Friday, August 1, 2008

ALTERED BRADS: glittered, flocked, zigpainty-ed, sugared, embossed, inked, etc...

By the by, I'm goin' on vacation for two weeks, so the posts will be pretty sparse 'round here starting tomorrow. I hope to have some fresh ideas for you when I get back. :0)

DIY Glittered & Sugared brads:

Got Crystal Effects? Use it to apply glitter, fun flock, or even embossing powder. (Other lacquer/liquid glass will work too.) Coloured brads show through glitter.

1. Stick brads in a cork (if you like) makes working with it easy

2. Apply a small amount of crystal effects/lacquer evenly to the head of the brad

Stick it in your glitter pot (Or other powdery medium--embossing powder, flock...)

4. No need to take it out to dry (but you can to see if it's even) If it's not even, you can dab it with your finger to even it out while the glue is still wet.

It seems to work kind of like sand casting. The wet pour (or in this case the glue) will only absorb so much of the dry sand (or in this case glitter) and that keeps the wet from contaminating the rest of the dry stuff. Maybe? ;0) All I know is, your brads will dry perfectly in the glitter & your glitter will be fine.

Ideally, you'll wanna let these puppies dry for a couple hours or even over night.
(They might be dry-ish after as little as a 1/2 hour, but extended dry time will cure 'em so they'll be more durable.)

These are done with Stampin Glitters Fine Cosmo & Iridescent Ice (from SU) Colours From Left to Right: Celery, Light Blue (Lurrrve that colour!), Orchid, Turquoise, Rose Pink & lastly, Iridescent Ice (which looks kind of sugary.)

Storing them:

They're quite durable, so they can be thrown in containers, but I like to put 'em in a little brad pad (made from fun foam layers) It holds them nicely. You can even pin the brad pad up on a corkboard

These are done with Martha Stewart glitters & silver embossing powder. Colours From Left to Right: 3 Martha glitters: Green Agate, Brownstone, Onyx. Lastly, the silver embossing powder (which is really neat like a brushed silver look)

Alcohol ink brads:

Need a coloured brad? Got Stazon?
You can use Stazon inks to alter brads. They're solvent inks so they'll dry on metal/enamel. Alcohol inks offer even more colour (Ranger Distress inks are snifty.) After you ink them you can sand them or glitter them too. These brads are done with Tim Holtz Adirondack inks (Butterscotch, Stream, & Wild Plum.)

Anybody notice that the felt piece on the Tim Holtz applicator leaves little hairs on your work??? Drives me bonkers! Anyone have a better alternative that you can recommend? Pretty please?

Embossing brads:

(or what sounds like me havin' crazy ol' conversation with myself (again) LOL)

Problem: I tired embossing brads, but my embossing came off.
Solution: Sand the top of the brad well before inking.

Problem: The embossing still comes off even though I sanded.
Solution: Cover the embossed brads in crystal effects to protect 'em

Problem: Brads get HOT & you have no tweezers/pliers
Solution: Stick it in a cork first and then emboss it (this is great for glittering since they can dry in the cork)

Great Embossing brads tutorial here (by Kirsten)

Faux build a brads (An Affordable Alternative):

Alright, silly ol' me I tried the cheapest trick of all--a faux build-a-brad with tinfoil. I am ultra chinsy, hey? (ROFL at myself) Well, I think I've found an alternative that's still more affordable but has more substance: Bezels and clear dome stickers. The brass bezels above are painted with turquoise alcohol ink before assembling.

Ways to Embellish Brads:

Add Zig Painty pen details: Silver/gold stripes, dots, spirals:

Add rub-ons: Best on big brads

It's easier to put the rub-on onto them if you push them all the way into a cork. If the rub-on goes on crooked you can scratch it right off. Which means that they need something to protect the rub-on. These have Crystal Effects over the rub-on.

Add ephemera on top or underneath: bought or homemade:

  • Add a gem-brad to the center of a jumbo eyelet
  • Add a metal flower, or punched flower or prima
  • Add a punched flower, or any shape & leave as is or coat with Crystal Effects/Stickles. (Looks pretty with punched designer paper or homemade embossed papers...)

