Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Paper Shop has a new set...and they called it Puppy Love (+Embossed Tinted Vellum)

This post is dedicated to those of you who are old enough wise enough to remember the song "Puppy Love"! <--Click there to hear good ol' Paul Anka. :O)

I'm SO late with this sorry (Still having a hard time shaking this respiratory junkola, ugh!) ...But to celebrate the new Little Paper Shop stamp set, called {Puppy Love} I made a word document with the lyrics. (YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE TEXT HERE.) It was printed on vellum, and embossed, and tinted to get a coordinating paper for the scallop mat.

The Embossed & Tinted Vellum:

Step 1) Prepare supplies before printing (Clear embossing powder & anti-static bag & vellum)
Step 2) Stick vellum in printer & print text out
Step 3) Sprinkle with embossing powder a.s.a.p & heat it gently
Step 4) Let cool & use as is or wipe with ink
Step 5) Remove excess ink

Tip: You can cut your sheet up before tinting (if you know what size you'd like) or just tint half to get 2 or more colours that coordinate. :O)

The Bee:

I am crazy in love with this lil' Bee (so is this Puppy if his blushing is any indication) ;O)

ETA: Some details I left out: The black on top of the embossing was done with a sharpie (for the bee's eyes & the pup's eyes and nose.) To get the puppy to have a healthy wet nose, lol, I just added Crystal Lacquer over it. His colour has lacquer & glitter and a brad. :O) The rest of the image is coloured using a red marker & a Niji watercolour brush (puppy), & the shimmer is from Pearlescent paints (sky & grass). The yellow dots are embroidery thread knots.

To make the Bee 3D I just...

1) Stamped the sweet Bee on watercolour paper in Silver Encore ink
2) Embossed him with Ranger Silver e.p.
3) Coloured him with a yellow Copic & a Black permanent marker
4) Added Crystal Lacquer to his wings & Dazzling Diamonds glitter
5) Stamped his antennae onto the main image
6) Stuck him on Foam Tape for dimension

The Ribbon Tag:

Step 1) Stamp the {Puppy Love} sentiment in black craft ink on the ribbon
Step 2) Sprinkle it with embossing powder & remove excess powder (i used a paper piercer for that)
Step 3) Heat the ribbon gently to melt the powder (seals ink in, but isn't shiny)
Step 4) Fray sides (pull out threads & seal the white stitching on the back with Crystal Lacquer)
Step 5) Cut end in points & melt slightly with a lighter to prevent fraying end
Step 6) Adhere & stitch on

The Stitchin':

Here's one way to get a custom stitching shape (or faux-stitching too):

After you have your card elements placed how you'd like them...

Step 1)
Cut the shape you want from scrap paper

(I folded & cut the heart just like in grade school-yup I was a paste eater, heehee.)

Step 2) Temporarily adhere your paper shape & pierce the outline
(I used regular double-sided tape since I was working on vellum, you can make tape repositionable by removing most of it's tack [sticking it on your pants a few times works nicely])

Step 3) Stitch your pierced outline

The Cardstocks:
The metallic cardstock I used to mat the image is a lovely shimmery blue from Paper Temptress called Plasma Blue & I added Lemon Drop Pop Tones cardstock for a hit of hot colour in the tiny mat behind it, with some Ridinghood Red from Stampin' Up!

And that's all she wrote... Hope you're all doing very very very well,


Donna Coffman said...

It's great to have you back, you're still amazing.

Sue from Oregon said...

Your brain must have been working overtime on your hiatus...goodness- all the detail in this card is just amazing!

Kim Etherington said...

What great details on this card. I like the stamped on blue ribbon and now it's shaped and added on. The puppy is done so differently, I love the softness to it with not using black ink. Cute idea on the lyrics to the song. You're too darn smart!

L.A. said...

I am really glad you're feeling up to posting! Hope the rest of the upper respiratory stuff fades away!

Love the puppy and bee! Details are amazing as always!!

Jessica Diedrich said...

I think my favorite part abuot this is that frayed ribbon! Isn't that silly? Of all the techniques you used on this card alone LOL! This is beautiful work glad to have ya back!

Holly Young said...

I love everything about this! Just super work! You're something else!

Elena said...

Very cute card! I love embossing on the vellume with printer!!! Fantastic idea!!! Thank you, Mel!!! And silver embossing is amazing! Wow! And heart stitching!!! I love it!!!

Lori said...

How cute is this??!! Love the printed ribbon tab.

Teri said...

Such a cute card, the puppy is sweet! Welcome back Mel!

Norine said...

this is adorable love the vellum and that puppy

Elaine M said...

Oh the memories!!!! Sigh - Now I'll have Puppy Love rolling around in my head all was such a sweet time to be alive.

Jan Hunnicutt said...

This is great! I love all the detail you put into it, thanks for sharing your creativity.

Kirsten Alicia said...

It's gorgeous Mel & the puppy is very cute. Kirsten.

Libby Dyson said...

This is great Mel. I love your work and your easy to understand tutorials. Thanks for being so generous with your creative flair.

Anonymous said...

hi mel you did a great job and very good tutorial too!lady

Anonymous said...

You are amazing!! Love it!!

mudmaven said...

Oh wow - another knock your socks off technique! You never cease to amaze me - day after day such great stuff! ~chris

SusanBluerobot said...

thank you

Joy said...

thank you for always sharing such wonderful tutorials...I will have to try them out soon. great techniques and cute ideas! TFS!

Beth said...

Oh Mel this is just to sweet love all the detailing you added to it. You go girl

Patricia said...

I am soooooo glad you are back, I have honestly been worried sick!! YEAH!!

Maria said...

Oh my goodness, Mel!! Your card is so darn cute! I love that embossed tinted vellum and that heart stitching!! Your card is a work of art and that puppy. . .oh, he is the cutest!! Thank you for the awesome tutorial!!


Lorraine said...

So pleased you are back Mel missed you lots. Just get yourself well now. You have not dissappointed with all your new techniques cannot wait to have a go. Luv Lorraine.

Godelieve said...

Amazing card! Great directions too for all the fabulous details.

Kimberley said...

Such a cute card and set! But, I like the Donny Osmond version of this song!