Friday, September 26, 2008

Wee Houses (124 links: templates, tutorials, etc.)

There's something ever so precious about
wee little houses, isn't there?

over 100 house links - templates too

Here is a round-up of a just few really cute house tutorials,
templates & inspirational links.
(I can just picture a whole wee village of them!) :O)

photo by Linda Albrecht linked here:

my very fave: Victoria magazine's Harvest House template
(with 3 different house style templates in one PDF)
Gorgeous versions of the houses here by Linda Albrecht.

4. Country Home paper town (4 templates):

16. Paper model houses from sticksite
17. DLTK's printable paper house
18. Elaborate paper houses from Paper Craft Art Creative
19. Carolyn's holiday house place cards

21. The most adorable houses from
Delphine Doreau on her blog Non Dairy Dairy
which has the sweetest paper toys:

22. La Maison de L'ourchon (Bear in house)
23. Putz, suite (Bird in house) & Putz (Elf in house) found thanks to Meggiecat

26. House templates for gingerbread houses (or regular house) Martha:
(cookie recipe here) Photos shown here are from Studio SlyterLink

27. Town house gift boxes & templates (Martha Stewart):

28. Winter Village tree ornament tutorial here & the template (Martha)
29. Tent box which would make a cute house box
30.Simple 3D house template from Crafty Visions (scroll to the bottom)
31. Pumpkins carved as Houses -jack'o'lanterns

32. File folder houses & templates (Martha Stewart)

35. Kid's Craft Ideas Bird House
36. Scor-Pal gingerbread house Brownstones by Diana
37. House book
38. Moomin Gingerbread House
39. Classic simple house shape

40. School House pattern at

40. Bird house patterns for paper piecing
41. Howard's haunted house pattern
42. Janene's hand drawn house box pattern
43. Grace's house box FRONT & SIDES Pattern & BACK from Kaboose
44. House Box Bank template
45. Shoe Box Apartment House (vintage inspiration scroll down)
46. Simple Bird house pattern
47. Habitat for Humanity Paper fab house template from The Toymaker's paper toys

48. Dollar store Crafts blog's village out of recycled cardboard tubes:

49. Victorian House, Church, Apartment building, & Barn from Ben & Jerry's
50. Stampington Company's tempting paper house template
51. The White House pattern
52. house template search on Flickr
53. Paper house from Inkless Tales & Template here
54. Tea-light House

59. Haunted House from Maya road (they sell the premade house) & another house
60. Awesome haunted house template from Martha Stewart et al Would work for house or church card.
61. Waltzing Mouse's little Gingerbread template & Her example of it made here. Or find it on her site in freebies here.
62. CPeep's amazing house She has great pointers & links to a variety of them too.(as well as her other house posts at the bottom.
63. Ravensblight haunted house
64. Sally Lee Books (the sweetest site!) shares these great houses in Lucy's Toy Box: Coloured house by Black & White house & coloured house #2

66. Simple bird house card-shape template from Chia's Rubber Stamp Art
67. House-shaped cookies by Erika
68. Etsy visual search for House Box

70. Birdhouse & template by Nichole:

71. Gingerbread birdhouse:

by Torie Jayne-with template

72. my old house box:(Template there)

73. Qbee's sweet house template:

74. House box template from Cathe at Just Something I Made:

75. More Bird Houses: Vicky's adorable version of a birdhouse box by Jo. Jo's template here. Vicky's template here
76. Bird House printable-would make a neat house house without the hole

79. House templates & tutorial from Bubbly Scrumptious:

80. Mini Houses from Just Something I Made:

81. Big Indoor Trains DIY Bay Window House:

82. Christmas house printable from twelve22:

83. Rhonda's detailed tutorial for DIY paper houses
(she links the template too)

84. Fold kit for sale on etsy by hutchstudio:

85. Paper house on flickr by charmedgirlnc:

86. Advent calendar with house scene on top
from Pam's flickr gallery here:

87. my Winter Village Diorama (tutorial)
<span class=<span class=

88. my Haunted House window card:
Hero Arts haunted house window card by mel stampz

89. House printables from

90. Felt house & template from Poopscape Projects:

91. Fabric covered house template & tutorial
from the cart before the horse:

92. Snow village ornaments - 3 house style downloads
from Better Homes and Gardens (scroll down for templates):

93. Building the Little Charmer
from Big Indoor Trains:

94. Glitter house by Michelle using Memory Maker's template

95. Houses from Holiday wedding ideas by Lucinda via Style me Pretty:

96. Martha Stewart village template & tutorial:

direct link to template PDF

97. Better Homes & Garden's mini Holiday Village

98. Birch bark house tutorial by :

99. Recycled jug houses from filth wizardry:

100. Teeny house webcam turns you into a giant:

101. Sweet boxes from Torie Jayne
102. Spellbinders birdhouse box:

103. Moving House?
Clear & Simple Stamps tutorial & template:

104. Letter press paper houses from 1canoe2:

105. House box template from PaperCrafts magazine
(you need to scroll down a fair ways):

106. Gorgeous house box by Lucy
(using the template above):

107. Cereal box scenery from mini eco:

May your day be ultra crafty!


