Friday, September 26, 2008

What floats your Boat? templates & tutorials...

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Hi Gals n Guys!

Thank you so much for your awesome support with my blog schedule change. I am ultra excited about some of the surprises & projects I have coming up to share with you! :O)

For today, a template round-up list that I've been wantin' to post for a while...since I know a number of people are looking for a boat template like the Mayflower one on page 31 of the Stampin' Up! catalogue (and there are other toy boats & vehicle templates thrown in here for fun too.)


1) Mayflower template like the one on page 31 of the Stampin' Up! catalogue (this one pictured above is from Martha Stewart)

2) QBee's gorgeous Mayflower template (like the real one!)
3) Stellas pretty paper boats (with digital patterned paper)
4) Boat outline from Texas reading club
5) baby boat from SU template (post it!!!!!)
6) boat from papercraft inspirations
7) & their car & sailboat templates
8) & their Noah's ark
9) Victory boat templates & tutorial

10) DLTK's halves boat template
11) Simple boat
12) Origami boat from this transportation project page


13) Origami paper boat
14) Origami boat 2
15) Toy boats with Helen
16) Watermelon boats
17) Toy boats

kid's craft search boat

Other Vehicular Mobiles:

See you Sunday (or maybe even tomorrow) ;0)


fabie said...

That is great! It's a "gold mine" (mine d'or as we say in French) You gave me a lot of stuff to work with the kids . I'm a "nounou" which means I'm taking care of young children when their parents are at work.

Thank you very much

Angie Tieman said...

wowzers! Thanks so much for posting these! Can't wait to explore them this weekend! You rock my stamping world!

Anonymous said...

Your entire blog is a gold mine of information! You must work at it 12 hours a day! No wonder you are getting run down. You take it easy, now. We need your great ideas.


Joani McDonald said...

Now Mel, you were supposed to slow down - but I'm glad you didn't :)
I look forward to your blog everyday! Your so full of creativity and information!
Love love love your blog!!

Elena said...

Mel it is a treasure! And you are the Best! Thank you so much for great finds!!!

Deb Neerman said...

Oh, goodie, you're not takin' any time off!!

LOVE all this linkage, Mel-a-Licious .. they're delicious!!

I hadn't known I wanted to make a boat ... 'til now. You l'il enabler, you!!

Thanks, g/friend!!

~Sailin' hugs!!

Tonniece said...

Thanks Mel

Looks like really fun things to pass on to my daughters for some weekend fun with the kiddies.

You so totally Rock

Have a wonderful weekend

Janine said...

Mel!! Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for all that you do!!

Carol P said...

How to make a fabulous pop up galleon--downloadable templates on this site:

Or a simple boat on my site:


Shirley said...

Yep, Columbus Day is on its way and this boat is there to save the day!!! Ha! Love yours.

Maria said...

You should start a business. . creating party favors. I can imagine what your house would look like if you threw a party!! All of the creative decorations. . .

Again, thanks for the links. . .I have to try them out one day. My list of Mel's stuff to do list is growing longer!!