
  62. Tracy M loves the purse box template from papercraft; you can find it (and 100+ more here)Thanks Tracy; it's so great to know that you made them (I bet they were Gorgeous on double-sided paper!)
  63. Monika just loves those star albums (they ARE cool!)
  64. Carrie W loves purses n cupcakes. Thanks Carrie!
  65. Sandra T loves purses too
  66. Michele found quite a few templates here
  67. Lori loves Dawn's tutorials
  68. Lori loves Dawn too--particularly her waterfall card
Thought I'd add my ultimate fave of late: it's Nathalia's all ruffled up technique WOWOWOW! (Found thanks to Allison & the galz at Stamping Links to Love)

(Wee Note: Sorry if you know i know your name, but you still see your secret identity blogger name on here; I always figure better safe than sorry when dealing with net privacy...)

I'll keep adding to this list as your links come along. Thanks for playing! :0)

Don't post here for blog candy (pretty please with sugar on top)... I'll have to move you over to the other post, so the random selector thingie won't leave you out. :0) Thanks!
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Deb Wood said...

You have a wonderful blog. My favorite tutorial I have found lately is:

Thanks for the chance to win some awesome candy!!

Jen Hoover said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG! - it's the best of the best! really I'm not a stalker, really {snort} ;)

but seriously... I LOVE the tutorials that you do. My fav so far, even tho' I've yet to try any (blush) glue pen embossing -GENIUS! and those flowers you make with layers and wetting and crumpling up cardstock WOW! they are just incredible! {wiping drool off keyboard} ;)
anyway, ya those are only a couple of my favs ;)
thanks again SO much!!
Jen Hoover
sjda hoover AT ca DOT inter DOT net

Anonymous said...

I love your blog, I always learn something from you. However, of the links you posted, I immediately signed up for the feed to Angie Juda's blog...very cool site, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love the 1 sheet mini book that Patty's stampin spot has---- It is simply adorable and very quick and easy to make!! Thanks to you for all of your great ideas!! I have a list of all the ones I want to try--- You have great ideas!!

Thanks for the chance at the candy
Sherri Alspach

Nessie said...

Love the links. Unfortunately, I can't open Nr. 19 (this one: Does anyone else have this problem as well?

Annapurna said...

Alright I wanted to check out some of these tutorials, but I am loosing your page. Do you know how to open a new window using target equals open quote underscore blank close quote after your html reference?

I think I just gave you the code. But if you need help still let me know. That way, people don't have to leave your blog and go checkout all these tutorials.

Lmaisch said...

Awesome info on here! thanks for that! and FYI"it's Nathalia's ["all ruffled up technique"] link is by invitation only??? Can't access it!