Saturday, July 5, 2008

Series of Gesso Techniques (index) & Links

gesso with a blockspread gesso with block

In the spirit of mingling the art supplies with the stampin' schtuff...this post is the index of a week's worth of Gesso experiments: cardstock making & stamping techniques (i should be making template tutorials (after makin' you vote and all...) but i'm SO smitten with Gesso this week!):

Gesso Techniques:
(Tired of seein' this yet?)

(Faux Watercolour resist there too)

More Gesso Stuff ...

Gesso over Dry Embossing:

Hope you'll play along and that you don't get tired of hearing the word Gesso. ;0) It is messy & requires careful clean-up, but I find it worth it (even though I really loathe cleaning up.)

If you're not into Gesso, hopefully the cards in these posts will have some other bits to inspire.

Supplies you may need to play along:
  • Acrylic Gesso (I love Kroma, but I think any brand will do.) It's easy to find & affordable. :0)
...and the usual stampin' schtuff:
  • Cardstock (glossy is ideal, but watercolour/regular cardstock would work too)
  • Stamps (all and any) :0)
  • Your usual stamping colours: inks/reinkers (Classic/Dye ink)/Craft (pigment) ink/ silver & embossing powder
  • Stamping applicators: sponges/brushes/aqua painter/sponge daubers/blocks

Gesso Links:

I'll be using Acrylic Gesso. Unfamiliar with Gesso? What is gesso?
some gorgeous projects for inspiration:
  1. Gesso collage tutorial by Emine
  2. Gesso & distress ink by Princess Matilda
  3. Gesso resist designer paper for stamping by Wendy
  4. Gesso text paper by Zura
  5. Stamping in Gesso on fabric by Catherine
  6. Gesso under transfers by Claudia
  7. And ouuu! I didn't know there was black gesso & other colours. Of course, you can mix it with colours. I'm gonna try mixing in reinkers and see what they do.
  8. Gesso on a scrapbook page by Stampin' Mama
  9. Gesso over text. Lovely! on page 110
  10. Gesso Vintage technique by Hetty
  11. Textured Gesso by Adrienne
  12. Gesso Backgrounds with Distress ink by Greta
  13. Gesso & colour mist backgrounds by Trish
  14. & Trish's Distressed Gesso Background technique
  15. Altered book with gesso by Beth
  16. Gesso with distress by benshirin
  17. Gesso art journaling page by Milliande
  18. Altered photos by ricefz
  19. Oil pastel Gesso Background by

Thank you for stopping in! ---Feeling artsy? Grab some gesso! ;0)
And I'd love to know: how do you like to use gesso?


Deb Neerman said...

Woohoo! Let's get goin'!!!!

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow what a fabulous tecnique ,thanks for sharing ,love your work xxxxDawnx
thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me such a lovely comment ,so i could come and see your fabulous blog

Anonymous said...

Wow, look all the info!!! Gooley (the way Goofy says it, hee).

That's interesting, the whole sleep research deal. I think I would have been a happier student starting at 10 than 7 :)

Tonniece said...

Sounds interesting chickie. Can't wait to see all the great eye candy.

Happy almost Sunday

Anonymous said...

I bought a pot of Gesso last weekend and this article and links are JUST what I've been hoping to find. Thank you for riding to rescue, as usual!


trudelmj said...

Thank you for all your tutorials, Mel... Now, I try to post bilingual messages on my blog and do bilingual videos too.

On June, I've tried to stamp directly on Modeling Paste(another acrylic medium). Maybe you would be interested by the result...

Thanks again!

Yesterday's Tomorrow said...

OMGESSO!! ok, do I *NEED* to gesso now? Guess-so! ;)

{go on and roll those eyes, you know you want to!} :D

cindy said...

Mel thanks so much. I really like this with my markers. Great job!

Zura said...

Hi Mel... I just now got my blog stats working, so I'm only now realizing that you linked to my blog post. Thank you so much! Glad to find your awesome blog!!!

Melanie F said...

Hello Mel...just wanted to stop by and say just how much I LOVE your always do the most interesting things and I love that I can follow along and do them too! You make everything look SO Easy! You definitely inspire me! Thanks for all that work on the Gesso great to finally find someone who actually USES it in so many ways. Again, thank you so much for making it all look easy...some of us REALLY NEED Inspiration to craft...I guess that makes you my muse : )