Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VELLUM Links in Volume (100+ Vellum techniques/tricks/projects) :O)

Hi Galz n Guyz!

A whole whack of Vellum Links for ya today. I have one more new release post ready to share with you for Little Paper Shop! But I had no chance to shoot the photos of the finished project today (Dr's appointments & a day of bed rest for this gucky lung & bronchial schtuff. I tell ya, I could sleep all day & night...moan groan whine... LOL) Well, that's a sneak peek at the card, up above. It's a shaped card; can you guess what it is? :O)

And I have a new obsession! I learned how to make vellum flowers from Godlieve's fantastic tutorial. I'm hooked on making 'em now. :O) Those ones (up there) have knots stitched in the centers. I also have some vellum-y lookin' beads that might be neat & glitter centers would be cute don't ya think?

A tip for you, if you'd like to try vellum flowers: Set a dampened sponge in a dish & lightly wet your punched vellum before working it. Keeps it from tearing. (Works for embossing Vellum in the Cuttlebug too--though the moisture might make large pieces curl on you but you can let it dry in the folder (under a book maybe?)

I'm looking forward to using Sizzix dies for vellum flowers (got the Birds & Blooms dies a while back.) I was heartbroken when I tried to cut felt & fun foam with them. My Duh. They're only supposed to cut paper, but they should cut vellum!?! The shape of that 6 petal flower is just right for the flower shaping technique too. :O)

I'd also like to see if they cut crepe paper, which I have to find, since I love these crepe paper fleurs à la martha & these too. Anyone tried that?

Vellum Links:

Adhering Vellum (Videos):

1) Scrapbook TV how to attach vellum
2) Docraft's vellum adhering tricks
3) How to use Vellum Adhesive by Chrystal

Miscellaneous Craftiness with Vellum:

1) Godelieve's Stunning Vellum Flowers
2) Her Vellum Candle holder
3) & her vellum gift tags
4) & Godelieve's Vellum Sampler Post
5) Ana's Vellum Heart treat Box Tutorial
6) & her tall vellum box
7) Nancy's tips on pressure embossing vellum (Cuttlebug etc...)
8) Vellum in Label Maker by Julia
9) & Julia's vellum pocket card
10) Layering Vellum over Hand-stamped papers by Marie
11) Copics on Vellum by Marianne
12) Papermania Vellum Video
13) Debossed Vellum tutorial by Niki & Another Stunning Example by Beate
14) & Niki's super easy vellum lanterns
15) Vitalized Vellum (video) by bernzweig12
16) Embossing on Vellum (video) by jennifermcguireink
17) Another Vellum Debossing video by Jennifer (great tips)
18) How to Emboss on Vellum by "EmbossTips"
19) Vellum snowflake embellishments by GinaK
20) Nesties Vellum mat on a Pocket Card by Debbie
21) Nichole's Double-Vision Vellum window
22) & Nichole's dimensional Matting with Vellum
23) Die Cut Vellum Bag by Darya
24) Damask Vellum Lampshade
25) A tutorial by Faith for Vellum Lampshades
26) Pierced, Punched, & Painted Vellum by Michelle
27) Luminary instructions from Paper Source
28) Holiday Vellum Photo Card (commercial link)
29) Clipart Vellum Luminary from Vintage Image
30) Paper-Trimmed Votives (would look great in vellum)
31) Suzy's Embossed Vellum Butterflies
32) Lunimari by by Heidi (with new Spellbinders "Frameabilities")
33) Andrea's Stamped, Markered, & Glittered Vellum Embellishments
34) Vellum Sentiment (Hero Arts Blog)
35) Very Vellum Video by Stamper Dog
36) A Vellum Masterpiece by Loretta (& kewl flower template too!)
37) Flocked Vellum (Gothic Candles) by Jennifer & Kitty
38) Vellum-doored Cabinet by cyndiestamps
39) Ann's Vellum Cup Card tutorial (on SCS)
40) Amy's Crayons on Vellum
41) Glow Vellum Technique by Cindy
42) Luminous flower garland (on fairy (mini) lights! (from a Michaels book edited by Dawn & Megan)
43) Vellum Sleeve template (lovely but I couldn't find whom to credit)
44) Iron-ons & Vellum Scrapbook cover (or for anythin') by Heidi
45) Laurie's Vellum Background
46) Melanie's "The Magic of Vellum"
47) & her Antiqued Votive Lantern Tutorial & Haunted tealight
48) Irene's (Scrapperlicious's) Magic Mesh on Vellum Leaves
49) & her Vellum Flowers Tutorial
50) Godelieve's White on Vellum
51) Jen's Vellum Tuck in
52) Maria's Stunning "Metallic Vellum" Tutorial
53) & her Colouring on Vellum Tutorial
54) Vellum Pyramid box from
55) Lauren's sweet Vellum Wedding Card
56) & her vellum bird (4 photos down)
57) & Lauren's vellum Gift Box
58) & Dove Chocolate Vellum Box (with tutorial)
59) Vellum Handbags video from Crafting
60 Working with vellum & heritage photos
61) Deena's Playing with Vellum (Part I)
62) & Deena's Vellum Part II
63) & Her Colouring the Back of Vellum
64) Folding & cutting Vellum Snowflakes by Rebecca
65) Scrapbook Lounge video by Tricia ("Power Tools") vellum overlay +adhesive tricks
66) Scrapbook Lounge Video by Michael ("Vellum Adventure")
67) Papermania's Patterned Vellum ideas
68) Marie's 7 tricks for Vellum
69) LeeAnn's Tag Starbursts with Vellum
70) Raissa's Heartfelt Pocket Surprise Tutorial
71) Julie's Frosty Vellum Beer Mug (kewl!)