Paula's ponderings said...

More fantastic templates and tuts! Thanks Mel you are way too good to us...but I like it!!

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I see little bird houses in my future! Thanks for another great collection of templates. You're awesome!

K Hutchinson said...

These are way to fun! I love all the paper toys!

Elena said...

Thank you, Mel, for the fantastic houses! I would like to try some of them!

Deb Neerman said...

Love your paper house!!! When can I move in ... ?

Thanks for sharing Mel-a-Licious; you're da bestest in all of Blogdom! I'll be days clickin' through all of your linkage!

Now go forth and enjoy your weekend!


Tiff said...

This morning I read half-way through your post because before I was able to completely read it, I had to go discover and print off all these finding! I love a good house template/stamp/chipboard ANYTHING house! Then, I realized I have a lot of weird traffic coming from your blog on one of my posts??? So I come back to your blog to scroll down and discover and print some more and what do ya know!!!!?

You mentioned me!!! Little ole me :) Thank's tickled me pink!

Anonymous said...

hi mel, these are the cutest the looks of those cookies too, love lady

Shirley said...

What cute 'sweet' little houses, Mel.....and so much good stuff inside too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mel, I love little houses! I never thought to look for links for them. Now you have saved me the effort.


Johannah said...

Thanks, as always for the lovely comments and the promos on your lovely blog. I have been "on vacation" from the art world these past few months with baby #4 here, and child #1 and #2 in school...
Thanks again,
Jo (Wisp of Whimsy)

Maria said...

Love your cool house boxes!! Very different. Sheesh, you come up with all sorts of stuff. Stuff I've never thought of.. .I love all of them. Thanks for the links. . .I hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!!!


Janine said...

Hey Mel Some of these were really cute...
Hope you had a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for including my house!

Elizabeth Williams Bushey

belle said...

thanks for the link! great list of wee little houses I just love them

Kathi said...

Your blog is a miniaturist's dream! Thank you SO much for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and templates!
LOVE LOVE LOVE these little houses!

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I love little houses and that is great job Mel. You are the greatest :) Thank you, thank you, thank you. It is like christmas present for me :))) Have a great day.

Dymphie said...

thank you so much for all the effort you put in this post! There are several very cute ones to make this time of the year.

Dotty Jo said...

Thanks for taking the time to put together such a great post Mel - you are a star! Jo x

Anonymous said...

How adorable can these wee houses be! So many to go check out in detail that I am going to be busy all day :) You might want to go check out my blog when you have time. I am having a giveaway of a wee box!

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My jaw has dropped to the floor. I can't imagine the time it took to gather these all. I just pinned it.

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OMG How wonderful to have all these great templates and tutorials. Thank you for sharing all your hard work with this. Absolutely LOVE all of it.

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Thank you for all the hard work. I love tiny houses. Happy Holidays!

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Thank you! Cute, cute houses!! Writing this post must have been a lot of work.

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Wonderful, thank you very much for sharing!

Primitive Seasons said...

Hi Mel! You're a girl after my own heart. I just love all these little dwellings. Have a whole board of them on Pinterest. Thanks for contributing all these great sources. Mine are also posted on my blog.....stop by. Nice to talk with you again.


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bonjour c est vraiment de la folie douce,super joli et creatif
bravo et bon we

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merci, merci , merci
à bientôt
edith ( iris )

Pinwheel said...

You could add these card stock birdhouses. They are scaled to fit on a small greeting card.

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WOW thanks for your hard work, hopefully now I can do my son's Easter garden project

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This is just awesome.
Thank you for the lovely collection of paper houses.

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Thanks for all!!! Really fabulous!!!

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My word what fantastic tutorials! I had found a few myself already but you have linked to some fab new ones. Thanks.

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que de petites merveilles !... merci d'avoir pris le temps de les chercher et de les regrouper pour nous !...

Unknown said...

Is this the best blog page ever?
The gold standard for research, fun and presentation. Thank you Mel, thank you internet , thank you crafters, artists, sculpters included here.

Tammie Lee said...

What an incredible post full of links and darling houses! Thank you for your efforts in presenting this.

baukje said...

What an amazing post, all thouse cute houses. I am doing twelve craft days of Christmas on my blog so i was looking for some papercut houses, i love that. And now i found your blog with this incredible list of houses . I thibk i will post this , with a link to your blog of course , on the twelveth day so they have something to amuses thamselves on Christmas. And be sure that i will be back!!!!!

Mel said...

Thank you! This is so much fun! And I'm also a Mel :)

anice said...

Thank You Mel

The Kings of the Taco said...

Is No. 4 Country Home Cutout available. Link takes me to wrong place. Would love to have it.