Brad Tricks Links:

Sheila's great buttons to brads tutorial

Nifty Brad Projects from the Queen & co blog:
From Other sources
Glorious brad-altering ideas here

Hope you have a crafty kind of day, :0)


Tiff said...

Oh!!! I LOVE your tutorial :) If you find a better solution to those felt hairs please let me know!!! It's like shaving vs. :) Have a fun vacay!

Maria said...

Holy Cow!! I love all the tricks! I love using brads and really love the decorated ones but never want to spend the money on them. Now I don't have to! Whoohoo!!

Well. . .I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation!! We'll be here looking forward to more of your creative ideas!!


Anonymous said...

Have a fabulous vacation! (You'll be missed!! :)) Great ideas with these brads!

pink whimsey said...

when do you get time to do all this????? i check your site daily for such easy? fun ideas. us crafters in England really appreciate your talents. have a great holiday - come back with more inspiring stuff!!!!!! have fun

Penny said...

You really are such a mine of information - fabulous! My trick to alter brads is those big ones with epoxy stickers on top. If you don't like the sticker on some of them just peel it off and you can fill the little 'well' using Sakura pens to make a glossy top or glue and glitter. I like your tip about the corks - I'd better start saving them now!

Have a wonderful holiday! :)

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful stuff!! I love the brads that look like belt buckles, the *build faux brads* and the Zig painted doodles - so unique!! Thanks for sharing

Annapurna said...

May be after all these tutorials I will start using my brads more. Can you come up with a tutorial on how to use ribbon on your cards too?

Lovely brads you created there and thanks for all the cool links.

I forget about most of the things I have except pen and paper to create cards :-)

Stampin_Melissa said...

Wine corks?! Holy cow! Now I know why we keep saving those silly things! LOL! What an awesome idea! You are an incredible wealth of knowledge! I have you in my Reader so I can read all your posts! Thanks so much!

Joani McDonald said...

How cool is this! Thanks so much for the tips Mel! I can't wait to go try some! Now I need more brads...
Have a great vacation ~ you will be missed!

thestampinglady said...

Super fantastic ideas. Once again, TFS! Have a wonderful vacation but I will miss your daily postings. Darlene L

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

I am so glad I found your blog. I subscribed right away and have learned soooo many things!

I do have a question though. What are bezels? Where do you find them?

mel m. m. mccarthy said...

Thanks You fabulous Ladies You! Debbie I emailed you about bezels, but if anyone else is curious, I added a link in the post where I talk about 'em. :0) Hugs, Mel

Susan G said...

Wow, you've done it again. More great ideas to try out. I love to save money and do it myself. Have a good vacation, and we'll see you soon.

Daisy Chain said...

Love your tutorials, that's why I've tagged you. Take a look.

Love Debbie xx

Cindy Cade said...

Excellent article! I had been wanting to do a tute on brads for ages but hadn't.

I think I will skip mine and post a link to yours on my web site. I am sure others will enjoy it too.

Deb Neerman said...

Another amazin' tutorial!!! You da Queen of Kewl Ideas, Mel-a-Licious!!

I'm lovin' these ideas and totally plan to steal, err, borrow them!

Thanks so much for sharing all your kewl crafty knowledge ... hope you have a wonderful 2 weeks off.

You'll be missed ... terribly!! How am I gonna get my Mel-a-Licious fix?!?


Debby said...

YOU are amazing! And knock my socks off every day! I want to come play with you! :-)

Crystal Ware said...

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow! You are amazing! Such great tutorials. All of these look amazing!

Cheryl said...

Mel - I just bought a yard of plain white felt at WalMart and cut it into small rectangles with a rotary wheel and cutting mat. Couldn't make myself pay $5 for a pack of felt pads when a whole yard of felt was less than that (and I don't think I'll ever need to buy more. A yard makes a honking lot of little rectangles.) My WalMart felt doesn't leave hairs or strings when I use it on glossy cardstock, I don't imagine it would on metal either.

Julie S. said...

Hey Mel!
Thanks for all the awesome sharings... have a wonderful vacation, too ---
One question, though -- I have been looking everywhere for clear dome stickers (page pebbles, I call 'em) either round or square... 1 inch ones would be cool for inchies... but any size...
I can't find 'em. Do you have a source? Thanks!