Martha Stuart et al:
1) ...with these luminaria templates from Martha et al?
2) ...or with doilies in your project?
3) Vellum as a material for stencil guide
4) Vellum Bunny Garland (or any shape, of course)
5) Vellum Shields
6) Packaging Cookies with Vellum
7) Party Blowers (with vellum)
8) Vellum-lined Party hats
9) Striped Vellum Candle Holders & the templates
10) Vellum-lined Boxes
11) Vellum Cherry Blossoms
12) Photo centerpiece (printed on Vellum)
13) Vellum 8 point Star & Instructions
14) Vellum Flower Girl's Basket
15) Vellum placecards (3/4 of the way into video) & templates here: place setting card (lovely patten for any craft) & tag
16) Vellum Flashy-lights
17) Vellum Doily Candleholders
18) Illiminated House Number Boxes
19) Mesh Votive Holders (by Tom)
20) Cherry Blossom Place Cards

1) Tips for Printing on Vellum & project ideas from HP
2) Vellum Tips by Adrienne
3) Article on how to use Vellum for your cardmaking by Vicki

ETA: The Vellum Jackpot!:
All of Bentov Anat's lovely lovely vellum work.

Adhesive-Vellum Window Stickers:

Tinted Vellum:

Faux Bleached Vellum
& Tinted Vellum Scallop:

Vellum Butterflies:

& Yesterday's Printing on Vellum
(and embossing & tinting it):

May all your Vellum adventures be very marvelous! ;o)

P.S. Do you have a favourite trick with Vellum? Please Do tell! :O)


Debby said...

Wow! Thanks for all the links. I love your vellum flowers and can't wait to try them myself. I hope you're feeling better :-)

Elena said...

Thank you for all the links! Can't wait to see your card!
Hope you will get well soon!

Bentov Anat said...

Thanks for all the links. I'm using al lot of vellum paper in my work, also flowers.

All my vellum works

mudmaven said...

This is going to keep me very busy! Great ideas and wonderful list of links! Thanks so much. ~chris

Norine said...

wow thats a alot of vellum tips guess i know what I will be doing all day LOL thanks so much for this I love vellum and love those flowers never thought of that

Julia said...

Hope you get some rest!! I'll be spending the day checking out all these links now. LOL!!

I'm guessing the card is going to be a teapot or tea cup?!?

SparkofWhimsy said...

Those are great! Thank you so much for that trick. I love flowers and am always looking for neat ways to make them verses buying those darn Prima beauties that have suddenly come out.

I just did the crepe paper ones for a project I'm working on. You can get rolls of it for just over a dollar at Walmart in the party supply section. The trick is to use a removable adhesive like the xyron and adhere the strips to a piece of typing paper before punching, die cutting so that it doesn't tear apart. If you dothis, then you can take the paper off and have the real frothy like flower. Or, another way I did, but don't have photos up yet, is to use permanent adhesive (or cheaper the iron on napkin plastic wrap method) to the paper and then punch them. I did this with photos I hope to have up either tonight or tomorrow, used my re-inkers to antique them, then sprayed them with glimmer mis and they look like a sugary confection in my own opinion. I'm totally in love with the punched crepe paper. The only downside is it's very tedious to remove, lol.

Thanks again and good luck on your flower fun!


Deb Neerman said...

Sheer (pun) wonderfulness!!! You da bestestest, Mel-a-Licious!

Hey, g/f, I sent you an email about three weeks ago with that thingie you wanted me to make for you. Did you ever receive it? If not, let me know and I'll resend.

Glad to see you up and around!

~B'ugs, Deb

Godelieve said...

Thank you very much for putting together this wonderful source of vellum tips and tricks. Perfect for a vellum freak like me :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for all the great links. I hope you're feeling better. Do vellum flowers help as much as fresh flowers do, in that respect? If so, make yourself a bouquet.

Anonymous said...

Wow! There can't be any vellum links left to find after all you posted!! Thanks so much. Love your ideas, too.


Maria said...

Holy, Mel. . I didn't realize you could that many things with vellum!! LOL!! Thank you for the links . . .can't wait to take a look at them!! Hope you get well soon!! I'm sorry that you have been sick!!


Tonniece said...

Hey Mel.
Super great links, Thanks.
Hope you are getting your rest.
Can't wait to see your card.

xx Tonniece

Meredith said...

THANK You for the link to the lampshade tutorial!! (#25) I had been looking everywhere for it. I needed it for a workshop next week. You saved the day!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mel! Hope you're feeling better soon. Don't let it wear you down! Can't wait to see your card. Thanks for the links and linking me too!! Take care!