Thursday, August 28, 2008

Love Birdies (& a whack of birdy templates)

How do you spell birdy anyhow? Is it birdie? LOL. I made this for my cousin Lisa's wedding. She's an absolute angel. I used to babysit her, so to this day I get a little happy tear in my eye thinking how she's all grown up.

I drew the birds (I'll whip up a template for you soon, but I'm workin' on some huge envelope templates first.) They're stamped with Versamark & a Paisley stamp (large design category) from Above the Mark (56005 I) onto white cardstock in white (& embossed with clear e.p.) The side panels are stamped with that same paisley stamp but their glittered with Iridescent Ice.

The little ring the birds are holding is a silver jewelery finding I bought on ebay (it's glued on with Crystal Effects.) The stitching is an example of faux French knots (but with the stitching on the front in between the knots instead of at the back.) [Tutorial here & a sample card here]

The metallic background is another example of faux tin tiles (with tinfoil) [previous post with the tutorial here & another example here.] This version is just brayered with gesso & scratched up a little.

A few birdy templates & project ideas:


Recently added:

Bird cage by Godelieve
Bird house box template for PaperTrey Ink by Nichole
Bird template ...
from this Martha Stewart bird mobile (video there too)

home & garden bird template & wreath project
Heather's bird template & a sample project
Michael's Bird template for this beautiful bird mobile
Flying dove template
bird template from this bird puppet craft
Bird templates from this Family fun project
Dove template from Susan
Dove template from Babaganewz
Lisa's bird templates
Dove colouring page
Magda's sweet bird embroidery template (adapt it?)
May's sweet bird embroidery template
Free cross-stitch bird patterns
Simple (cute) bird template (from this project)
Crow template
from Papercrafts magazine: Simple bird on branch shape
From Papercraft inspiration: Stork card template
& their swan, toucan, flamingo & peacock templates
another swam (from Papercraft inspiration)
& their penguin & other penguins
wee bird from here
Cute bird (outline would be sweet)
rustic bird shape template
bird bag
bird template from urbandebris

Martha et al:
Bird template
Bird stockings (wingless bird template)
puppet templates (with a bird) from this project
State Birds (trace shapes if desired)


Carla's bird tutorial
Nellie's stuffed bird tutorial
Zindorf's prismacolour bird tutorial
Vicki's altered chipboard bird
Julie's love birds mobile
Felted ornament (use any template here/cookie cutter)
Bird beak pop-up card

Martha et al:
Crepe paper birds (sculpture like)
Cardinal clip art
bird boxes (no template there but this box & any bird might work well)
birds on candy pouch nest favor idea (no template)
Bird embroidery (adapt patterns for cardmaking/scrapbooking)
Bird embroidered quilt
Messenger bird cards
Faux porcelain bird branch
Glitter bird center piece
Bird atop a crib canopy
bird nest favors
needle felted chicks
monster bird template (heehee)

Birds that put me in a flap:

this sweet wire warbler by Luminatii
this little paper guy whom i think is made by this etsy artist
this birdie and his little house & his musically inclined cousin
this chicken wire chickidee (well sparrow...)
this little felt fella & his sisters

Bird schtuff on etsy
stuffed birds on etsy
bird mobiles on etsy

Thanks for taking time out of your day! :o)

P.S. You can carve your own wee birdy stamps if you like. Here's an example.


Deb Neerman said...

Omigosh, Mel-a-Licious do you ever sleep? Or eat?

I'm not even go ask about cleaning the house or cooking as I don't believe it is required of us pursuant to Section 476, Sub-Section 54, Paragraphs 45-89, inclusive, of the OSC of E & R's ... (Official Stampers Code of Ethics and Responsibilites).

Dang, Ms. A-Licious, this is a mountain of bird-like info! It'll take me days just to read thru it all ... much less actually create anything.

Which brings us full circle, as it were, to my original question: Do you ever sleep? Or eat??

You amaze me, Ms. A-Licious!

ONward Hoarding-Card-Maker:

Most certainly you'll be delighted to know that I've got the guest room all made up for you! And don't forget to pick up Anna at the Golden Arch. The big one not the hamburger one.

You simply must hurry on down and enjoy the full effect of hurricane season ... the cocktails are divine!

I love your card, btw, and thanks for explaining what that silver ring is. You sent me a 18-wheeler full o' em and I've been using them as jump-ring-connector-thingies-on-ribbon-knots ... thank Goddess I finally know that they're bird-connector rings!!!

Which is particularly useful here in tropical paradise during hurricane season ... really and truly! Large and colorful tropical hook bills get caught up in storms and ultimately unceremoniously dumped anywhere between West Palm Beach and Key West with satisfying regularity. With the bird connector rings, I'll now be able to catch TWO of dim! Yes, silly, of course, one's for you!!!!

Chapter 2 ... next post!

~Lord-I-know-you-hope-she-knows-she-does-go-on-and-on* hugs, Deb!

*she does ...

Maria said...

Sheesh, where do you find all those awesome links, Mel! You are a great researcher of tutorials! I could hang out on your site all day! LOL!

Love your card. . .and the metallic embossing background. Sooo pretty! And, oh those birdies are so cute. . such a lovely wedding card. As always, another elegant card!


Erum Tasneem said...

I am still rubbing my eyes! WOWSA Mel! This is beaauutifullly silvery stuff! Great work on the birdies! I love how you have incorporated the ring. You are putting scor-pal and cuttlebug to a very good use!
Love the detailing Mel! another Masterpiece

Joani McDonald said...

Oh Mel I'm sure that she will love the card and treasure it as a keepsake of her special day.

Just like everyone else has asked ~ where do you find time to stamp let alone find us all these yummy links? You must be an insomniac!
Thanks so much for all your info, it's always appreciated!

Tammy Hershberger said...

Beautiful card, Mel! It's so very elegant, and I'm sure will be treasured!

Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

So pretty...must remember tin foil next time I'm at the store. I have to try this!

Annapurna said...

I had to read your post and then Deb's post here. That took a while:-)

Very nicely done. The ring in the middle, the embossing on the birdies, the background you created, everything is awesome. Yes, do you ever sleep or eat?

I love all the bling on the card too. When are you starting your journey to the south birdie? :-)

2 Worlds said...

Thanks for all that info
Love birds !

trudelmj said...

I do not want to bother you but here is the Character Tag from Scrapzine:

Tonniece said...

I'm totally speechless Mel. Time and Time again you never fail to amaze. This is stunning to say the least.
It's official now we ALL want to know when or if you sleep. All those links boggle the mind.
Thanks for all the time and bother so we don't have to.

Happy Friday to you

Anonymous said...

Here you are with another great idea and another looong list of links to check out! Thanks, Mel.


Janine said...

This is amazing Mel... Love your card.. VEry very pretty!!
Have a fabulous weekend.

Kim Etherington said...

This is so stunning! This would make a beautiful wedding invitation!

Risa said...

Your card is simply stunning Mel! The love birds and the embossed metal are heavenly:)

Carol P said...

I love these birds

scroll down, yes, I know it's in japanese?? maybe?

I used one as a pattern for the bird on this pop up card:

Shirley said...

As alsways, Mel, your card is beautifully unique and your information so wonderful.

Corie said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!