Teri said...

Girlfriend, you are amazing! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful ideas!!! xoxo

katemade designs said...

Mel you are an amazing resource. Thanks for sharing. Have a great vacation.

Anonymous said...

You can further prevent chipping when embossing brads by not using Ink at all, just heat the brad first, from underneath, then dip in embossing powder...if you want a two-tone effect--heat again from underneath, then dip in glitter!

Jenny Mick said...

Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for all these great ideas!! Have a wonderful vacation!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful holiday. Looking forward very much to more of your inspirational ideas when you return.

Make it a good one Mel!
Marion, UK

Elise said...

Love this information. My trick instead of the felt pads? Makeup sponges... those triangular ones for foundation. They work great and don't leave anything "extra" on your project.

Janine said...

Fabulous work Mel!! Have a great vacation!!

Deb Neerman said...

Dear Ms. MeL-a-LiCiOuS:

Hurry back, I'm missin' you terribly*!!

*I can try to do better at it, though!

My English professor is surely rolling in her grave ...


Pouky said...

Thanks for these ideas and tricks ! It was so interesting ! You're very creative !

Anonymous said...

I hope that you have a most wonderful refreshing vacation!
Great Post full of wonderful ideas!
I have recently found something like bezels (I think) at a dollar store but it's on a paperclip. So I added some DP in the bottom and then covered it with Glossy Effects. Worked like a charm.
I've tried the sparkles on brads too which also work well, except when I drop them before they dry so a cork is the answer. You're SO clever!
Thanks for sharing and have a great vacation!
Beth Greco

Kim Etherington said...

Too cool. Love this! Your brads are awesome. I saw some glittery ones in Clipper St on Friday and had liked them. I love your build a brad ones and your ziggy pen ones. You are too creative!

Kim Etherington said...

Too cool. Love this! Your brads are awesome. I saw some glittery ones in Clipper St on Friday and had liked them. I love your build a brad ones and your ziggy pen ones. You are too creative!

kathleenh said...

Ooh Mel, I missed visiting your blog during convention. I love what you have done to gussy up all those brads. You are as inspiring as ever!

L.A. said...

I'm with pink whimsey, how do you find the time to come up with such wonderful posts? Your tutorials are FABULOUS!!

Thanks for yet another winner!

SewDelish said...
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SewDelish said...

I made some of these a while ago, but I love your tutorial. So easy to follow. Thanks!

Donna Baker said...

ACK!! you're so clever, girl! thanks for sharing these tips, I am fo' sho going to make me some sugared brads!! HA

Dawn Wheeler said...

O M G this is so fabulous ,thanks so much for the tutorial ,
i will have to try theses ,hugs Dawnxx

Diane Davies said...

Holy moly that's a lot of information. All good info too! Thanks for sharing all the great tips and techniques.

Lisa M. (aka. Lisa @ Farm Fresh) said...

Did I ever tell you how clever and creative you are? thanks for these tutorials! I love this idea and need to try them out myself! Stop by my blog when you get back from've been tagged!

*hugs* Lisa

Crissy said...

Thanks so much for all the tips! I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Michelle Pearson said...

WHOOT! fun ideas! I've been wanting to try the glittered brads...and yours convince me that I need to do that and soon!

your doodled brads and alcohol inked brads are awesome too.....oh the possibilities!

I just got back from a week's vacation.....hope you enjoy yours!!!!

Sheila said...

Mel......I was given an award and am passing it on to you.
Please visit my blog to collect it.
Just my way of saying thanks for your awesome blog.

Anonymous said...

I have returned from holidays and thought I'd check in to see when you return. I hope that you are having a delightful time away. I took more "carding" supplies than clothes with me and many ladies came by to play with me. It's great fun. One lady wanted me to email her a list of "staples" so that she could get started. Heeheeehee.... hooked another one :-)
What fun! Thanks for providing so many of us with inspiration!! Awaiting your return with baited breath. ;-)
Beth Greco

Tonniece said...

WOW, what to say to someone so gifted and giveing, but Thank you so much for all the inspiration each and every day.
Such great ideas you come up with.